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WebDAV Client HD
by davodego
Oct 22, 2014
Works with HP TouchPad. HP Pre3 with some restrictions. German: Mit dem WebDAV Navigator für WebOS, steht Ihnen endlich die Möglichkeit zu Verfügung auf den Speicher Ihres Cloud Anbieters via HP...
by roshang
Oct 19, 2014
My Currency Calc is a very simple FX Calculator written in Enyo 2.0 for all Web OS devices.    It was build on top of WebOS Ports Calculator App by adding FX support.    It...
by phxdevices
Nov 01, 2013
The official source for information about OpenMobile ACL for webOS, and Phoenix International Communications. OpenMobile ACL for webOS makes it possible to run Android apps on webOS HP TouchPad. A...
Main screen
by 72ka
Oct 01, 2013
Simple application for 2-stroke engine owners. The app helps you to calculate the amount of oil to the 2-stoke engine fuel mix. It is written in Enyo 2 and contains that framework inside the...
webos24 Synergy Milk
by Vince42
Feb 07, 2013
This Synergy plug in syncs tasks from into the Tasks application.
by bhutten
Jan 24, 2013
KeePassGo is an mojo WebOS app for opening a KeePass 2.x file and view the entries and groups. The app allows you to select a .kdbx file, enter a master password and browse through the entries. An...
File Explorer file list
by pcworld
Sep 14, 2012
This plugin enables full device root access for File Explorer (you need at least v1.1.0 or higher). Currently, it's only supported on webOS 3 (i.e. the TouchPad), the app might stop working if...
TouchPad Text Editor
by theone-cze
Jun 04, 2012
TouchPad Text Editor is a text editing application made for the HP TouchPad. You can create new text files, edit old ones, remove old files, and even create new directories in your system. Features...
BirthdayList main
by ahsirg
Apr 14, 2012
BirthdayList v.1.0.3   New in v.1.0.3: - HP pre3 support New in v.1.0.2: - contact the person by tapping on his name/photo   The application shows all your on-device contact's birthdays (...
WP Central
by AwesomePalmPre127
Mar 14, 2012
Shopping list basically does what its title says, it's a shopping list. This electronic shopping list has four  drop-down menus for the different food departments in a store. It has a Bakery...