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Apotheker: HP to ship products within weeks of announcement, wants to sit at the cool kids table 209

by Derek Kessler Fri, 28 Jan 2011 10:26 am EST

In an interview with BBC News, HP CEO Leo Apotheker spilled a few beans as to what HP’s strategy moving forward will be, and it doesn’t look much like what was rumored earlier in the month. It turns out, Apotheker wants to make HP “cool.” In fact, he has the very target of technology cool in his sights: “I hope one day people will say ‘this is as cool as HP,’ not ‘as cool as Apple’.”

Of course, being able to be called cool depends on shipping cool products, something that HP has been doing more so in the past several months. We might be a Mac-heavy crowd in the PreCentral staff, but we’re still big fans of HP’s Envy line of laptops, and we hope to be big fans of HP’s line of webOS phones and slates.

Speaking of phones and slates, Apotheker said that the days of multi-month delays between announcements and shipping are over: “HP will stop making announcements for stuff it doesn’t have. When HP makes announcements, it will be getting ready to ship.” The next announcement comes in less than two weeks on February 9th, and the HP CEO promised that products announced there will be available a few weeks later.

But February 9th isn’t the be-all, end-all announcement for HP. Just a month later, on March 14th, Apotheker plans to unveil his grand plan for HP, his “secret answer” and “vision of what HP is capable of in the future... the starting point.” Apotheker was light on details, hinting that this vision would work to unify HP’s admittedly diverse arms, even though the broadness of HP is the company’s “basis of strength.” That diversity means that HP will need to cater to enterprise and consumer customers differently, though Apotheker believes that HP is the only company that can “get the speed of innovation, the ease of use, the accessibility, the wow factor from the consumer side” still be able to meet corporate security, compliance, and governance standards.

Even in the interview Apotheker was playing the HP is cool pitch, grabbing his assistant’s Palm Pre for a demonstration: “... look this is pretty cool, and webOS is the only phone that can truly multi-task.” True that, Mr. Apotheker. Now all you need to do is make the case to the people of the world. Products that “wow” and ship withing weeks? That’s definitely a good start.

Souce: BBC News; Thanks to everybody that sent this in!


HP's got a lot goin for 'em.. is it possible they may separate themselves from the competition? If I had money I'd buy stock in HP *NOW*, this is the time to do it 'cause this company's gonna skyrocket very quickly. About time someone competed with Apple!

Yeah, if you read the original article it sounds like he's pretty proud of what they're creating. Of course, it's his job as CEO to sound ecstatic about even the worst releases, but with webOS on the mobile front and all of those recent acquisitions there is some great potential there.

"About time someone competed with Apple!"

Hello? HTC, Samsung, etc... All those manufacturers selling phones with Android are competing with Apple. Much more than that HP/Palm Weboshit.

Each one of them alone don't even come close to Apple.

jesus christ are you an idiot? have you seen the top of the line androids of late! How can you say they dont compete with apple?

Nice sarcasm! The 'Android phone selling' manufacturer possibly nearest to be able to create something close to Apples eco-system (Sony) missing. Andriod is selling great. As WinMo was (some time past). And for the same reason. It's everywhere. Not because people really liked using it.

oh please let it be true!

That's what I'm talking about. I want to be able to get my hands on a webOS Toaster by the end of Feb or early March; and hopefully a new phone too.

I need my toast on Feb 9th. My oatmeal is already ready.


Please hurry. My Pre will be dead soon.

same here!

I'm in the same boat. I think I overclocked for too long, bringing it to near death. It's doing some strange things now.

I will believe it when I see it.... here is hoping though!!

In the words of the original Bike or Die: "Yeah! Wow!"

“... look this is pretty cool, and webOS is the only phone that can truly multi-task.” True that, Mr. Apotheker.

Just lost ALL respect for you Derek. You know this is an out-and-out lie. You are nothing but a phanboy!

Now, if you want to say their implementation of multi-tasking is better, fine -- because I believe that to be true as well, but to say it is the only one to "truly multitask" is complete hogwash.

Factual? Not P|C.

>You are nothing but a phanboy!

you did look at the name of the web site, right?

