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Another TouchPad gets demo treatment at Wal-Mart [video] 53

by Chris Parsons Fri, 24 Jun 2011 2:39 pm EDT

Now that the HP TouchPad has arrived at several Wal-Mart locations, plenty of folks are going hands-on with the device ahead of release and as such, they're filming it all whenever possible. The latest video (after the break) comes to us from Kansas where Wal-Mart was kind enough to put their TouchPad on display in an area that actually has signal. Needless to say, nothing really new appears in the video that we didn't see earlier this week, but it is a good six-minute look at what we've waited so long for and will soon have. Has anyone else swung by a Wal-Mart (or elsewhere) to go hands-on? If so, let us know in the forums.


Thanks, rothoof!



Ha -- at first, I thought that was a finger instead of an arm! A mini-TouchPad :)

You are so right!

pift thats not so bad I thought his hands were under the touchpad and you could see them on the touchscreen. :p

It looks like it will be difficult to teach employees how to use all of the devices that are coming out. Some employees could care less about what they carry. They just want to get the job done and go home.

Here is a solution: HP needs to take the display they have for the TouchPad and add a 27" to 32" touchscreen monitor right above it. Then they need to create tutorials on how to use webOS and looping them to play over and over again. Create games and interactions from the monitor to the Touchpad.

For instance, on the big screen tv the tutorial will ask you to try gestures on the Touchpad and will show you exactly what happens when executed correctly. Like opening an app and minimizing it with the home button or the upswipe. They should create several examples because when people actually interact with something and do it correctly they feel as though they accomplished something. haha

Employees will have a better feel for it since they will see it everyday and customers will watch webOS used correctly.

Great idea, hope HP takes a note here!

(oh wait - no, they will make another printed magazine ad & some stupid Tweeter faart instead...)

For those who have managed to look at or use one:

How is the screen/picture quality?

With a glass display and IPS I imagine it looks great!

I thought it was excellent. There was a video of the new panda movie on the device I used and it looked great to me.

where in KC? I am here, would love to go and see it

Pittsburg, KS

man that is 120 miles south :(

Thanks for contributing the video.

Almost feel like the review of TP would be done before the official review comes out

so hard to see w that damn light

I really want to see a review. Specifically for the PDF support. I'd sell my ipad and get a touchpad, but I read a lot of pdfs on my ipad, and I know the current one in webOS is terrible.

What you get on the iPad, is what you'll have on the Touchpad. Except for that bookshelf look and **** galore.

not really, I can make it do a list view (I have to I have several hundred books, mostly technical in nature), and it allows me to see a zoomed out 9 page at a time view to quickly navigate. It also allows me to search pdfs for content. I don't need the webOS pdf experience to be mind blowing, just fast and usable.

Still nary a sign of a touchpad at my Wal-Mart in St. Louis.

I saw a slot for one at the St. Ann Wal-Mart, but that was a week and a half ago. Haven't had a chance to go and check again. Last time I went to the Ferguson Wal-Mart it was all torn up and had a leak in the electronics department. Nice! Maybe I'll check and report back this weekend.

Ahh. Mine is the Maplewood Wal-Mart.

What Wal-Mart was this filmed at? I saw that the poster lived in Southeast Kansas. I too live in Southeast Kansas (Pittsburg) and would love to go check this out!

It was in Pittsburg, You actually have to ask to use it...

You guys are kidding me... two other webOS fans in Pittsburg? I thought I was the only one! Definitely going to have to brave the Walmart and play with this, though I'll probably trek over to Joplin to purchase it at Best Buy come launch day.

Thats awesome!

make that 3

You guys need to have a meetup!

from what i saw on the vid. webos is rockin... everything looked very smooth.. only issue is no wifi connection so something were not able to be loaded. paperboy is included~!!!

also as a side note, on the other vid i noticed that the TP only had about 27.5 gigs available. something for the people getting the 16 gig to think about. although most of it can be just preloaded vids that u will be able to delete later... I used to play the original in the arcade and on my Amiga computer. Fantastic and good to see.

Thanks for the heads up on the Videos preloaded to show off the device and let people see what it can do.

