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by Adam Marks Mon, 01 Apr 2013 9:52 am EDT

Incoming call

All webOS smartphones are, at their core, a phone. So it's only fitting that you know how to answer a phone call when one is received or you will be unable to utilize one of the most basic functions of the device. And because answering a phone call is such an important feature, you are actually given quite a few different ways to perform this action. As long as you can hopefully remember at least one of these options, you should never have to miss answering a call. And keep in mind that certain models of webOS phones--such as those with a slide-out keyboard--give you even more options, so make sure you know exactly what your specific type of hardware is capable of when reviewing the different options below

  1. If you have a PIN or password set in the Screen & Lock app and you have currently passed the "Lock After" timeframe and you can an incoming call, the caller ID will display at the top of the screen with the caller's name and number, and you will have an Answer iconicon on the bottom of the screen. Just as when your phone is normally locked and you turn on the screen, just drag that icon up above the "Drag up to answer" line to answer the call or do nothing to ignore it.
  2. If you are currently using your phone or the password "Lock after" time has not been reached, then you should be presented with a notification on the bottom of the screen with the caller ID info and then two buttons: a green button to answer and a red button to ignore the call. Just tap the green button to answer. Note that if you swiped up from the notification area to minimize it, just can still tap on the notification the dashboard to answer the call
  3. For those phones with a slide-out keyboard, which would include any of the phones in the Pre-series or the Veer, you can also slide open the keyboard to answer the call. No fumbling with on-screen buttons necessary
  4. Finally, if the phone is Touchstone-enabled and is currently charging on a Touchstone when a call is received, you simply need to pick up the phone from the charging dock to answer the call.

And don't forget that you always silence or ignore an incoming call by pressing the power button once or twice, respectively, if you do not want to actually answer the call. Also, if you have your phone paired with an HP TouchPad and set up to receive phone calls, you will get a similar option at #2 above where you just have to press the green answer button in the phone call notification to answer it.

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First!!! of April

Ha, I actually learned something from this handy April fools tip!
I didn't know (or probably had just forgotten) that a double-click of the power button would "ignore" the call!
Guess I always just silence the ringer, which goes to voicemail if don't answer anyway.

Thanks for the handy refresher course, April fool or not :-)

The power button feature was also new to me.

But we should always answer when Voltron calls!

Actually, that is Veer-tron, defender of the webOS universe!  Check it out at :-)

That's right I forgot all about VeerTron...:-)

Gut reaction was "What a stupid tip!" until I read estockda's comment. You got me Adam, you got me...

I'm an idiot! how many years and how many phones and I didn't know about the the double click to ignore feature. All this time I was just silencing the ring.

That settles it, I'm keeping the phone another 2 years in case something else I didn't know pops up.

I didn't know it was a double click power button, thought it was one


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