You seem to be in the wrong place Mac fanboy.

don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

what? you're not gonna leave?

crap. ;-/

Have to defend Derek here. How do you define multi-tasking? I have an EVO now, and I don't think what Android calls multi-tasking is even close. WebOs left programs truly open off focus, not just some, but all. Android leaves some running in the background and getting back to them off focus is a pain. You have to basically restart the app to return to where you left off. How is that any different than my web browser. Just because it opens back to the page I left off from, doesn't mean it was running the whole time. There are many things I love about Android 2.2, but multi-tasking isn't one of them. WebOS did this perfectly.

I agree with this. What would you call multitasking: having the browser save session history so when you restart it, everything is just as it was before, or having the browser keep the session in memory via tabs?

Here is how I look at it.
You're at work, sitting at your desk. You have a limited workspace. Everyone else at their desk is running out of space, so they put their open folders in a drawer designated for 'holding'. Except you, you seem to be able to put as many folders on your desk as you need. Each of you have just as many folders 'open', but, only one ACTUALLY has access to each folder in front of them.

WebOS is the true multitasker, the others are just improvising.

@Mikey47 - What other phone with true multi-tasking are you talking about?

Consider the following example: I play Self-Aware's Card Ace with several of my friends. One plays on iPhone, one on Android, and me on my Pre. When we are all sitting at a table, and the phone rings or we recieve a text message, both of them have to ignore the incoming action if they want to stay in the hand. If either of them open the text or the call, they drop out of the hand. They can get back to the app quickly, and some would argue that it is still "running", but they are no longer in the hand or even at the table. I can answer a call, open a text, or preform any other action for that matter, then just move back to my open Card Ace card and continue in real time.

That has been my benchmark example for "true multitasking" and I'm wondering if you know of any other phones on the market that can handle that type of multitasking.

Hmm, I think this is only true for GSM phones. Don't CDMA phones have the restriction that you can't use voice and data at the same time? Or can you use them both if you're on wifi and not the cellular network?

If on CDMA, you can use both if you have wifi.

OK, OK, but hold on a second. I suggest that your statement is too severe. Perhaps perception of the words used could be a little different between you and Derek. I'm not saying the statement about multi-taking is accurate the way it is written, but a person's perception of what is written should be taken into consideration before you make a statement like "lost ALL respect"...I mean, I could take issue with that statement. Did you really lose "ALL" respect for Derek? What if he is a volunteer for his local Rescue Mission...do you lose respect for him in that area of his life too, just because of this one statement? When we make over-the-top statements without thinking first, we don't garner the respect we deserve.

That said, I think an interpretation of "truly multi-task" would be helpful. Android phones can multi-task. But if the statement was more like "no other OS can multi-task as easily and beautifully as webOS", I would more easily be able to agree. And it is pretty cool! :)

if you call what the other phones do "true multitasking".. then your ignorant... nothing flows better than webos.. being apple to switch between apps with a flick, get rid of a app by swiping up.. its sexy and destroys all the competition... no button taps, clicks, etc.. webos is "swipe technology" (go ahead and use that HP).. everything is so sexy and easy to use on webos.. Once they have some appropriate hardware for this thing, its going to blow up (may not beat out apple and android in terms of user base, because they are marketing and mindshare masters and the users are the slaves) but for everyone with a clear unbias head and truly gets to know webos, its a clear choice of who winner is..

HP just needs to have effective multitasking that ACTUALLY SHOWS WEBOS ON THE REAL PHONE! dont do floating windows and shit.. sit them down for a school lesson, like apple commercials with the hand/finger.. something simple that shows the sexyness of webos

Actually, he's telling the truth. Other products do not have "true" multi-tasking. They attempt to have something the resembles multi-tasking but fall short.

Yay, I've lost more respect!

Really, it all depends on how you define "truly multi-tasking." I define it as being able to clearly and easily manage and switch between your running applications, which is something you cannot do on any other platform. If you define it differently, that's your prerogative, but do not call me a "phanboy." Firstly, it's "fanboy," and I am more than critical of HP and Palm when appropriate.

Derek, I respect you even more now

Derek never lies.

Don't hate Mikey! I feel your pain but being as this is the first words we're hearing from the new CEO...It's good news cuz, if he really believes this, he has the power to actually make these things happen. Leave Derek alone too before he puts a hit out on you lol!

Can't agree more!

While other OS's can technically "multitask," they don't really offer the user "multitasking" capability. iOS's multitasking is horribly inefficient from a user's standpoint, and Android's is pretty much the same way.

webOS is the only OS that the USER can truly multitask with.

