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App Catalog finally gets dedicated online search thanks to dedicated user 13

by Derek Kessler Fri, 01 Feb 2013 5:38 pm EST

App Catalog finally gets dedicated online search thanks to dedicated user

Eighteen months ago HP shut down the public App Catalog feeds, putting an end to one of our favorite features on the site: the browser-based App Gallery. The reasoning offered at the time was that HP's enterprise customers were concerned about security and to prep things for the impending TouchPad launch, it didn't help that the XML feed format used by HP was reaching its limits in terms of manageable size. While there have been fits and starts at HP to reanimate open App Catalog access in the form of an API, that seems to have more or less fallen by the wayside. Without an accessible feed or API, searching the App Catalog comes down to Google.

HP's left their individual web listings for the App Catalog open and available to the public, but there's not yet been a public-accessible centralized listing for the thousands of apps listed. While that's not yet happened, web developer and webOS Nation Forum member pattyland decided to work some Google-fu and created a snazzy little website that lets you search the App Catalog from the comfort and speed of your desktop browser:

The site uses a custom Google search (specifically: [yoursearchtermhere]) to return relevant App Catalog listings per your search terms. The search site has the option to sort by relevance or date (the most recently updated pages at the top) and presents everything in a design meant to evoke the TouchPad user interface.

The site's already secured a place in our bookmarks, and if you're the type that frequently shares the direct URL for App Catalog apps, it's a site you should consider giving some attention as well.


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Yeah, someone revives the search feature of the desktop App Catalog, OWO is prepping up new goodies, new apps keep on coming and now the end is near... yeah, seems legit [/sarcasm]

these comments are hilarious. i especially like the one last week when someone claimed Derek needed to admit defeat with webos, somehow implying his job was in immediate danger or something, even though you know webos has been "deader than dead" for well over a year now..............

Poor guy. More than a decade ago I was a BeOS advocate who refused to read the writing on the wall. When making a site with a frame and a Google search of '' is news my optimism is understandably low.

Yeah sure! Compare BeOS, an closed source OS with 20 Apps and the same number of users with an (now) open source webOS, with thousands of apps and users!

And thanks that you think my work of a few hours, designing a nice little website is nothing more than an frame with a Google search! Don't you have anything better to do than surfing to webOS Sites and insulting webOS..?

Fully agree with you. Just let him go, you did a great job, thank you very much, this is really helpful when I just want to search an app from my desktop :)

If you'd put a nice 'cr' in front of (your alleged "thousands" of) apps, i could actually acknowledge this to some degree. Let's be honest: games aside, the quality/degree-of-completeness of stuff in HP's egg store is quite low. Maybe one day webOS will be called TwitterOS, who knows? There are platforms with way lower user numbers, but they can actually provide more applications that are actually fully-featured. (Yes, even AmigaOS, probably even OpenMoko!).

Alternate calendars? Miss.
Multi-protocol messengers? Miss. (Don't list Synergy adapters, if it wasn't for that fellow German who patched XMPP and several other protocols in, straits would be even more dire)
More than 2 friggin' UPnP players that both suck because of webOS' per-intent-castrated gstreamer framework? Miss. (If it wasn't for TouchPlayer - oh boy...)
Video and audio codec support for example VOB MTS MKV FLAC APE and so in? Miss.
More than two browsers that btw share the same crap engine and could therefore count as one, that do not crap out with render errors, script errors and issues like non-working drop-down lists? Wait... MISS.
Nice Editors? One. Audio tools/Synths/MIDI stuff? Mailclients? File Managers? PDF/book readers? Network stuff? Drawing/Painting programs that don't have to do silly things like putting out binary data encapsulated in XML to some native background service, because HTML+Javascript doesn't cut it for things other that simple stuff, Twitter clients, and accessing others' APIs somewhere on the web that often break and pose security risks (Advanced Browser bookmarks management, anyone?)?

Ok, lets continue your self-denial if you insist and think it's healthy.

Btw: even this site's lead editor admitted months ago being an almost complete Apple wh0re, and tied to this "ecosystem". So much for authenticity...
(And yes this site still doesn't provide a "please-delete-my-account" functionality. This wouldn't work in the EU...)

Alternate calendars: I can find at least 3 in the App Catalogue.

Nice editors: also about 3 available in the App Catalogue and Touchpad IDE in Preware.

Twitter apps: we have a few high quality Twitter clients. Android phones have nice Twitter client but Android tablets don't even have such high quality Twitter clients except for the WIP Carbon tablet version.

PDF/Book readers: we have Kindle and Preader. Both do a fine job, good enough.

Multi-protocol messengers: I can find Agile Messenger and Mundu IM in the App Catalogue and Mundu I bought and works just fine so what is your problem?

Mail clients: there is an alternative mail client for the webOS smartphones. For the Touchpad I don't even see why you want an alternative because the native one rocks, especially with the patched one for threaded messaging.

File Managers: we have about 12 file managers including dual-pane ones. How is that not enough?

Other than that there is some stuff missing, agreed. But some things are being worked on like Isis with the new webkit for example.

>>"Video and audio codec support for example VOB MTS MKV FLAC APE and so in? Miss."
(typo, and miss to you)

Media is very well covered in webOS by KalemSoft Media player. It's pretty damn good for me...

FYI... "KalemSoft Media Player is a media player application with support for streaming content from a remote PC. It can play media files with common codecs and containers such as wmv, mp4, mkv, avi, ts, m2ts, flv, vob, ogg, h264, divx, xvid, rm, rmvb, wma, mp3, ac3, dts, etc. stored on the device (see below limitation for Pixi and Veer) as well as on a remote PC. KalemSoft Media Player can also stream live content such as a stream from a video camera or a TV card (currently only analog TV cards supported) attached to a remote PC. The streaming server is a separate application named KalemSoft Media Streamer that is available freely from here."

Don't know about FLAC & APE, but it's played everything I've thrown at it, and while I've not done head to head comparisons to other os's options, I've never needed anything more. And I've used it for a ton of $#!T :-)

This is really useful. Shame HP could not have done something about this earlier!

Thanks pattyland!

If OpenwebOS gets to die someday, it appears you will not cockroaches! I'll give you that!! And you know:
"This much is true-ue! this much is true-ue!! YOU KNOW THIS MUCH IS TRUE!!!

Here's an idea, from a mom of 4 who works f/t and is just trying to find some affordable technology that works. Take all this brilliance and put it into something the rest of us can just pick up and use. Technology could be so much further advanced if you all just put your heads together and make something usable. I purchased a lovely HP WebOS tablet. Yeah, I don't have a ton of time to research things, but at the time it seemed the problems could be just a download fix away. Today I just want to plug the thing into my pc, download a "brain" to this thing and be able to Ebay while I wait at soccer for my kids without having to blow their college money on crap I will never have time to access or use. If only my grandparents had left me an acre of land prime for cell tower placement I would be rich and could afford to hit Fry's or Best Buy every week and hand down my garbage for my kids to trash. Unfortunately I am stuck trying to read through all this BS from brilliant minds while someone else gets rich from it. Dig deep people you have the answers, Even the playing field for those of us that raise you and wiped your noses while they were stuck in a cell phone (sorry Iphone) on your potty seat.