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by Vistaus
Apr 21, 2013
This isn't HP's Isis Project nor does it come with a newer WebKit version. But nevertheless, Isis Web is a simple and straight-forward web browser with a familiar interface. Apart from that, it has...
CAKE Screenshot
by pattyland
Mar 09, 2013
CAKE is a Viewer for 9GAG.com. In this first version only the hot feed can be viewed, if there is feedback for more I will build more functions like more feeds!
What's going on?
by m0ngr31
Jun 29, 2012
He-Man remix of 4 Non-Blonde's - What's going on? Made for HP Touchpad. SWF taken from HEYYEYAAEYAAAEYAEYAA.com
WP Central
by AwesomePalmPre127
Jun 06, 2012
Ever since I discovered PreDoodle, I have loved looking at the funny cartoons, however could not find one place where they were all together to look at. The answer is my application PreDoodle Pics....
Air horn screen
by AwesomePalmPre127
Apr 24, 2012
Have you ever wanted to make a sort-of loud bang with your webOS phone but couldn't? With Airhorn, your problems are over! This app features a loud (only if you have your speakers all the way up...
by Abyssul
Nov 08, 2011
Note: Installing this app will delete any existing settings/highscores since it basically replaces the file itself. Uninstalling the app will restore your original highscores/settings. It functions...
by penduin
Oct 26, 2011
HalloPREen Artist is a very scaled-back version of the TouchPad app Halloween Artist.  It's missing the graphical flare and many features, but provides similar jack-o-lantern carving fun on a Pre/...
by dreamerman_pl
Oct 08, 2011
dStats Check is simple program that allows you to rapid checking of your statistics from games, and compare them with stats of your friends. Add and manage your profiles at home, in school/job you...
by webos catalog
May 31, 2011
Just a simple app to send links to an image of a ransom note style image that you write. Mainly a test for phonegap but a a couple friends wanted & thought I would push it out there.
by webos catalog
May 15, 2011
Watching a film in a foreign language, and want to see what's being said in English?, download this app, and read what's being said.