I agree with you Mikey47.

This whole precentral site is nothing more than a group of fanboys of a shitty platform.

I used to follow tech blogs everyday but have scaled it back a bit to just casual reading. Care to explain. Is the discrepancy calling it "true multitasking" when it might be more correctly opinionated as " the most eligant implementation of multitasking on a mobileOS." thx

Shut up, troll!

Phanboy? Really?

You're right Derek, that was completely uncalled for and for that I apologize, you did not deserve that nor should I have said it. But I did, and for that, I do apologize again.

I do however get upset when I see unsubstantiated statements. I expect it from a CEO type, but I have always thought P|C was above the "our platform is the only platform ... blah, blah, blah" statements.

Perhaps was we need for something like this is what does "true multitasking" mean? As I stated above, to me, there is no doubt webOS does it the best, but I certainly don't think anyone can say other platforms don't have multitasking.

Again, I apologize. You will most likely never see this as this article has aged, but I wanted to make sure this was here and you did know it.

While technically you're correct that other mobile OS's have multitasking, I think we can infer from his statement that webOS has the only truly effective multitasking solution in a mobile OS.

What makes it effective is the visual depiction of cards which are live views of each open app. It all started with the idea of a "window" in desktop OS's. MacOS and Windows provide a true multitasking experience because you can see all of your open applications and easily switch between them.

I would compare the other mobile OS's (Android, iOS, Blackberry) to how multitasking was accomplished in DrDOS (an old DOS clone from the early 90's). It had multitasking (you could run more than one DOS app at a time); however you had to bring up a list of open applications and then choose one. Only one application would be depicted on the screen at any given time.

The other difference is that in the other mobile OS's, you really don't have full control over which apps are truly running in the background. In iOS, only certain background operations can be implemented in apps. In Android, the OS keeps control over which apps remain running. And in Blackberry, only some apps truly run in the background while others remain in a saved state.

So I agree with the original statement that webOS is the only true multitasking mobile OS with a window-like interface and all apps can run in the background (not just save their states).

I'm sure Derek is CRUSHed he lost YOUR respect!! haha
Yes, I have an EPIC when my PRE- died and I can't wait to return it in a few days (before my 30 days is up) and get the "true-mulitasking" of WebOS.

Setting aside the namecalling (which is unnecessary), if by "truly multitask" one means that multiple apps can run and be accessed by the user at the same time, on screen, without having to recode them specially to do so, then yes, it's true, certainly of the major smartphone OSes. iOS cannot, and neither to my knowledge can Android. {Jonathan}

Jon "The Freezor" Ezor is right! We don't need any name calling here! Let's leave that to the iPhan wack jobs on the other stinky sites! We're gentlemen and ladies of quality and class over here!

multi-tasking isnt just how the programms/ram/processes are implimented. Multitasking works when you can see several things infront of you at the same time. You can do that with cards, you can't do that with iOS or Android.

Excellent photoshop Derek, putting a thermace and superman lunch box in the hands of a man like Apotheker is so much win.

I hope something interesting comes out March 14th, thats my birthday!

What is an "out-and-out lie"? The quote being attributable to Mr. Apotheker or the assertion Mr. Apotheker was purported to have made? If he didn't say it then it's the BBC that's lying. If he did say it, then I would submit it makes him the 'phanboy'. I'm as shocked as anyone that a CEO would do such a thing.

do explain?

You may not respect his comment, but you have to respect that photoshop!

if you really follow this site and the podcasts, you would know that none of these guys are "phanboys"... Besides, no other system multitasks in the clean manner that webOS does.

oh and the playbook is a cheap knock off!

Man you've got some serious balls calling somebody who writes for a device/OS specific site a fanboy. Just wow.

That said, I think you are misunderstood as to what true multitasking is as you seem to think there are other phones out there that can multitask in the same ways as webOS phones can. You're welcome to lose all respect for Derek, but do enlighten us as to why, otherwise it's you that looks like the fanboy here.

uh, ok, what phone can truly multi-task?

I have the Evo 4g and the iPhone 4 (which I gave to my kids), so don't point to either of those..neither of them truly multi-task.


I read tech blogs but it rarely surpasses just casual reading.

Can you explain yourself. Is your discrepancy that "true multi-tasking" should be labeled opinion and could more correctly be written as "the most elegant implementation of multi-tasking on any mobileOS?"

