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Angry Birds on webOS: You can make it happen 95

by Dieter Bohn Wed, 21 Jul 2010 9:58 am EDT


The number one game on the iPhone? Angry Birds, where you fling birds at pigs in an effort to smash them and get your eggs back. It sounds simple and it is, but it's also fun, addictive, and features some ingenius level design and great artwork.

Rovio, the company behind the game, is considering porting the game to webOS and an angry little bird sent in the above shot showing that progress is being made. But there's a wide space between a quick port and a finished game on a new platform, submitted on the app catalog, ready for you to purchase. To that end, Rovio has set up this form where they're looking to gauge your interest.

So trust us, you're interested. Tell them and get this fun game on your platform of choice. See the sad story of the Angry Birds after the break.

via @RovioMobile; thanks angry little bird!



This is just annoying now...

This is the 2nd time they asked us to prove our wanting of this game. First was through twitter which people did. Not through a website... Our first response wasn't enough to show you we wanted it?

You know... I don't know why these dumb developers need a poll to see if people want their apps. Just spend a few hours transferring our game from iPhone to WebOS and then voila, your done. Palm has made it very easy to do so just do it......

Your ignorance astounds. It may take a few hours to get something running. If you're following the PDC forums, you'll see that there are a number of gotchas that make porting a finished project non-trivial.

It's not as easy as you make it seem to be and the % of smartphone users with Pres is pretty small.

You know. The amount of time it took to post this whiny post could have actually been used to either give the developer a heads up or do something more product. Just sayin.....

Dear angry twit.
Not everyone uses twitter.
In fact many of us think twitting is best left for twits like yourself.
Any company that doesn't use multiple methods of gauging interest in a product is one doomed to fail.
You should be glad a dev witha prominent product is reaching out. I doubt I'd buy the game myself, but I still registered because I want to see good stuff on the Pre, and who knows, maybe I'll be bored at the airport someday and need a timekiller.

The fact is we do still want it :P

surprising, even to an early twitter user, there's still a TON of people who haven't figured out how valuable twitter is. So the poll is proly gonna show up on MANY soc network sites for true poll exposure.

cut the writers, who must write 5 or more news or reviews per week, some slack here Pre-ple.

nobody said you were required to reply to poll or more than once.

and we forget we are spoiled by this great OS n easy to build apps in the palm sdk/pdk program suites. General devs work very hard to make apps on other OS. If they aren't familiar w/ making for web OS they may feel it's risky. So how is a poll going to hurt us?


I don't want it anymore they pissed me off now.

Done and done.


Not my type of game. Wouldn't even pay $.50

comments like that will not bring developers to WebOS.

boo frickety hoo.

So, we should buy stuff we don't want, to encourage people to create more stuff we don't want, but will buy anyway? The phone stands on its own already.

The barrier to entry for WebOS is negligible. Hobbyists can make useful things just fine. Even beyond 'apps', and down to the core of the OS itself.

We just need to have enough people own the things. That's more important than how many commercial game developers we have.

I just don't understand the negativity. We all agree that WebOS is great and stands on it's own, but I (along with many others) want this app. Why would you want to stand in the way of that?

Stating you don't want an app, hurts those who do want an app. Stating you want an app doesn't hurt those who don't want it.

done. Anyone see the Iphone version of Caracasonne? I WANT!!

Yup, I'm working on that dev to convince him to port it. Not sure if I'm getting through at all...Yet. :)

Everyone Follow, vote, subscribe, tweet, do whatever you have to do. Just let them know we want this game. @JimOhara, @Major, I'm not sure what your complaint is, they are just trying to gauge our interest through multiple mediums... Nothing wrong with that. They are not going to build it if they are not sure enough people will buy it. I can respect that. Besides, I think this all started from one tweet and was picked up via palm, precentral... that is why you have seen it in multiple places.

I think the dude is afraid he won't "make money for his efforts" but the part that seems odd is that he should be able to port this over in a few hours based on the PDK and what other Devs have said it took them to bring their games over.

