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Another shot at a cheap Verizon Pixi Plus: $44.99 plus shipping 54

by Jonathan I Ezor#IM Fri, 18 Feb 2011 9:15 am EST

We've seen a few of these in recent weeks, and here's another: for those of you who might want a contract-free Verizon Palm Pixi Plus, 1SaleaDay is offering one today only (through midnight Eastern US time) for the low low price of $44.99, plus $4.99 shipping.

That's right, fifty bucks with shipping will net you a fully-functional off-contract miniature webOS smartphone. Whether you want a new webOS phone, or a spare, $44.99 is an awfully tempting price, especially when the Pixi Plus offers Mobile Hotspot (which may still be free for the Pixi Plus, unlike the Pre 2).

Source: 1SaleaDay; Thanks to ceveret3 for the tip!


I wish you could activate one of these on sprint! I will buy one anyways, even to just swap the board to make the sprint pixi minus a pixi plus.

Agreed. The Pixi in my household has an issue with the touchscreen where the lower portion of the screen + gesture area doesn't always work. I would love to get that fixed.

makes me wonder why sprint isn't doing the same with their pixi inventory...

Maybe it's already gone.

Does contact free mean free to use with any sim card? Even in germany?

its a cdma phone, so no sim.

Hmm anyone know how much verizon would charge to activate this without a contract? sounds tempting...

No charge. That's why I'm getting my credit card out right now.

I bought one off a few weeks ago. When I tried to activate the phone, I received an error message and an ID number for the phone.

I simply called Verizon customer service and all they needed to do was add this number into their system. After that, I was able to activate the phone without any issues.

They may try and tell you to dial *228 but you won't be able to, so just make sure they have that ID number in their system. Then you won't have any trouble.

i have a pre on sprint.

also have a bb on verizon (job). if i get this pixi, can i use the same account that i use on the pre on it? or do i have to create a whole new account and buy the apps all over again?

you can use the same account, but not at the same time

This is odd, unless they have already fixed it in OS3.x, as otherwise this whole touch to transfer between TouchPad and Pre3, and the forwarding of sms and calls from Pre to Touchpad will not work.

But then again this is HP and anything can be expected from them.

They should have fixed it. If you look at the product pages for the Pre 3 and TouchPad at, the fine print states that both devices must have the same Palm Profile for Touch-to-Share to work.

My understanding is that you just have to type in your user profile details and all your existing data as well as purchased apps will download to the Pixi. If there are carrier specific apps though, I am not sure how this will work for them.

If you intend to use the Pixi on the BB account, just double check how the data charges work as at least here in the UK some carriers used to treat BB and non BB data separately. Also if you employer uses BB enterprise server (and has switched off/blocks Exchange Push email), you may not get your corporate email on the Pixi.

thanks guys.

not being able to use the two phones at the same time will be a deal breaker if true. if also true, they need to fix this b4 the the pad comes out.

the co is moving away from bb, so i will be jumping the gun a bit. they will pay fot the data.

yeah this has been an issue for a while not being able to log into two devices but, they said that when the touchpad comes out you can definately log onto the pad and the phone but they didn't say anything about two phones.

I recently bought a pixi plus off another daily sales website. I was able to transfer my account over to this phone, but not every app version is the same for pixi as it is the pre. For example, Angry Birds, N.O.V.A. and Deer Hunter didn't carry over but Paratroopers, Plumbers Nightmare, and Tangram Puzzles (including all my progress!) did.

I also received an error when trying to activate the phone and it gave me the phone's ID number. When I called Verizon, they just had to put that number into their system and I was able to activate no problem. Contacts, Calendar, Memos, etc. all transferred.

I wish Sprint would run a deal like this. I'd love to pick up a spare webOS phone or 2.

Is there a GSM model Pixi? If so anybody ever see any deals on them?

There is a GSM Pixi Plus. At least in Germany. Got one off contract for 133 € 4 weeks ago!

AT&T Pixi Plus.

If you can put a Pre2 on Sprint I would think that the Pixi+ could be as well. Looks like I'll be headed to the forums for some reading today.

There is definitely a way to do this. I will be doing it to my pixi when I get this Verizon one. All you have to do is swap the board. It seems very simple based on the youtube video posted in the pixi forum.

Where can I find this video? Because I wish I could have one of these on Sprint with a cheaper plan than what Verizon is offering.

Just wait in a few months Pre 2 will be selling for similar price and that point I can debate whether I want to buy it or not.