That is how I understand it when I read "true" multitasking, an opinion on implementation.

Opinions withheld on implementation, there are clearly other mobile platforms that multi-task so you would be right in your charge.


LOL... Pot meet kettle

I'm curious - how is this a lie?

Hey, I give Derek and Deiter a hard time over their spelling ("within"), but I would not question their integrity, honesty, or loyalty to their fans.

"Leave Derek aloooooone!" -- Chris Crocker

Mr. Mikey, please tell me what is not true about that before you turn Mr. monkey.

webOS is the only phone that can truly multi-task.” True that.

That's not even close to being a lie.. what are you talking about?

Other OS's, including Android, discourage multitasking by burying it and make you stop what you are doing to go start something else and you lose your app state in the process, and then, getting back to your original app is a reversal of that process.

In WebOS devices, its a matter of a swipe down, open an application, and then swipe back into card cmode to pick the app you want to work from, among all of the cards/apps you have open.

IT IS cool, and what makes WebOS stand out from the rest of the mobile OS's out there, including iOS and Android.

I think Apotheker may actually be the one who brings HP out of the corporate conservatism and into the "cool" world of being on the forefront of technology again.


Nothing like the pot calling the kettle Blac!
Who is the one with the lies? YOU !

Of course we know that others can multi-task. I think he's redefining "true multi-tasking" to mean truly functional multi-tasking. I understand what you're saying, but it's just symantics. True multi-tasking in my mind is multi-tasking that you can actually use quickly and easily to work on multiple things simultaneously. If that is the paramaters, then webOS is the only OS that can accomplish that.

It's kind of ridiculous to lose all respect for someone because they agreed with an ambiguous statement.

you're joking right? I have an EVO and everyone in my family has an iphone and yes, WebOS is the only one that has true multi-tasking.


What tha ? I have a Pre and a Samsung Epic running Android 2.2. The Android can play at multitasking, such as playing music, but it can't really run much at once. Ever tried going back and forth in Android for very long between programs? VERY quickly they drop off the 6 program Task Manager, and then you have to go back to whatever screen you found it on to restart it. Maybe it is running - who knows? Because in reality, you have to go through the steps to restart it.

With my Pre, I just flick back and forth, and the program is right where I left it, ready for me to use. THAT is true multitasking.

Apple - I here their latest iOS multitasks a little more, so it is a little less pathetic in that respect.

Oh, by the way, these are fanboy (and girl) sites. If you don't like it, you can always go somewhere more objective, like microsoft.com, or apple.com....

From my history of reading Precentral comments, it looks like you, Mikey47, always has something negative to say about webOS or anything in regards to the hardware.

Please do us a favor and get a new bed, because it looks like you always get up on the wrong side from lack of sleep.


I already have the piggy bank ready for launch day. Bring it on, Mr. Apotheker!

Cool phones are step 1.

Getting Sprint to carry said cool phones is step 2 ( for me, anyway)!

exactly, my wife and I have $500 sitting in waiting for some Sprint phones late Feb... hopefully it happens and we dont have to go Android, we really dont want to but really can not wait another couple months, these last 6 have been painful enough.

Wow he didn't say "in the coming months".. This must be serious lol

good news! I hope HPalm continues to have good news and good products!

“HP will stop making announcements for stuff it doesn’t have. When HP makes announcements, it will be getting ready to ship.”

But, but - I was getting used to the 'Coming in the next few months' quote :(

as much as i like to brag that webos "truely" multitasks, IOS and Android multitask just fine with tons more functionality. sometimes i like how IOS multitasks better cuz it keeps muuultiple full games running in the background so u can just go back to them whenever you want and not drain battery at all it seems. webos needs a way to multitaks without having the program still running all the way. that can actually be a downfall cuz it drains bat power and actually makes me not want to keep programs perpetually running... when it comes to being "cool". part of being cool is not talking about trying to b cool. being cool is all about having swagger, charm and grace. talking about trying to be cool is none of those things imho... with all my criticism aside i believe in hp to drop the hotness in 2 weeks and i am beyond excited. Lets rock and roll hp/palm!! wooh!

A lot of games I play suspend the game while its card is minimized. In fact, webOS has the opposite problem of iOS: iOS developers have to specifically add multitasking functionality to their apps, webOS developers have to specifically restrict multitasking functionality to their apps.

