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App Catalog Hits 1000 apps 48

by Robert Werlinger Fri, 01 Jan 2010 10:05 am EST

Happy new year from everyone here at PreCentral! It's been roughly a year since PreCentral was launched, and Palm and webOS have really come a long way since  their announcement at CES 2009 - Jon Rubinstein has become Palm's CEO, the App Catalog has finally come out of beta, a vibrant homebrew community has sprung up, another webOS based handset has been launched, and much more.

As you're recovering from your night of fun in whatever form it might have come in (champagne to the tune The Final Countdown at midnight here), you'll be delighted to know that the Catalog has officially hit 1000 apps.  There are a few gems in the latest update that hit last night, most notably Foursquare in glorious beta form and a new native webOS application from one of our favorite tech blogs, Engadget. 

Here's to you, PreCentral members and readers. Here's to you, webOS developers and homebrewers. It would hardly be worth having a Pre without ya. Cheers!



Sooo, a 1000 apps is nice, and an Engadget app is nice, but I really want is a PreCentral app? Maybe I drank too much last night and my imagination is running wild...

Here here!!

I second that

Happy New Year! Nice to see 30 +- new Apps ove the past 24 hours. Although there are only 1 or 2 that apeal to me personally. Hopefully with all the new advancements, we will begin to more useful, quality apps. Keep up the good work!

Now we need a Precentral app thats like the engadget app and we'll be all set.


Double agree. PreCentral app, pretty please.

+2010 - A PreCentral app would be a wonderful addition to the WebOS app catalog - Happy New Year to the WebOS community

AMEN....I remember Deiter showing some kinda PreCentral app during the video podcast a while back. he flashed it to the camera for a second or two. HMMMMMM??


Why bother, most palm pre news are first posted on engadget anyways. Precentral just reiterates what already been posted on engadget! Classic example: this "Breaking News" was posted on engadget @ 3:12AM, when did precentral post it's "Breaking News".... 7:56 AM. I rest my case.

Maybe for the biggest and breakiest of news since Josh gets a few extra media ins, as in this case. Engadget were the publishers of the 1000th app, so of course they had the scoop.

But PreCentral sometimes catches their own breaks that Engadget steals, and PC is more persistent about following webOS news and the work and discoveries of their amazing homebrew crew here to boot. Also, PreCentral doesn't use that steaming pile called BlogSmith that I'm aware of.

Cheers Palm finally is moving on and we

Wow, I never even realized Engadget was owned by AOL till I saw AOL Inc on the app.

I also agree on a PreCentral App! Since you guys have so many homebrew friends, maybe one of them can whip up something nice? :D

I've never heard of Foursquare before this either, but it looks pretty interesting and I just made an account. None of my Facebook friends seem to be on it though. :(

Foursquare is a social media service:

Happy New Year to the PreCentral community. Keep up the good work. Thanks for hosting a great place for sharing information on this excellent mobile platform.

Happy New Years Everyone, I'm just happy the 1000th app wasn't by brighthouse labs or dijit.

Yeah really.. will those two dirt merchants ever run out of crapware to shovel into the App Cat??

Yes, they will if no one buys this scrap.

looks like brighthouse took the hint. Sorta. New app is 30 basketball teams.

I just downloaded the Engadget app and checked it out. It's very slick.

I will gladly add to the chorus singing out for a Pr?central app! :-)

will the foursquare app only work with other people who have pres?

Happy New Year to all!! I didn't know engadget was owned by AOL either which is kind of surprising...but with the new apps rowling in, the new update & new's looking like a bright future for a us Web OS owners!!

Seriously though, most of these apps suck!

Seriously though, take your negatively elsewhere.. There's a lot of good apps in there- not every one will be a gem, but they're not useless either.

you would think with Ares out now the PreCentral app would have no excuses. The unofficial Bing! App looks very Ares.

We need an official count on what percentage of those apps are Brighthouse/Dijit...

Dijit: 53 "apps" (~5.3%)
Brighthouse: 140 "apps" (~14%)

It's already been said but a Precentral app would be nice alongside my new engadget app!

you guys are idiots.

i must say I was skeptical of the need for an engadget app but they did a really nice job with it. the UI is probably the best I've seen on any Pre news app I've seen thus far.

This doesn't mean we need to see apps from every news source but it is nicely done. I will still use newsroom RSS feeds for engadget news as it's all right there anyways.

so still waiting for all this to hit canada

"1000 applications??? 127 to today in Spain and still with 1.3.1 webos! If we follow the same path it's going to end up like Betamax of wireless. Moreover, most of these applications are pretty ratty. It is launching a phone like this, pre, which have not has no front camera for video conferencing, or for memory expansion cards, the battery lasts very little, if you want to synchronize with Outlook (a staple for most) have to pay for it, not even record video (and when recording to see if you pay too), your camera has a questionable quality and do not have zoom, no photo editor or anything, which will bring neither sound recorder brings so useful for recording lectures, which can neither be used as a modem to connect your laptop and you practically have to hack homebrew way to do something ... It's been 6 months, the competition is very tough and / or Palm remedied quickly to these outrages and the future is Android against iPhone, webos will remain as a mere stooge and this company definitely sink.
(traslated from spanish by google)

I was wondering when our enraged foreign poster was gonna chime in with everything that's wrong with the Pre. Thanks Sir Lancelot!

he has good points, of which I agree with most.

go play some crosswords

Let's see if I have this straight:

One of the big complaints about the Apple App Store is that Apple is too restrictive and restricts the store so that not everyone can be included.

