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App Catalog hits the magic 300 40

by Derek Kessler Fri, 30 Oct 2009 3:11 pm EDT

App Catalog Okay, so there’s technically nothing really magical about 300, except that it is more than we had before. After a smattering of new apps last night, Palm dropped the mother load on us this afternoon and brought the tally to a nice round 300. It’s a long list of new and updated apps, so check it all out after the break. We've got 33 new apps in total - Palm, keep it up, we like it!

New apps:

  • Altimeter, $0.99, by Get your current altitude on a classy Cesna-style gauge.
  • Brush Stroke Pro, $2.99, by CTL Advance CSAT: Create images and edit photos on the go. Congrats to Homebrew Graduate CTL Advance!
  • Classic Solitaire, $1.99, by WiMesh Solutions: Pass the time with that old standby card game in landscape mode.
  • Color Puzzle, $2.49, by Hampton Catlin: Clear the board by matching colored squares.
  • Concert Finder, $1.99, by Epic North: Find nearby concerts and follow your favorite artists around the country. Congrats to Homebrew Graduate evilcanadian!
  • DOF Calculator, $1.99, by Chris Gunn: Calculate the depth of field based on your camera’s sensor size, focal length, aperture, and subject distance. Congrats to Homebrew Graduate crgunn!
  • Elite GP, $0.99, by elitespark: Get the latest Formula 1 news, standings, and schedules.
  • Events, $0.99, by Mozzapp: Get a list of nearby events (shows, parades, seminars, etc).
  • Fortune Teller, $0.99, by Get your horoscope, look into the crystal ball, throw a bone, and crack open those fortune cookies.
  • Gone Fishin’, $0.99, by Engine Equals Car: Drop a lure and grab some fishes.
  • Greeting Card Messages Pro, $0.99, by Find just the right message to send for that special event. Congrats to Homebrew Graduate kardin!
  • GroceryList, $1.99, by Java Sanity: Manage your shopping list and keep track of previous trips to the grocery.
  • Guitarist’s Reference Pro, $1.99, by Learn your scales, arpeggios, triads, chords and more. Congrats to Homebrew Graduate kardin!
  • ICEcare, $1.99, by Corsoft Corporation: Emergency preparedness app with ability to store health records.
  • Lights, $0.99, by Geeksinside: a puzzle game in which you have to light three Lights in any row, column or diagonal with only three pieces.  When a player or computer places the fourth piece, their first piece is removed [corrected].
  • Marbles, $0.99, by Empty the grid of five different colors of marbles.
  • MediaClock, $0.99, by BlueSwitch: Theme-able clock with alarms and calendar.
  • MoreStocks, $4.99, by More Solutions: Track your stock portfolio and get intraday charting, news, and quotes.
  • Mosquitones, $0.99, by Bryce Lund: Test your high frequency hearing and annoy those around you.
  • MyIP, $0.99, by AppJammers: Get the IP addresses of your Wifi, cellular data, and Bluetooth connections. Congrats to Homebrew Graduate moserjj!
  • MyQ For Netflix, $3.00, by nexapps: Manage your Netflix queue from your webOS device. Congrats to Homebrew Graduate mosdl!
  • Net2Streams Pro, $2.99, by Net2Streams: Streaming SHOUcast Radio, Icecast, and local radio.
  • P2Wardrobe, $0.99, by P2Labs: Conversion tables for mens, womens, infant, boys, and girls sizes in shoes, hats, pants shirts, and more. Store your shopping list and reminders. Congrats to Homebrew Graduate P2Labs!
  • Pegged, $0.99, by TBC Software: The classice peg board solitaire game with custom layouts and beautiful graphics.
  • Pegger Meister, $0.99, by Avner Arbel: Can you clear the board of pegs?
  • Quick Dialer, $1.99, by Yellowfin Solutions: Quick and easy picture speed dial and messaging. Congrats to Homebrew Graduate drimo!
  • QuickQueue, $1.99, by AppsByDel: Manage your Netflix queue from your webOS device. Congrats to Homebrew Graduate dellydel!
  • Scientific RPN Calculator, $9.99, by i-marco: Advanced scientific calculator with numeric, trigonometric, and statistical functions. Congrats to Homebrew Graduate TheMarco!
  • Scoop, $0.99, by Pivotal Labs: Google Reader-integrated RSS reader.
  • SlidePuzzle, $1.99, by Leonard Lee: Unscramble shuffled images, including those from your own camera.
  • Solitaire, $0.99, by BlueSwitch: Tap-and-play classics solitaire.
  • Spit!, $1.99, by WiMesh Solutions: Play the classic fast-paced card game.
  • WordFreak, $0.99, by Mozzapp: See if you can match the five letter word.
  • Zombie Invasion, $0.99, by Conniption Entertainment: Just in time for Halloween, a zombie-world shooter game.