Hopefully more demo units arrive at Best Buy or Walmart soon! Sorli...

Was that with 50G of free space for the Touchpad?

Yes! I saw that too. I sure looks like it comes with a FREE 50GB account to I've been a dedicated DropBox user for over a year, but I'll ditch my free 2gb with DB to switch to in a heartbeat. Great stuff!

Also if true I feel alot better about getting the 16G model now.

Wondering the same.... I like the thought of that!

"just one more!"

Amen. That will be me July 1. And 2. Probably 3 and 4 as well ;)

Do we have any info on whether it allows multiple profiles? I.e. I log in with mine, it has all my synergized contacts. My fiancee logs in with her profile and it has all her contacts.

The SDK doesn't have this capability but it doesn't mean the final model won't. It will come in handy for those that are planning to share their tablet with someone else so lets hope they would add this feature.

I do see it as a potential problem though. Backups are dependent on your Palm profile so when you switch profile then your device would start restoring your data, apps, sms and settings so every time you try to switch it would have to wipe the device and reload it.

Surely they've thought of that. For the TouchPad I hope changing profiles would just be a matter of logging in like you would on a PC or Mac.

HP Box, ehh. 50GB free, ehh. Me likey!

Im gonna scour the western PA area this weekend to find a demo.

Great video! It just wouldn't be Walmart without that buggy going down the isle sounding like a freight train.

This thing looks awesome! How long til it goes on sale with a discount? Also, how are the beats speakers? They sound pretty good on the video! Got start putting some $ away to pick this thing up! Gave up on my pre -! Now on evo and with the touchpad would be awesome!

Somebody needs to download some PDFs on to the TP so we can see how well they run!

Who will pick it up in a store if it's all smugged and covered in other peoples fingerprints. Pretty disgusting. I hope HP has staff on hand to wipe it clean after each person uses it.

from the two rudimentary Walmart videos that I've seen here, I have to say that it looks like HP delivered on the optimization, as the TP looks very sleek in terms of operation. Granted it's a brand new unit, but right now this is really exciting stuff. I am wondering what kind of stipulations are attached to the 50GB account, but this seems like an excellent opportunity for to compete directly with Dropbox. Love the competition.

Nice and glad some Walmarts have a demo unit. Checked our recently renovated Walmarts in my area of North Florida and they don't have anything yet. Actually, their Tablet displays are pretty sparce and their primetime devices like the iPad and iPad2 are behind glass and locked for safety.

Also checked out local Best Buy and they referenced supposidly getthing them on the 17th which came and went. They also don't have anything and on display are two demo Veer units installed upside down (idiots). Hopefully they get real Veer phones and a TouchPad soon!!! Sorli...


Best comment yet!

Why is there always a shopping cart with a bad wheel going by in these Walmart videos?

was thinking the same thing! damn those carts..

I'd really want to try out the touchpad, but not for $500.
I feel like even if i do spend $500 on it, I won't get the full experience without a touchstone charger.

I'm cringing at the price for all the accessories. I everything comes at a price, but I'll easily spend 200 or 300 bones on the case, Touchstone, Keyboard, and otherwise to keep my investment.

Heard rumor of Sam's Club bring the 16gb price to $479 and only charging less then $50 for two year warranty. May end up going this route to safe-guard my unit. Sorli...

Anyone see a working one in VA?

I checked my local Walmart today and they didn't have anything out or in the back.

Also checked my local Best Buy and Walmart (newly renovated with expanded computer and tablet areas), but nothing! Bummer and would have loved to check things out.

The the Walmart videos scattered do show a few things, but I need to figure a way to install Preware remote and on the display units when they do arrive. Now that I've listened to Beats audio headsets...I want to see how the TouchPad speakers perform and what kind of interaction/enhancement Beats tech brings to the table. May have to wait to November too buy Beats audio headsets since they are half the price of the Touchpad.

Is the App Catalog installed on these demo units? Can apps (free or otherwise) be downloaded and installed? Having some demo music and Music Remix would be handy and I'd also like to see more web/video/flash content if someone else gets a preview! Sorli...

Ha! Paperboy...remember it from the arcade. I will be downloading that when I get my TouchPad! :-)