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App Catalog search overhauled, now provides more relevant results 25

by Derek Kessler Wed, 11 Aug 2010 9:36 am EDT

App Catalog search, now more relevant! Searching in the App Catalog has been an exercise in frustration for some time now. As more apps were be added to the feeds, the less-than-optimal search algorithm returned progressive less-than-optimal results. That has changed now (webOS 1.4.5 update not required), with app titles containing your search term ranked at the top, followed by apps with that word in the description. Additionally, if you drill into 'What's New' before performing your search, search results filter by most recently updated.

Most exciting for those looking for the best apps (and that's all of us, really), Palm has tweaked the algorithm for listing 'Hottest Apps.' The star rating system no longer runs of a pure average, meaning an app with a single five-star rating will not appear at the top of the list anymore. In fact, the ratings appear to be weighted based on the number of reviews, such that some 4-½ star apps are ranked higher than other 5-star apps. All-in-all, welcome changes that will make finding apps significantly easier as the App Catalog continues to grow.

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It would be nice to be able to play and find PDK apps for my pixi

great improvement !

Cool, about time.


Considering how much Palm must want to encourage app sales and, as a result, app development, I am surprised and, as a user, incredibly disappointed that it has taken so very long for this algorithm to be overhauled in a meaningful way.

I haven't tried the improved version yet, but I'm glad it's here and I am hoping for the best. Thanks for lettings know.

still can't find FLASH

In the comment section, the date stamps are now correctly set up. I mean the date format now depends of the country you have activated your phone. Not sure but it has changed for me as a swiss citizen.

so for giggles I tried this out. I searched for "assassin's creed" under What's New. Assassin's Creed - Altair's Chronicles came up as the third result after "What Is Man and Other Essays by Mark Twain" and "John F Kennedy."

*confused look*

Palm's been busy in the past 24 hours. If adobe flash follows through. My faith will be renewed.

I am continually baffled at the number of people that think it is Palm's responsibility to release Flash. It is Adobe's, not Palm.

Just baffling.

Actually, Adobe announced that their app was released to Palm. We're definitely not waiting on Adobe.

Really? When?

Baffling at how douchey he was about it.

Just baffling.

they should make it easier to find pdk apps instead of sifting through all the garbage sdk apps to find your pdk apps.


Relevant ? !

How can the app cat be relevant to only 1/3 of the planet.

PALM wake up and get fully international ! This is my RANT for the day, peace !

finally... about time

Wow, now maybe I'll actually look at Hottest Apps now.

Before it was full of 5 star apps with one "review" which was usually done by the author of the app.

I hate to badmouth someone that seems to be an earnest guy and all but Sinacism's "Tasty Toons"? I'm sick of seeing it almost all 5 stars since I draw better than that and I'm not an artist. And to make matters worse, it's constantly listed as a "new" app and I noticed there's never an increase in review #.

And I'm also definitely sick of AppBookShop.

If they'd put in a 24 hour app return policy that Hottest Apps issue would get cleared up pretty quick.

Do it HPalm!

For users trying to look at PDK apps maybe consider downloading Featured Apps. A lot of them are featured there.

I appear to be getting the same results with
Edit: Didn't realize it said 1.4.5 update NOT required. Oops ;)

ever since i install the new update, now when i try to open asphalt5 it'll open half way and then blank out as if i never open it. that's weird.

ya, bug has been reported. You can doctor the phone, or install "emergency fstab fixer" from preware.

anyone else having app catalog issues? Either the catalog won't connect to internet, or apps won't download. Been trying all night, waiting for a fix or a rant. Wish I could reinstall just the app catalog, cause everything else is working fine

update: learned about phantom apps, & problem is now fixed