Updated apps:

  • English Dictionary and Thesaurus, $9.99
  • French - English Dictionary, $19.95
  • French - English Medical Dictionary, $49.99
  • French - German Dictionary, $19.99
  • French - Italian Dictionary, $19.99
  • French - Spanish Dictionary, $19.99
  • French Dictionary and Thesaurus, $19.99
  • German - English Dictionary, $19.99
  • Italian - English Dictionary, $19.99
  • Latin - English Dictionary, $14.99
  • Portuguese - English Dictionary, $19.99
  • Portuguese - Spanish Dictionary, $19.99
  • Spanish - English Dictionary, $19.99
  • Spanish - German Dictionary, $19.99
  • Yelp, Free

*The dictionary apps were updated with information describing that they do in fact require a data connection to work.


Hello guys!

It's time to upgrade to Guitarist's Reference Pro & Greeting Card Messages Pro.

Guitarist's Reference Pro will play sound for all chords, scales, triads and arpeggios plus a new custom menu to let you pick a chord/scale faster than ever.

Greeting Card Messages Pro has new feature that allows you copy card messages so you can paste it elsewhere. I'm making eGreeting Card app for webos at this time, and the copy feature above will become useful when you need to send egreetings to your friends. eGreeting Cards app will available before the holidays

oh wow nice line up too bad i just got the limit reached on my phone.. had the phone for less then a week and a reach the limit... >.

there is a patch for that..

whats the apples to apples comparison with regards to how many apple application had at the same time palm pre is in now?

palm # months now has 300
apple # months had 300

If I remember correctly, the iPhone App Store launched with 500+ apps.

Fortunately, you don't have to remember correctly. Wikipedia knows all

Don't click that Wiki link. It's kinda depressing.

DAMN! They launched with 400 apps! They had 800 in 4 days! 4 fricken days! 3000 apps in under two months. Now that is a well run company there.

If I remember correctly they didn't have an app store this many months in.

Iphone released June 29 2007 App store opend July 10th 2008.................Hellooooo! Took about a yr and change ...

And it launched at 12+ months after the phone. :)

I love the Pre but the one problem we all face is that all of these apps are costing money. What happened to free apps?

You want a robust app choice? Be prepared to pay something. The programmers aren't going to work for free. I have the free version of bubbles. It's a fun game, but the rotating adds at the bottom are a serious drain on the battery. I'de rather pay a couple bucks and get a better app.

So far all the paid apps are priced pretty reasonably compared to similar iPhone apps and less than many Palm OS apps.

Seems to me Palm has virtually no support from mainstream companys. I don't mean mainstream developers (i wouldn't even know who they are) i mean like a cnn, or time warner cable, espn sports news apps and radio or the many major websites, tv stations, media companies, internet brands, etc.

The fact that this far into the cycle of pre Palm seems to basically just releasing mostly homebrew apps, seems to me this is the best Palm can do right now. You'd think several months after launched they'd have been ready with a shitload of apps. even partnered with companies to develop apps to stock their store by launch. But now it's well after launch and you'd think they'd be releasing more, mainstream company apps. And it would seem strange to me to be holding back such apps now. So i don't think they are just sitting on them. comments for or against welcome.

I frankly at this point have to agree with you! I think after this Droid release on Verizon, Android is going to all the attention after Apple gets it.

Apple in some ways has reached a limit on the useful apps that can be developed for the iPhone.

So those developers will move to the next biggest thing to make money on, the Android.

Palm is last in line!


i'd disagree with the point that they've reached a limit. i'd guess that whatever the next hot thing is is always there to be developed for. And i think, there will always be new and old games to make. And as long as there are new services social networking sites there are things to add. Plus a lot of the media companies so far have token apps. That is you can't totally see all the video and content on their sites. So i think there is some room for improvement. Not to mention room to do the same thing a better way as evidenced by the myriad of twitter apps. What i find disappointing is this to me strikes me bad management. Like not having a facebook app at launch or already. Clearly they new it was important it's one of the only bookmarks they have. They just dropped the ball. Same goes for the decision to not focus on games. I'm not a big gamer but they are the most profitable apps. Seems like bad management to me.