Soo...I don't understand what his resistance is? I haven't looked at what the most sold game is but I know Paratroopers is a hot seller. This would be a no brainer??

Regardless, DO IT. SIGN THE FORM!! WHY?? Because if other iPhone devs see that this game also gets top sales on Palm, the top-2, top-3, etc. app devs would take notice and thus the dam will start to open.

That is sort of what I thought too, but according to Dieter:

"But there's a wide space between a quick port and a finished game on a new platform, submitted on the app catalog, ready for you to purchase."

Can a dev please explain how complex it would be to port a game like this?

As has already been stated, getting something running to show off can usually be done in a day or so (given the right toolchain.) Depending on the features required, it may take significantly longer.

Angry birds looks like it's just touch input (no camera, microphone, or accelerometer.) It's also 2d which would make things easier if Palm had SDL's 2d support working instead of having us work through OpenGL. It appears to have some achievements that require network interaction, though I'm not sure if that's done via HTTP or some other mechanism. It looks like three or four weeks for a good developer who knows the code base with a few more weeks for QA and clean up. (Of course, that's speculating that the code is fairly portable.)

I've looked at porting some games and chosen not to bother because they have significant UIKit components. Others have a server component that has to be either supported or removed. (Decision-makers are loathe to modify existing servers for the small number of sales expected on WebOS and they don't really want to ship a crippled product.) There is also no Facebook Connect code for WebOS. That will have to be ported or removed.

Some of this would be easier if Palm were supporting hybrid applications, but they aren't yet.

It takes 10 seconds to do, and if it encourages a developer, then lets show developers why the webOS community is the best!

I really want the game and I'd definitely buy it, I just don't see why I need to demonstrate this by signing up for spam.

Understandable. Send them a tweet and let them know at @RovioMobile or grab their email address from their website.

Not sure why so many are complaining about letting the know your interested. The developer is in business to make money and they need to show that there is enough interest before the project can be approved. The developer tweeted as much and commented that they had difficulty getting an android version approved. I would imagine the webos version is much easier to port but still!

Looks like a cool game, but I wouldn't pay $5+ for it which is what I'm assuming it would cost. $2.50 is about my limit!

I hope that even when it first comes out it isn't that much, in the UK right now it is 59pence (

The game seems pretty cool, but I will be shocked if my Sprint Pre can run it without saying Too Many Cards and rebooting first. That's why I haven't really bothered with gaming.

The best thing I can suggest is to look in to either the UberKernel, or the F102 Kernel.

I am running the F102 which is a simple 500mhz when the screen is off and 800 mhz when the screen is on... no Govnah/setting changes needed.

Since I have installed that I have not seen a Too Many Card error and can load multiple 3D games and apps on my Sprint Pre.

I understand if you don't want to take that route, but it has been proven effective and stable.

I am strongly considering it, but I've also warranty-replaced my phone and don't want to take a chance voiding that option if I have problems again. That's the only drawback.

I imagine the warranty time is drawing to a close... but even if you do have to take it back in, you can also WebOS Doctor the phone and it will be good as day one.

I'm with the other guys on this. If I have to earn it and then pay for it, I don't want it. There's only a million versions of this very game on the web. Someone will port one eventually. If this is the #1 ifone app and they refuse to port than someone will. Really what PalmOs needs is movement from HP, no one wants to spend time building an app for a plateform that may be dieing, and they loyal customer's are leaving. HP really needs to throw us a bone and show us some hardware, the hype alone will help motivate developers.

Does it really take a long time to click on a link and type for over 1 minute? How lazy are you people?!? Even if you dont want to buy it doesn't mean everyone else doesn't either. It takes a minute, it'll help Palm attract other devlopers, and it will be an awesome game!

