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Angry Birds Seasons comes to webOS, Christmas will never be the same 54

by Derek Kessler Sat, 11 Dec 2010 11:57 am EST

Angry Birds Seasons

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the fort,
Not a piggy was stirring, not even Old Snort.
The snow blocks were perched such that none could get in,
Surrounded by stone slabs and wood planks so thin.

The piglets were nestled all snug in their hay,
While visions of slop troughs awaited next day.
And King Snout in his gold crow, and I in my cap,
Had just settled our brains for a long winter’s nap.

When out of the fort there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from my hay to see what was the matter.
Away to the turret I ran so engaged,
Threw over the snow block and saw birds enraged.

The moon on the breast of the new-fallen snow,
Gave the luster of mid-day to the birds below.
A slingshot they lined up behind with a clap,
And I thought to myself, “This is it, awww crap.”

Yes, after some teasing, Angry Birds Seasons is now available in the App Catalog. Rovio’s $1.99 game (for Pre and Pixi) gives you an advent calendar-style daily release of a new winter-themed level right up until Christmas, plus the complete Halloween edition that we missed out on this autumn. Be prepared to lose a few more hours of your life.

Thanks to everyone that sent this in!


Yay! Downloading.......

SWEEET!! Angry Birds you are gonna ruin my life with all the time you demand!!!

I have it, but it doesn't show up when I use universal search. Annoying...

I noticed that too, so I just renamed it to 'Seasons' then renamed it back to 'Angry Birds' and now it finds it as 'Angry Birds' in universal search.

worked like a charm. I didn't try this because the last time I renamed an app, it responded to it's original name when I searched for it.

It seems as though you don't have to change the name to anything. When you choose the option just hit return without entering anything new and it works. Thanks for the tip!

glad to see this developer has not left webos

I'm so addicted to the free "lite" version of angry birds. I refuse to pay for any of them until I'm ready to be unproductive for a few weeks.

I hope this is the full/same levels as ios. We seemed to have been jipped on levels for the original version.
...downloading now

From what I understand we are all on the same page now. However, I might be wrong and if I'm not, who knows for how long.

Yeah, the original got an update this week, too. All caught up now with the new levels.

I hate that rovio is getting all our money and none or little from the iOS users!! Why do people get so happy about this game.. It's just a port and it's all about money.... Imo

I never finished the first AB and I just bought Seasons. I do it to support WebOS and help keep developer interest up. I have purchased other HB grad apps that I may not really use for the same reason.

Business is ABOUT making money. Welcome to economics and how the world works!

actually you wanna hear the ultimate kick to the proverbial balls.. All the Angry Birds including seasons is FREE on Android!!! This is b.s. I just finished the new upgrade levels. Unlocked gold eggs and have 3 stars in every level.. I want seasons but my bank card is tapped right now til payday.. I'll have to play seasons later on my ladys samsung galaxy s Android phone seeing as she has it and got it for FREE!

Rovio won the PDK apps contest got paid money for it and can't even make this free like they did on Android? I love the game but am having little respect for Rovio at this juncture.

The Android version is ad supported with no paid version available. Personally I prefer to just pay the $2 and play away.

Speaking of which... It's $2! For several hours of entertainment! How much do you pay to rent or see a movie or to get a single cup of coffee?! Heck, I'm surprised AB is only $2 for as much play as you get. I'd pay double and still call it a steal.

A Redbox movie is $1 .... The point is they won PALM hot apps not Apples or Androids but PALMs and still charging us? Wtf... I Paid for the seasons, played it a little now I'm not excited no more..

I'm torn between preferring paid or ad supported. I think they should give each platform the option.

I prefer no ads on phone apps, as the screen is small you don't need to lose screen space for an advert when after all most apps are only a few dollars/pounds/euros etc

The wife got both the full version and the christmas/halloween for free on her Epic 4g. Has tiny little ads that you quickly ignore on the 4 inch screen.

You have no respect for a group of developers that are trying to make a living? Why?

The only reason we even have any Angry Birds titles at all is because of the Hot Apps prize money. Compared to the number of Android users generating revenue through the ads on AB games, there are effectively ZERO webOS users. We DO NOT EXIST! Why should Rovio be doing charity work for us?! The prize money from the Hot Apps competition is really very little when spread over a bunch of people who have bills to pay, just like you or I. In order to actually make any decent amount of money from webOS users buying AB Rovio would need to charge an obscene price.