I'd agree it's about where they can make money too. Android is software. It's on multiple carriers, by multiple hardware makers. Webos is right, now, one phone, soon to be two, on with one hardware maker, with a lot less customers.

I have similar concerns, but not the same. It does seems to me there aren't a large number of new fresh apps. It is great that home brew apps graduate to the official apps store, but we do not see a lot of nre homebrew apps.

This could mean two things. It could be that developer do not want to show their new apps in Homebrew, because of new supports by Palm directly. It could also mean the pipeline is drying up.

I do not agree that apps from CNN, ESPN etc. are that important. Those apps are almost the same as the website. There is very little value to these apps. I would like to see more apps that do not require net connection. Things people can use on an airplane. One example would be a GPS app that does not require cell signals.

I am so on that Zombie Invasion! I hope it's good. I want to support all .99

Im loving the solitaire alley! finally a good solitaire game for the pre at 99 cents you cant go wrong!

Has any of you used vosofon? I make a lot of international phone calls and was wondering if their rates are as chip as they claim.

I just bought Scoop. I expected better from Pivotal Labs since I like Tweed so much. The post detail page doesn't have a link to the original post, doesn't have links in the text as far as I can tell, doesn't have links I know are in the title of the posts, and doesn't show comments. Scoop is of no use to me until those problems are fixed. Until then, my $0.99 is wasted.

EDIT: I also just found out that you can't pinch-zoom pictures (in or out). *sigh*

I bought Scoop, too. I think it's a good, first-effort and agree it needs some some improvements, but was Tweed the great app it is now at initial release? I'll bet that it will cost more when those improvements are made, so maybe think of that 99 cents as a good investment. :)

So, whats the deal with apps not being able to use the Microphone? There's no voice recorder, no guitar tuners, no voip, is this a hardware restriction? I figured even if palm excluded it from their SDK the homebrew guys would brew up something but so far... nada!

Anyone know what gives?

Palm needs to start making serious moves !!!

agreed... most of the apps in the app store are lame..

Is Yelp a webapp, kind of like the Pre's Google Maps is? I ask because the App Catalog keeps listing it as updated, and I keep going in to apply an update, only to find that what is on my phone is showing the most current version. Am I losing my mind here?

Just got done playing Zombie Invasion. What a fun game! I'll leave a review in the app store. But it's fun, well worth it I feel, especially for being my first app store purchase.

$10 for the RPN calculator seems a bit high. It's good but $2 would be better for something that *might* get used every couple of weeks.

Or, you could use from your browser if you don't mind a less native interface.

Hey, everyone try out Mosquitones! It is a really cool app!

I'm giving Palm until the end of December when the app store comes out of beta. At that time I hope (I USED to say "expect") that higher-caliber apps come through the pipeline.

If by that point we're not much farther along than we are now, I'll start to worry. Until then, let's give them time.

Texas Phone Man has been asked to review the new app "My Translator" that sells for $1.99 on the App Catalog.

The easy to use, yet advanced application, provides very accurate translations in over 35 languages.

The "My Translator" App has some very cool features like: full-screen mode, full copy/paste function and the ability to translate full sentences!

Texas Phone Man says "Wow!! The Best $1.99 I have spent this year!"

Texas Phone Man rating: 9 out of 10 Texas Stars!!

So I guess PALM is not even close to APPLE with regards to month to month comparison. One thing we have going for us is PALM is Jon Rubenstein. Does anyone know why he left apple? I know old CEO recruited him! I read Jon is not given enough credit for APPLE turn around. If so he must have that internal drive to turn PALM around and prove MR JObs wrong. If this is true I would never bet against PALM

does palm no longer care about canadians who own there phone or is there some issue because its been aproc two months and still no paid apps in canada .
does anybody have any idea when paid apps are coming to canada?

Wow. It looks like I drew the lucky 300 with my Altimeter app!


I think Pegged is worth the money. It has a bunch of different layouts to fool with, which means I've spent more time with it than I otherwise would have.

Net2Streams Pro is nice! One of the better apps available.

How about this, stop adding apps and fix the damn limit issue so we can install some of them!!! WTF this blows

Any developers on these forums know what the deal is with the Canadian app store? We only have 124 available and it's really starting to bother me.

Really?! We're bragging about only 300 apps?