I have played it on my friends ipod touch, it's not spectacular. A good game? yes, but nothing to go crazy over. I really don't want anymore junk mail, let alone from an ifone app developer. Has Palm really become the alcoholic cousin to the ifone? Taking sloppy seconds and begging people to hang out with it? Has it come to this? All I'm saying is that it's really condescending of the developer to ask us to subscribe to his list just to get 1 freak'n new app, and it's just a GAME! He's not the freak'n Beatles, he's a developer. I may be lazy for not taking the one minute to fill out the form but at least I can walk away with some dignity attached....Oh, plz mr developer man bring your ifone app to palm sir, plz... give me a break.

I understand your point, but Palm needs the help. Lets just get back to reality. The top game from Apple will help other devs see the potential from the Palm cat.

I already downloaded the cracked version for my iPad from installous.. so its like please release this for the pre and not only will i use it, ill pay you some money this time.. lol. promise.

My girl freakin loves this game. thats all she does. my ipad is a 700 dollar angry bird. haha


I'm not completly interested in this game. But I did sign up and I'll buy the game to attract more developers.

I did the exact same thing. The more attention we can get, the more apps we can attract.

I've registered all 5 of my e-mail address, and I have no interest in this game. The more developers the better. I want the day to come where they won't need these polls.


LOL Rovio just divided his results by 5 after reading this.

wow. So much hostility from some of the precentral community... I get it, some of you don't want the game or go through the "hassle" but why post negative comments on here? Why not disagree and keep it to yourself, this post is for those of us that want this game ported over...not a "keep angry birds off of WebOS just because :insert reason here:" post. It should be simple, you want it then fill out the form, if you don't then leave it alone... Geez!

Couldn't agree more.

wow. So much hostility from some of the precentral community... I get it, some of you don't want the game or go through the "hassle" but why post negative comments on here? Why not disagree and keep it to yourself, this post is for those of us that want this game ported over...not a "keep angry birds off of WebOS just because :insert reason here:" post. It should be simple, you want it then fill out the form, if you don't then leave it alone... Geez!

Heck...I'm impressed and the game looks like it is perfectly designed for smartphones...which many games are not. Bring it on!!! Sorli...

hi. I want to know how much I should charge for my game. Supply and demand baby.

I will not shave until Angry Birds is on the Pre.

Oh wait, that might itch and I'm a sissy.


The time spent running polls and reading twitter post could be used working though those "gotcha"..

I personally am disinterested in another developer with empty promises sitting on the fence over a year later...

Gameloft and EA are the type of dev I'll support. They jumped into WebOs headfirst and didn't look back.

The time spent running polls and reading twitter post could be used working though those "gotcha"..

I personally am disinterested in another developer with empty promises sitting on the fence over a year later...

Gameloft and EA are the type of dev I'll support. They jumped into WebOs headfirst and didn't look back.

The game is 99 cents on the iPhone and as the number one game on the iPhone, I'm sure it's already made bank. Developing for Palm is currently FREE right now, so are the week or two (would it really take longer than two weeks to work out the kinks?) of manhours required to port really not worth the effort?

Never mind that as a PDK app that has already proven itself on the iPhone it is primed to win big bucks in the PDK hot apps contest. So yeah, I don't think people giving the side eye at the dev is that unwarranted. I haven't even heard of the game because guess what? I HAVEN'T USED IPHONE OS IN ALMOST A YEAR. So him expecting hordes of Palm users to beg him for the game is a tad bit ridiculous.

That said, I do like the way the game looks and I put my name down, but if it doesn't pan out and he doesn't make the port after all this hoopla, I wouldn't hesitate to express to the dev my disappointment.

@Anashti..... EA and Gameloft were given early access to the development kit by Palm. This isn't something just anyone could dev for. The reason, EA and Gameloft had games ready the day of 3D gaming announcement was due to the agreement with Palm (I would also say Palm new large companies wouldn't be breaking an NDA).

As for all the complaining.... it has taken people longer to post than it would to sign up. The e-mail address is so you can be made aware specifically for the Palm/WebOS release (just as the dev has done previously for Android users).