Love this guy. So much better than Mark Hurd

Shoulda photo shopped an A-Team (original) lunch box. That's cooler

Yawwwnnnnn. All just words of no value, unless we actually see something. Of course, if they actually do deliver then it will be pretty impressive. If they deliver..........

Nice Photo-shop Derek

Great picture LOL

And great news of course!! :)

Please let this be ture!!! Would like to buy myself two NEW WebOS devices for my bithday!

that's cool and I still have my Flintstone lunch pale and thermos

Phones on Sprint please, tia

Precentral is getting good use of their Photoshop License!! Nice work with the lunch box and thermos!

Turned in my Sprint Pre to Best Buy for repair Nov. Got a used Pre from friend to tide me over. Finally diagnosed Jan 3 as non-repairable. Been holding out for Feb 9, BB tld me, get replacement equivalent HTC Evo by Feb 2 or lose ability to get said replacement. Was going to find out what Android's all about cuz didn't know how long after announcment, Sprint would get new phones. So with this news, anyone want to buy brand spanking new, never opened Sprint HTC Evo?? Hit me up on Twitter - @edibledawg. :-D

The dingo ate my comment :-( = Now it's back :-)

Good to hear they'll be read to ship soon!

HP, the cash for a new super WebOS phone is burning a hole in my pocket. I might even take a peek at your tablet device if it's "cool" and would make my job easier (driving around all day seeing clients etc.).


Thank you.

As long as he doesn’t start wearing turtle necks, HP should be OK.

This is great news! It sounds like HP will be releasing several new revolutionary products in the coming months!

or now, "in the coming weeks"

Lovin' that photoshop!

Considering the topic,

"being apple to switch between apps with a flick, get rid of a app by swiping up"

is a great malapropism!

Maybe the writer was "too fast for his own 'azz'"?! ;-)

Are you kidding me? That is a true statement. And if you don't agree then you are the out-and-out liar and nothing but a phanboy of whatever inferior product you are referring to.

It's official; HP wants to be Apple.

Though there have been some leaks lately, if HP is this close to product shipment, are others as amazed as I am at how well HP has kept things secret?

Can't wait... ready for Feb 9!

the picture says it all.

im loving this.

Im VERY happy to see this! I can not wait to see the tablet! This is good news for WebOS!

Now its time to replace my Pre with the new phone! Life will be good then!

"A few weeks" is certainly better than "in the coming months." Color me excited!

I thought that we were promised some "special" photoshop the next time you posted his picture.

It wasn't until the second time I looked at this post that I realized Leo is holding a superman lunch box & kiddie cup, lol. Is that photo-shopped? If so, I can't even tell.

This forum is nothing more than a bunch of HP/Palm WebOShit fanboys.

What is your favorite smartphone?

Finally, a light at the end of the tunnel that I can be confident isn't the "In the coming months" long freight.

I'm concerned there hasn't been any leaks/hints/rumors about a new phone. Seems like we would have heard something if they had a big announcement to make. :/

If HP and Apotheker really follow through on the "cool" factor then they will, in fact, skyrocket! Because, everything about mobile computing has to be cool!! The specs on these products are almost homogenous, but if you can make me think That I have the coolest SMARTPHONE, not pad, out here, then I will buy and be hooked! Is it really that hard to make a cooler phone than the Iphone? WebOS is already way slicker than IOS, right! Why can't we get some really slick and powerful hardware to keep up with the power and elegance of webOS??

Cool is all about perception, and people who own iPhones have it ingrained in their mind that only Apple products make them cool, hence the popularity of the iPad.

I'm just worried it's going to be all about tablets...need a phone!

Wow . . . last day for me to return this EVO. Derek, do you still think there is only a 25% chance that there will be a phone released on Sprint before March 31st?

Yes, I'm so glad he's finally stating how webOS is the only phone that can perform true multi-tasking...however, I don't understand what this means in the grand scheme of things considering most people don't care how their phone multi-task but that it just "does." Anyway - I've moved on from webOS but I'm still rooting heavily for whatever the new HP Palm can produce; no question there. Especially with a new tablet on the horizon - I'm highly interested in what they have in store for the consumer. I'm just not too pinned up on the whole multi-tasking thing - trust me, it is over rated to state "we do it better than yours" when most consumers don't even consider that part - if they do, its just that they want to know that it does multitask (not how well compared to others). The user experience with an Android, iPhone, or WebOS device isn't hampered because each is dreaming they had the multitasking capability of the other. Granted, WebOS is superior to other devices in terms of multitasking and at least on par with iOS with UI - but we all know where the line gets drawn from there (dev support, apps, accessories, etc).