Until HPalm can get some marketshare, I think we should be happy that we even have access to AB at all, let alone for the price of a tube of toothpaste.

um I like your sentence "the only reasonwe have any Angry Bird titles at all is because of the hot apps prize money"

hmmm if memory serves me correct Angry Birds was in the app catalog at 1.99 a pop and that's how they won the hot apps contest.. It was based on the number of downloads of the game. So your bucket is full of holes that water just fell through all over this forums floor... Go get a towel.

so lets see. They sold the most apps PLUS won the money from the competition. They made over 100,000.00 easy...

ok next I need some input from a developer here to get this next part correct... Isn't it like 50.00 or at most 100 dollars to put an app in the app catalog? What is 50-100 dollars outta over 100,000.00?

next figure out the number of people involved with Angry Birds. With the money left over from the whole whopping 50-100 dollar app submission fee everyone can still easily afford the G.I. Joe with the kung fu grip for their kids on christmas.

so what's the big deal here to submit one angry birds seasonal game for free to the community that just gave them a large chunk of money from app sales to even win hot apps PLUS the money from winning....

if I'm wrong then someone explain to me so I'm not lookin at Rovio like they just spit in our faces for all the money us as users gave them and Palm gave them for them to turn around and say "hey thanks for your support and a good payday. heres a seasonal version and as our xmas gift to you and to show our thanks you pay us 1.99 a shot..... Just be lucky we even gave you this version"

merry xmas.. Love Rovio

your so wrong. It's not the money to submit the app that is the problem, because that is free. It takes weeks, sometimes months to design a complicated app like angry birds. Thet have to pay all their developers which definitely exceeds 100k in total.

on ios angry birds makes milions, on webos it's only thousands.

If I were a big company I would not even bother with webos until it has a bigger market share. For now, palm makes me money, enough to keep at it.

but, you really have no concept of what it takes to make an app. Please excuse all typos, I am painstakingly typing this from my pre.

um sir... Angry Birds was already developed and same for Seasons.... It's been out awhile on iOS as you just pointed out and has made millions... This IS NOT a designed from the ground up app for WebOS it's what they call a PORT of an existing app.

I know what it takes to develop an app. I have friends that do it. So I could understand if AB was developed from the ground up for WebOS... But IT WAS NOT... It was already made and just needed to be ported which only takes a hand full of people....

now what?

again, you have no concept of development. Apps can't just get 'ported'. There is no 'port' button, I wish it was that simple. It takes weeks of work to convert a game from iphone to palm, you truly do not understand.

why should a developer EVER give away an app? When most people win the lotto, they don't go back to their company and work for free.

their a company. It takes time to get an app on webos and money. 100 grand is a drop in the bucket compared to the millions off of iphone.

have you ever tried the PDK? It's not a big button that just says 'port' lol.

"Mad props" Kessler. Nice rhymes.

Christmas will never be the same,... Yeah, they're Christmas.

I wonder why some get free while others don't.

Angry Birds advent calendar beats the pants off a candy one.

And sick rhymes, Kessler!

Angry Birds Advent calendar doesn't hold a candle to my Lego Advent Calendar.

But it still is pretty awesome

this is only for somebody, i can't use anything. In our country we can't download no free nor paid apps.



I'm afraid to ask... But pictures or it didn't happen.

this is only for somebody, i can't use anything. In our country we can't download no free nor paid apps.


I wonder if there are this many people whining about stupid, trivial things over on Android Central. We have plenty of legitimate things to complain about, why whine about this?

No doubt. I think everyone has come to expect they should get everything for free. It's ridiculous. People don't expect to get console games for free but if you release it on a cell phone it better be free or else all the cheapos complain. It's pretty asinine since they spent all this money on an expensive gadget, pay a bunch of money a month on the bill, and they complain about $2.


I think those who care about WebOS should be grateful that in a time where we are at risk of losing major apps due to low interest that one of the biggest ones around is available.

definitely. The biggest bit of whining though is "why is theirs free and ours isn't?! Palm gave them $100,000!" give it a rest. How about other questions like "how come our biggest screen is only 3.1?" "how come my keyboard is so teeny and the buttons feel funny?" "how come my camera won't focus on anything smaller than a person?" "how come I still only have 256MB RAM?" "how come my phone keeps falling apart?" "why doesn't my earpiece work?" "WHY THE HELL IS MY PHONE SO SLOW?!?!"

I am not complaining about not getting something for free.. I have purchased ALOT of apps.

I'm just upset that they show their thanks for all the money they made off of us and Palm by not offereing a smaller seasonal version of the full game to the community that supported them this much... What's one app from Rovio to us?

maybe at least find a way to offer the seasons game for free to the people that already bought the full version... You know like an upgrade to only the people that purchased Angry Birds... To say thank you.