As far as rolling out the e-mail sign up, my guess would be this came from the Twitter response. I say that with the knowledge that the Dev asked on Twitter (I don't tweet) so that same day I sent an e-mail. The same day the page was put up to submit your e-mail for notification I received a reply e-mail from the Dev with the link to the notification.

Assuming the average user (the majority of WebOS users), doesn't come here and probably isn't following individual dev's twitters pages. It makes sense that as a Dev (or any company looking to make money), sets up a way to notify potential customers upon release. They are still finishing up the Android version (final testing from last I read). So it is safe to assume that once again and average user may not see the game right when it is released. Having the e-mail notification gives the Dev a chance to keep potential customers notified of a possible upcoming release (as well as maybe possibly finding some beta-testers, etc.).

Anyways stop complaining.... if you really don't care, why are you even reading this post? Let alone taking the time to post?

seriously.. Spoiled whiners!


Agreed. How many cynics does it take to comment on a Pre article, honestly?

as they say, if you don't vote, don't bitch. Meaning if you bitch that there's not enough PDK games for WebOS, and you have the power to change that by a simple Twitter reply, then you have no right to complain if you don't take one minute to do it.

Well, according to the dev, he's had a thousand signups and if a few thousand more sign up, they'll consider it. Good luck, guys.

Already done! Come on guys, lets woo those developers. It's for the good of webOS in general!

I asked for this months ago, retweeted their polls, and signed up for their email list. There is little else I can do now besides hold the dev at gunpoint.

Let us know how it works out for you.

Why wouldn't they port all their apps over to WebOS? The work they have to do to port over I would assume is a one time effort. After the port is complete it's pretty much sit back, watch your apps get sold and the money rolling in right?

My iPhone friends have this game and it is fun, but still doesn't justify me getting an iPhone, SO BRING IT OVER PLEASE!

HOLY SHIT! We're getting there. Read their latest tweet!

"@screwdestiny Not unrealistic, approaching 2000 signups, soon more than Android, which shows there's huge interest in Palm community."

We're almost beating Android!!!!

I'll believe it when he actually commits instead of just telling more people to sign up.

hi. I want to know how much I should charge for my game. Supply and demand baby.

joejoe, what is your game?

a basic game should be 1 or 2 dollars.. A PDK game should be anywhere betweeb 3 and 6, regular price of course- not the 50% off special price ;)

This is funny because I just emailed Rovio about this a few days ago, and they told me it should be done by the end of the summer.

Guys and gals, I work for Rovio (developer of Angry Birds) and I'm really happy to see that we are getting some conversation going:-) Thought I'd join the conversation as well.

While we might not be EA or Gameloft, we employ 23 people in Rovio, and while developing for Palm WebOS might be free, we still need to feed our developers and their families. Getting something up and running quickly is not that much work, but we want to make sure what we deliver actually works and is of great quality. We had some problems with one of our iPad updates, and we have since beefed up our quality assurance even further. So once we get our WebOS version done, it will be of great quality, not just a quick hack. And building quality takes a bit of time, and money.

We got a very excited response to our tweets about Angry Birds and WebOS, so we thought we'd do the same thing as we did for Android, start a list to see what the level of interest really is. We will NOT spam you, we are only collecting the bare minimum of info and wanted to make it really fast and easy to signup. Once we get the decision made on our side, we will notify you when the WebOS version is available. And right now it really looks like when, rather than if, we have gotten a really good response from all of you. So hopefully no need to hold us at gunpoint, like somebody suggested;-)

Also, we haven't decided on what the pricing for the WebOS version will be (that is also true for the Android version btw), but I wouldn't be surprised if it was the same as for the iPhone, ie 99 cents in the end. Of course, if you would like to pay more, we are happy to take your money;-)

As for the comment about just developing the app for WebOS and sit back and watch the money rolling in, I wish it was that easy. Afraid it takes a bit more to be successful even in the WebOS environment. And guess what, Rovio has been in the business of making games since 2003 and this is the first time you hear about the company. Not all our titles have been as successful as Angry Birds.