"...Even in the interview Apotheker was playing the HP is cool pitch, grabbing his assistant’s Palm Pre for a demonstration..."

umm, shouldn't he have his own Pre? Bet you any amount of money (keep it under $2.27 please) that if he reached in his pocket instead, he'd pull out an iPhone.

Oh, love the picture BTW :-)

I would bet you that $2.27 and Raise you another $2.27 that he has the newest Palm phone in his pocket and wasn't about to take it out and ruin the Feb 9th announcement!

My guess would be a BlackBerry.

Web2.0 on my Pre Plus... all I want. It's been long enough.

Dear HP:

If HP wants to be cool then HP needs to get Google on board. WebOS needs Google including Google Maps, Google Nav with 3D Maps and Google Apps.

They also need other products to get on board like Shazam.

For HP to be cool, programs that work on Droid neeed to have equivalent apps on WebOS.

I need 37Signals and Basecamp support under WebOS. DropBox and more.

Cool is not just hardware, it is Apps and WebOS is struggling.

Want to be really cool, sell a phone that can be used on any service, don't tie it to a carrier. Break the mold. Give me a WebOS phone that will work on any carrier and then let me take it to which ever carrier has the best deal and price the phone so it makes anyone looking at a Droid or iPhone and say why am I paying all this to lock in with a carrier when I can HP WebOS.

HP also needs to rethink their strategy about WebOS licensing for thirdy-party hardware. Now that would be cool.

However, if you have to say you are cool, you usually aren't

- Steve

so if its so cool why dosnt he have one?

then again he might have a new one and couldnt pull it out?

Hey Apple - GAME OVER!!

ha ha. If you say so.

Hurry up Feb. 9!!!

Actually, this is a pleasant break from the normal HP conservative line - perhaps he's onto something.

It is true that one of the most simple, and distinguishing aspects of WebOS is the card interface - moving between applications with a simple swipe of its card back and forth... it just doesnt get any simpler than that, and THAT has never, ever been the focal point of any PALM or HP advertisement.

Put that on some radical hardware, and, sure, it would be seen as "cool" by the masses.

We shall see.

This is especially encouraging because when Apotheker became CEO people were worried he'd focus more on enterprise, software or whatever rather than stuff like "cool" factor.

Cool insights.

I guess that means a tablet and new phone on Feb 9, and dual-boot webOS on laptops and desktops (replacing the TouchSmart line) in March :) also don't forget that HP wanted to ship a new smartphone every other month this year.

And wouldn't it be *hilarious* if HP actually announced a webOS toaster explicitly in response to popular demand?

This interview also seems to be proof positive that "Palm" as a brand is indeed going away. Personally I don't care much (i only came here for the webOS) but my sincerest condolences to all of you who have been with Palm for a decade or more - I know how intensely you can get involved in a brand, nothing but a name, if you just use it long enough... and how weirdly it hurts when after 15 years of identifying yourself with that word, it suddenly goes away.

Here's hoping that HP will make you forget all about Palm with its new offerings :)

SPrint!? Does anyone know if Sprint is included in this "Ecosystem"? Supposedly one of the upcoming tablets was seen running WiMax. Does that mean there is going to be a new phone coming along with it to complete this new... "Ecosystem"?

He's saying all the right things. All we can do now is hope for just a little bit longer...

hey Mikey47, you do realize this is a Palm focused site right? iOS and Android wish they could multitask like webOS.

HP cooler than Apple? There is a paradigm shift that can happen.
But when it comes to comparing CEO's...
Can the Dr. Evil-looking one ever be cooler than the one who ended up becoming Darth Vader?

Yay!! HPalm!!

Good News, Good News. My Pre Is Holdin On For Dear Life And I Refuse To Pull The Plug. Im Sticking With Palm (Or HP) Til The End. Whether Its A Cool Thing To Do Or Not.

Wow palm innovation & HP money and power is turning out to be an AWESOME thing!!

Finally.. Could it really be coming true after all this waiting?

Now that's what I like to hear! Thanks for passing that along Derek!