Pre's store is considerably less selective (if they restrict the applications at all).

Apple has 100,000 apps, Pre has 1,000.

Anyone care to explain that?

yes because palm is just out 6 months. the first iphone didnt even had 100 apps after 6 months. people seem always to forget that part. pre 1st gen phone iphone 3 rd gen phone. jesus christ. its a lot after a short time for a new os.

so what you're saying is that we need to wait till the pre is in its 3rd generation before we can start comparing it to the iphone?

it seems to me that if a smartphone is released today, that it should be able to compete with the other smartphones on the market at this time. we shouldn't have to wait months or years for it to come up to the same level.

the quality of apps on the pre is pathetic. pure and simple. Palm has been unsuccessful in acquiring the big name developers that it needs to compete with the other smartphones.

this is a fact. now go take your "jesus christ" crap and suck on a bottle.

Do you really expect for a new operating system to have 100,000 apps in 6 months? Get real.

you get real. I could care less about quantity. All I care about is quality. And the Pre app catalog is full of almost nothing but garbage.

maybe if you had any brain cells working you'd realize that.

If you hate webOS then buy something else.

I like the comment about if I had any brain cells. I was thinking the same about you ;-)

It's amazing you are able to think at all. I also like how you can't say anything to counter my quantity over quality argument. All your pea sized brain can muster up is "buy something else". Trust me I will very soon. But not before first educating others about how terrible the app catalog on the Pre is so that they won't repeat the same mistake I did.

Maybe you should educate yourself before you start "educating" everyone else. You have failed to remember that when the iphone came out, they were only permitted to design "Web Apps" that would run through Safari. Not until fifteen months later did it start to allow developers deeper access with their 1.2 SDK. That's when the influx of developers began. How long did it take palm to release there skd? 7 months!! So NO Shit iphone going to have better apps!! It's only because the devs have had the damn SDK for over a year!! It's like asking if a one year old bottle of wine taste better than a ten year old bottle.

Another case in point, android os is currently at 2.00 with decent apps on their app catalog. How long did it take them to get there? 2 years, and do you think google with it infinite amount of developers and open source platform can create apps with better API and aesthetics? Have you even used any other platform?

When they introduced WebOS to us at CES, everyone knew(including yourself) that this was going to be a brand NEW OS!! And it is common knowledge that with every new os, it takes time to integrate within the developer community! But let me say this, webos is well ahead of schedule with the best API and GUI of any mobile platform i have very used! Not to mention true multitasking and discrete background notifications.

So if you want apps, go get an iphone. If you want customization, go get a mytouch. Just don't come here "educating"/Bitching about the lack of app, when you yourself know nothing!

With every new technology it takes a long time for developers to get a handle on it. Plus developers are always concerned if the new hardware will survive. Hence they wont put much time into the product until the market is large enough. Hence it takes time to create 'quality' and 'quantity'. It seems everyone else knew this before they bought the Pre except for you?

I want my pre (for which I paid) is at least as standard a set of applications that even low-level phones based on Java, it is incomprehensible that these basics were not present since the product launch. I do not ignore the great qualities of the pre, but are critical of that move and evolve a product ... When you have something good ... Find the BEST way to do it. I think this is the road. Greetings and Happy New Year

(translate from spanish by google)

ITunes may boast over 100,000 apps but when you're talking about 200 different fart apps, 150 piano apps, 100 different flashlight apps, really isn't all that impressive. What I care about is which platform actually has the apps I'm interested in using. For me it's Windows Mobile which allows me to run my SlingPlayer app and Orb over a 3G network and that's something that not even one of those 100,000 apps can claim.
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I went into my app catalog and it only shows 899 available apps?

1000 apps, YAY!!! ........................'s been 3 days since the big milestone and...nothing. How much longer will we have to stare at the 1000 count in the upper corner of the screen? It used to be that you could check the catalog every few hours and find @ least 1 new app, if not more. Now it's been 3 days with nothing new. Just getting a little anxious, I guess.

More apps please! =)

is anyone having trouble getting the apps (even free ones) i just got my pixi last thursday and it compltetly up to date. everytime i go to the apps catalog everything is ok until i try to download. i click download and it does nothing. has anyone experienced this? please let me know

It seems Bell is nowhere near 1000, my only lists 255 or something.