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App Catalog now allows developers to support multiple app versions 8

by Derek Kessler Tue, 05 Jun 2012 5:38 pm EDT

App Catalog now allows developers to support multiple app versions, includes VATAttention webOS developers, HP's making more changes to satisfy your needs (of the app development type, naturally). There are two changes to how things are going to operate with the App Catalog, one for the better, and one for the legal. Let's get the legal out of the way: due to new European Union laws affecting the VAT (Value-Added Tax) rate for application purchases, HP has automatically increased the price of apps in supported Eurozone countries to reflect the increased taxation rate. Unlike in the US, where sales tax is added after-the-fact, app pricing in Europe reflects the price with the VAT included. As such, to preserve developer margins on these apps, HP has automatically bumped up the price to the consumer. You, as a developer, can go back in and readjust the price should you see fit.

Higher taxes and the higher associated cost (or lower margins, should you go that route) are always a bummer, so here's some good news: the webOS App Catalog now supports multiple versions of the same app for different versions of webOS. This allows developers to continue improving and enhancing their apps with features that take advantage of newer APIs in newer versions of webOS without breaking the app for customers stuck on older versions.

For clarity's sake, a hypothetical: Your app, 'Huzzah' was made for webOS 1.4.5. You want to update Huzzah for webOS 2.x, but doing so will break the app for your loyal customers still on webOS 1.4.5. Before developers were stuck between a rock and an out-of-date operating system version. Today, you can can simply submit the updated version Huzzah app and uncheck the devices no longer supported by the update and the App Catalog will continue to serve the old, still-functioning version to those on the older version of webOS. So, if you've been holding off upgrading your app to more modern APIs and whatnot, never fear, you won't be abandoning anybody anymore.

Source: HP webOS Developer Blog (VAT, Multiple App Version Support)



i do not know whether it was mentioned somewhere but my veer(eu) got an update on the appcatalog, as in new agreements and i think versioning changed a bit

I am a webOS die-hard fan and I mean it! I've fought almost endless battles with my android, iOS and -yes!- Blackberry's friends. And -at least from what I see it, which is OS point of view- they have never won a battle (hardware and apps is another story). But right now I have a question -splinter- in my mind: are we (webOS) getting somewhere with all this ants steps advancements/allows/releases etcetera, etcetera!

Please, Derek, can you lay out a master piece that explains this all and give us a "bigger picture" view out of this unfinished puzzle?!

I don't know man, I'm just looking more and more appealing that SG Note. Can someone please port webOS to it?!

WebOS's UI is the best hands down. Android is second IMO just because one can make it look how ever they want. The UI is getting closer to what webOS is with the multitasking button but still far behind webOS.

Could someone tell me when can I
-use Paypal for purchases or
-use a non usa billing address credit card to purchase Apps or
-allow developers to sell to non catalog countries without repercusion?

There are many webos users abroad who want to purchase Apps but cannot due to the App Catalog limitations, specially payment.

Hi pepebuho,

There's is no way you can bypass the restriction, i also had to make the experience. I wrote HP an email wether it would be possible to buy "promo-codes credit", which is not! And then I directly adressed developers (namely astraware and Splashtop) if it would be possible to directly purchase apps from them. And apparently they are contractually not allowed to sell their apps outside the HP catalog. In a nutshell: you don't live in the supported countries, bad luck for you!!!

However you can still contact private developers, often they understand your situation and are happy to provide you with a promo code. For instance this guy did offer me a version of his calculator for free (THANKS AGAIN):

Last but not least you can search the net for the package file and load them on your touchpad through quick install, which I would never promote (being illegal), but in this case where people like you and I would be happy to pay a considerable amount of money for some really awesome apps but are simply not able to, I don't have a bad feeling!

I agree completely with you peperbuho.

I also agree with peperbuho. Could webOS Nation assist us in this respect? I really fail to understand why Palm is not willing to make easier the apps payment and in this way to assist the apps developers.

I don't understand how anyone that has ever supported software applications could have not foreseen the need to support multiple app versions for compatibility with multiple OS/environment versions???