Dammit! Now i need to return my Dell laptop and start over. How much is a 14" Envy with an i5 chip and 4/500 cap?

Feb 6th new webOS hardware. March 14th looks like even more fun stuff. March 20th my baby girl will be born. Oh life is good right now :)

- Phil -

Congratulations dude.

By Mikey47 on Fri, 28 Jan 2011 09:43:26 EST

“... look this is pretty cool, and webOS is the only phone that can truly multi-task.” True that, Mr. Apotheker.

"Just lost ALL respect for you Derek. You know this is an out-and-out lie. You are nothing but a phanboy!"

Really? He's a phanboy?? How did he loose your respect as if it matters if he did.I don't think the world evolves around wether someone has your respect or not.This site is called precentral,so of course he is a fan(not Phan) of webOS and he's only telling the truth.So if he lost your respect because he agreed with someone telling the truth then I don't think he or anyone would want your respect.

Go back to adroid's or Iphones' blog!

That's what I wanted to hear. Now Execute!

That is a pretty good photoshop job... at least I hope it's photoshopped!

Derek -- thanks -- nothing like hearing 'ship within weeks' (ignoring your spelling error) straight from the mouth of the CEO!

"be able to meet corporate security, compliance, and governance standards"..
Where's my Device Encryption for EAS? At the core of every corporate environment is Email. How does one expect to compete in that environment if your mobile devices can't meet the security requirements that are federally mandated for Medical environments for example?

Nice to here the CEO finally speak. And his words echo what i've been thinking. I think HP is unique in it's ability to support the needs of both consumers and enterprise.

Exactly what HP needs to do. Apple sells because its cool, not because its the best. iPod's aren't very good sound quality, but they're cool and easy to use (plus have itunes I guess), but thats the main reason they sell. Phones, tablets etc are fashion statements now. Doesn't matter how good the product is, if its not cool, then you're not gonna sell in the same numbers Apple do or be able to compete.

YES a possibility of a brand new lightning fast hp phone in my hands, in a month (possibly)!!!!! This is great!

It is true that Android can technically multi-task. I think Derek was saying that he believes nobody can multitask as well/seemlessly/effortlessly/easily/elegantly as webOS. Correct? & I totally agree. I did think it was funny how he said "webOS is the only phone". When we all know it is an OS, not a phone.

Woa! Putting years of failed product announcements to bed in one fell swoop. Now i hope their products are compelling.

Well, if it's all true, and we can get the next gen Pre phone a few weeks after Feb. 9, then I can break the news to my wife that Valentine's Day is off, 'cause I gotta save my money to get the new stuff... I need it for work... yeah, that's the ticket! For work, I tell ya!

The same thought crossed my mind... Feb 9th will decide Feb 14th!

Talk is cheap. Put ur money where ur mouth is.

That's the kind of news most of us needed to hear. The count down to Feb 9th is exciting but what isn't exciting is the nagging little truths in the backs of our minds saying ha ha you wont see it "...in the coming months."

Release within weeks of announcement is AWESOME!!!

It's definitely all talk, but at least there's some vision behind this.. Here's hoping they execute as well as they talk!

This does sound super awesome though!

Time for that collective sigh of relief? too soon?

@mikey47 ... I feel ya, but no other mobile OS does it better. Like for example can you open the YouTube app play a video, go check ur email and reply and still have the video playing in the background without it ever stopping on any other mobile OS?

And keep in mind I primarily use Android and Blackberry devices. As soon as some nice hardware comes out with WebOS on it I'll probably be back.

serious question. is there a reason you and a few others don't hit the "reply" button? Cause i'd think the person it's directed at may miss the comment.

Now I REALLY cant wait for the 9th, Tax returns couldnt have come at a better time!

@Mikey47 I have played around with Android and have 3 years experience with my wife's iPhone ( only able to "multitask" the last seven months) and I can say that Derek's comments are right on. Multitasking on either of these other two platforms doesn't even compare to the WebOS. Now if we could have as many cool apps as Androis or iOS then we would be golden. I love "moving around" in the OS alot better than either, but I guess that is a matter of opinion. Can't wait for a replacement for my Pre that has better battery life ( my biggest complaint about my phone).

WebOS 2.0 on my Pre Plus.... All I want. Is that too much to ask after being with Palm for too long?

Rock on. Only two more weeks before we can start to wait!

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