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Announcing The 3rd Annual Smartphone Round Robin! 9

by Dieter Bohn Wed, 09 Dec 2009 2:59 pm EST

We are ridiculously excited to announce that today we're launching the 3rd annual Smartphone Round Robin! If you've never heard of the Round Robin, buckle up: Each year the sites of the Smartphone Experts Network spend some time out of our comfort zone, examining the platforms of our sister sites and learning how other smartphone users live. This year, the event will span six weeks, eight sites, over a dozen phones, over five hours of video, hundreds of photos, several hours of podcasts, dozens of discussion threads, and of course dozens of comparison reviews. Seriously.

What's in it for you? Plenty, we hope. To start with, each site will be giving away one smartphone (or your choice!) representing its platform. We have a Twitter contest for accessory prizes every week too. You can find contest details here.

More than that, though, every year we hear from grateful readers who have said the Round Robin helped them decide on their next smartphone, made them happier about the one they have, or even compelled some to switch outright. Researching and learning six platforms and all the phones on each is a massive undertaking - so we're doing it for you and you can just follow along.

If you want to know more about how to play along with this crazy event, hit up, where we explain the contest, the schedule, the participants, and even have an archive of the last two events.

The event begins in earnest on Monday, but today we're releasing the first of several podcasts, all of which are hosted by our friends at The Cell Phone Junkie.  We'll toss direct links to download and subscribe after the break, plus let you know who's playing along this year.

How to listen:

Participating sites

Smartphone Round Robin


Android Central, Casey Chan (@caseychan)

CrackBerry, Kevin Michaluk (@crackberrykevin)

Nokia Experts, Matthew Miller (@palmsolo)

The iPhone Blog, Rene Ritchie (@reneritchie), Dieter Bohn (@backlon)

WMExperts, Phil Nickinson (@philnickinson)

The Cell Phone Junkie, Mickey Papillon (@TCPJ_Mickey)



Great news! There's always a lot of fun and good posts involved in these

can't wait. I love podcasts and free stuff

Let the party begin.

Awesome! I was gonna send an email asking if you guys were doing this again. Can't wait!

I'm struggling to understand how to enter the contest. It appears that they're going to create a forum post every day that they're doing this, and you simply comment in the forum post to enter. But I can't find the forum post for today.

a) Is this article the forum post (I don't think so, but gotta check)
b) Has the forum post not yet been created (most likely answer IMHO)
c) Have I got it totally wrong, and the way to enter is something completely different?

C'mon, now. This is serious stuff. My child needs a new HTC Hero or Samsung Moment for some Android love... yeah. It's for my kid. That's it.

The first forum posts will go up on Monday, one per site per week. :)

Ohhhhhhhh yeaaaaahhhhhh!!! Christmas has come early with this amazing gift! Glad to see the Round Robin up and running now!


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