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System Utilities

by somline
Aug 31, 2010
Dr. Battery: analyze and recalibrate your battery Features: Get the true capacity your battery can hold Recalibrate your battery Get reliable info about remaining runtime Repair your 20% drop 0%...
by semprance
Aug 27, 2010
A simple text editor for WebOS. CURRENT FEATURES: Ability to save to and load from a folder on the USB partition. Ability to change fixed width font and font color. NOTE #1: currently all files are...
by qurgh
Aug 26, 2010
pIqaD font and mojo.js keyboard package. It replaces your current fonts with pIqaD enabled fonts and replaces your current mojo.js with a new version that contains a pIqaD keyboard mapping for the...
by diov
Aug 03, 2010
Profiles is an easy to use app that allows for automatic changing of the Quick launcher and Launcher icon positions as well as changing the Wallpaper. Plus, you can hide Media/Files, change your...
by diov
Jul 23, 2010
by gobanjoboy
Jun 22, 2010
Is your Palm Pre's power button broken? This is a replacement power button. You can turn off your screen with this app. Note : Open your slider to turn your Pre's screen on again. NOTE: As stated...
by ryltar
Jun 15, 2010
Simple app to report your device ID.
by karry
Jun 05, 2010
PreVPNc allows create and manage VPN connection on webOS devices. It support MS PPTP, Cisco and OpenVPN. Warning: application is under development, you can' expect that will work in all cases!...
by DrewPre
May 08, 2010
Speaker Phone is a speaker volume adjuster for the Palm Pre. Are you hard on phones? Have you managed to render the volume keys on the side of my Palm Pre, inoperable. Well if you've found yourself...
by StoneRyno
Apr 20, 2010
Due to a minor change in appinfo when upgrading from 1.0.3, 1.0.4, and 1.0.5 it will likely appear as if Battery Monitor is installed twice in the installed app list or both may actually be installed...