I already have a Pixi Plus that I use daily. I would buy one with 2.X on it that has flash and voice recorder! I can't believe I still can't get those too!!!

That's a pretty good price for a solid phone. I am pretty happy with this phone but I don't have any problems with it. I just wished the screen was larger on it. Other than that I really really love the form factor of this great little smartphone even though it's underpowered. It's working great overclocked @ 806 mhz for me but I wished it had 512 mb or RAM like Pre does.

BTW... Are these guys even legit? Did anyone ever get anything from them? I am very skeptical with stores like that. Any legit store would have contact info. I personally wouldn't take any chances with them. Seems to be fishy to me. As far as I know they could just take your credit card info and run with it. There are dozens of them out there. I typically don't do any business with most Brooklyn, NY shops since a lot of them are proven bunch of scammers.

Yes legit. People have reported they have received products they ordered.

I bought one from them a few weeks ago when it was 49.99. They did eventually ship it, but they are kind of slow. My order did not show up on thier website either, and it took two days for them to reply to my email inquiry, but I did eventually get it and it works fine. Got a touchstone back from verizon's website for 5 bucks and was good to go.

Have some patience and the Pre2 will start showing up dirt cheap also "in the coming months" :)

I'm guessing they'll want to dump their Pre2 inventory pretty quick as soon as we have a launch date for Pre3. But I could be wrong...

I think they'll hold on to the Pre 2 for a while. It gives them a more robust selection. Also, remember this is OFF contract. No renewal required.

just sent my order for 2!

Derek, you do great work. take the weekend off.

Haters: go to hp/palm sites and bitch there. no one here wants to hear what you think you are entitled to. jump ship already and go bitch about how your android doesn't... or your apple will... we will not miss you. b-bye

I agree, Derek does do great work...but it was *I* who wrote up this one! :) {Jonathan}

Since this is smartphone, activating this on a Verizon account will require a data plan for 29.99 or

anyone know if this company is legit and how long is delivery

i have order several things from 1saleaday and i have never waited longer than 7 days for delivery.


bought two from 1saleaday last time. Shipping was a little slow (took about 10 days), but I did get them, I had to activate them online *228 didn't work.

I bought one as a new phone for my wife (she hated her droid 2) and the other as a backup for my pre+. I think it's going to end up the other way around. I love the keyboard and form factor. Still ticked about the 2.0 snub tho.

I bought a pixi plus from the last time they had it for $50. It arrived in less than two weeks no problems. You do have to activate it online or either call customer service. You also have to add the data package for $30 a month, but you still get the 3g mobile hotspot for free, which I think is worth the cost of the data package.

Wait so you get the $30 data package, and the mobile hotspot is included in that package?

Or is it that the mobile hotspot is just straight-up free, no data package needed?

Just want the whole story before i plunk down the dollars.

Activate it on pageplus and save a bunch of $$ over verizon. Especially in light of the just announced increase to the TnT 1200 plan from 1200 to 2000 text and 50 MB to 100 MB data.

You got it!

Tempting to get one of these to be a combination music player and Angry Birds player for my kids ... almost like a small screen iPod Touch. Not a lot of internal storage, but the price is right.

At a quarter of the price, why the heck not? It could be either a poor man's iphone or ipod, your choice. After activatiion, turn off data, turn on wifi and it's free usage after that. Lots of free apps to entertain the kiddies with and big peps too.

At the very least, I will now have a backup battery for my Pre+. Not sure how you can go wrong here.

I have the Palm Pre Plus, so I could deactivate that and swap to this Pixi Plus and keep the package I'm using, is that right?

I hope so, because I'd love to have this cuter phone.

Let me also say that my Palm Pre Plus and plan are already with Verizon.

You're correct. I've done that very thing with Verizon.

Thank you, Jeff.

I have a similar question. I own a Pre Plus on Verizon. After the initial time activating it by calling, can i readily switch back and forth between the pre and pixi by just calling *288? Also how would that work with my palm profile? Finally, is there a charge for that initial activation?

Does it come stock with a Touchstone-compatible back?

No. Why would it? It doesn't come with a Touchstone charger.

You can get a Touchstone-compatible back on Verizon's website for $5 with free overnight shipping.

Well lol. Just when I thought I was done with Palm and moved onto Windowsphone. I have ordered this & gonna activate it on Pagepluscellular! Just too good of a deal :)!! Hope it all works out..