Thank us for what? They made the least amount of money from the WebOS version. We ARE lucky we even got a port of Seasons.

why do you have this sense of entitlement? A thank you? We're the ones that should be thanking THEM for supporting us, not the other way around. Buy the app, show them they have a reason to even develop on webOs

a thank you to all the people that paid for Angry Birds that got it to win hot apps.. Screw the people that didnt .. Make them pay for seasons.. I'm here standing up for the people that already paid Rovio and on any other gaming platform Seasons would be an expansion pack which would either be free or half the cost of the full version... Not the same price.

sucks that everyone is so quick to jump on someone for having an opinion. The ones jumping me must be developers of other apps.

the only ones to blame for lack of developer support is HP... Not us.. The reason for lack of users deals with lack of updated hardware and advertisements.. HP is taking too long to announce anything and uses catchy business lines like "in the coming months" they're the ones making WebOS a joke.. Not us the users..

everyone here is so quick to jump on someone instead of thinking through what that person said may make some kind of sense.... Dang everyone here is so damn testy.. I'm on a Pre minus for poops sake and been eligiable for an upgrade for over 6months.. Ya I'm upset I watched the EVO4G and Epic 4G released and I'm still on this little underpowered power house... But I have faith in WebOS and love it... So I wait.. But the moment I make a comment about how the people that purchased Angry Birds that got it to win should be givin the opportunity to get seasons for free or even .99 cents as a thanks for your support in helping us win your little hot apps contest and I get jumped on like a troll... Damn...

sometimes you all suck... Then there's other times you all are cool.. We all are running salty lately watching Android and Windows mobile 7 come out with awesome new devices.. Relax the people really to blame for all of this lack of developers etc is not fellow webos users... It's HP and their slow release schedule and "in the coming months " comments...

I'm the farthest thing from a developer and I purchased Angry birds for myself not because I wanted to support Rovio. I'm actually a little dissapointed that they won the contest, there app has been my favorite but there were devs on the platform "supporting" webOs before the contest was even thought of.

Rockin' poem DK!! Did you stay up all night to write that?

I'm in. The Christmas lights can wait 'til tomorrow. Thanx, ROVIO!!!!!!

Thanks Rovio for taking care of the Palm users. :)

I don't like the fact that I can't play the game without an internet connection like the original.. Like WTF is up with that ?

So it can check in with the server to unleash the next day's level.

I see.. Thanx Dee

In regards to the Pay vs Free... My mother has an Evo and gotten both angry birds for free, but she complains about the intrusivness of the ads and after playing my pre version She wishes she could buy it. I am glad to spend 1.99 for app. Ads are annoying.

I wonder why they've decided to make it a paid app for webos? Yes it's ad supported on Android, but the developer recently said they'd be making $1 million/month from those ads, much more than what they've made on ios. I'd figure they'd want to keep it that way.

market share, there simply isn't enough people that have webOs devices that can bring in that money.

If webOs had millions of users (Android numbers) the webOs version would be free too. With a smaller user base they feel they need to charge us $1.99 to at the very least break even or turn a profit.

i want to say I can't believe people are complaining about this but I can't, not that i agree with any of you complainers at all.

Rovio owes YOU and PALM absolutely NOTHING, just because they won some contest does not mean in the slightest that they should give you something for free. The contest was a bonus and an incentive to bring Angry Birds to webOs at all in the first place.

Want to know why Android got Angry Birds free (ad supported)? It's because of market share and revenue from all those ads being viewed by potentially over 7million+ people that downloaded the game. I can almost guarentee that they are bringing in boat loads of cash with the ad based version compared to the Palm Paid for version.

I want to buy Seasons, I think it's a steal...but I won't be using my Pre for more than another month. *cue the android forums are that way guy* Love my Pre but for myself, need to check out other things and I hope I'm back because webOs is hands down the most intuitive mobile Os there is. Android doesn't hold a candle in that regard but that's about all it has on Android.

Back on topic:

I bought it Saturday morning, and played it all weekend.

My poor Pre+ - I had to recharge it like 4 times!!!

Very kewl game... addictive for sure, and the sounds... OMG.. the Halloween sounds are so funny. My wife giggles every time she hears me start a new try at a level, with all of those crazy birds cackling.

$1.99 is NOT alot to spend for such a wonderful, fun application. I'm glad they are making money on it from us WebOS users.. there's a much smaller market for them in our community, so supporting it is a higher cost to them per user...


Even though, this is now a Yawn for me, I'm glad its on webOS to keep us going till next year.