Anyway, really happy to see that we caused some discussion, I guess it at least shows that people care, if nothing else. And that's a great start. Let's keep it up!

Thanks for the post! Also thanks to your company for responding to e-mails. It's always nice to see a company that actually responds to an e-mail.

We try our best to reply to emails and tweets. We might have sold a few copies of Angry Birds, but we don't forget our customers and fans. If we do, please remind us!

Thanks for chiming in, Peter. Love the game, so looking forward to seeing it on WebOS. 8^D

Thanks for the insight.

Thanks Peter! Can't wait to see Angry Birds (and your other games) on WebOS!

It is great to see that just as we took the minute of time to say "Yes we are interested!". You took the half hour of time to read through all of our raving! ... and for some ranting.

WebOS is a great OS with a phenomenal community. I hope you find it to be an appreciative and dedicated group of individuals that will "Go to Bat", if you will, for our OS.

As has been shown clearly evident in past "Competitions", we can rally better than the rest to come out on top. Even if our hardware is inferior to the competition (temporarily), our software outshines anyone else when actually used by an individual.

Thanks again and I look forward to the products your company has to offer!

Thanks for your kind words. We try to listen and be a good community member. And make great games too;-)

All 23 of you guys must be millionaires by now.

Done. Love this game. They need to make it happen!

I tried signing up and the form said my email address "looks fake or invalid."

Oh well. Guess I didn't want your game after all.

hi. I want to know how much I should charge for my game. Supply and demand baby.

Really good point-- this is a developer who is seeing what they can charge, not *if* they should develop it! FFS people, look at the picture-- they've already got it up and running, they've already put effort behind it, they're not just going to drop that investment! You're all being used in a viral advertising campaign. Welcome, noobs.

So? I like the idea of being used in a viral advertising campaign for someone that wants to bring their apps to WebOS!

Then call me a sheep! Baaahhh! :P

If that is the case, more power to them since it appears to be working. I had not heard of this game or the company until a friend sent me the link to sign up, and then I saw the article on Precentral.

I'm sure they have got it up and running, but that could easily be a screen shot from iPhony, just on a Pre... to give an example of what it would look like. Just saying.

Just to clarify. The post about how much to charge for their game is not by us, we always post using our own name(s) at Rovio, no need to hide behind some nickname.

And you might want to call this a viral marketing campaign, but all we try to do is to gauge the level of interest for a WebOS version of Angry Birds. And as a lot of people have been tweeting and asking us, we wanted to give people a chance to get notified about the availability of the game as well. Trying to make it easy and there's no evil plan to sell the list to spammers or something like that, rest assured of that.

On the pricing side our plan is to use the same pricing as for the iPhone version, but that is still being discussed. And with the level of interest we have seen so far, I'm pretty confident that we can justify completing the port to Palm WebOS.

Hope this clarifies.

Yay, can't want to fling birds using my palm phone!

Charge whatever you want, just reposting the same nonsense post over and over like a dweeb, baby!

Why are they even doing a poll via twitter and precentral? Not everyone has twitter. This isn't the most efficient way for them to get results. I know several people (non technical) with PREs that don't even check this site or use twitter.

Yes, but you do, so you can pass on the info, great job!!

How else do you expect them to get results, they don't know who has a webOS device do they. can't get to everyone, but some is better than none.

this is a stupid game. got it for ipod. its the most unoriginal game i have ever played. its a rip off of con artist's crush the castle....except not fun. rovio, seriously, lets come up with our own ideas here

Nah, I'll just get it for my iPhone 4 when it comes in.

Then please stop reading Precentral and switch to the iPhone blog.

I don't know about you guys ,but i wanna see ssx and ssx tricky on here and mario kart(never played it but it looked fun).
and bust a grove,ridge racer 4, tai fu. theme hospital, intelligent cube among a long list of others ....Sonic the hedge hog, (genesis version)