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App Giveaway: 10 copies of Astraware Solitaire 304

by Derek Kessler Sun, 15 Jan 2012 8:52 pm EST

As we mentioned a few days back, Astraware has been making some notable progress up the ladder of their TouchPad Totalizer. The third app on the chain, Astraware Solitaire, was released just this weekend, bringing Astraware to three new TouchPad apps (not an insignificant number for a "dead" platform, eh?) since they began the Totalizer campaign.

To celebrate, Astraware sent us ten promo codes to give away to you, our dear reader. Unlike our typical promo code, where we're giving away up to a hundred apps and giving you a week to throw in your entry, we decided that with ten copies to give away we might as well just make this one quick. So we're going to make it twelve hours and US-only - get your entry in by 6AM Eastern Time on Monday to be entered to win one of ten copies of Astraware Solitaire for TouchPad!

Contest: We have 10 copies of Astraware Solitaire to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends Monday at 6AM Eastern Time, at which time we will select 10 random entrants to win. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries won’t count. Promo codes for this giveaway are only valid in the United States, and users must be running webOS 3.0 or higher with the latest version of the App Catalog.


first :)

count me in.

Moar, I need moar!

first time trying this.... But I won't believe in this until I win... *hint*

count me in as well!

I'd like to have a copy.

me too

Nice sharing!

Astraware is simply amazing app developers! Love their apps.

I'd like a copy. Sign me up. 

20 goats and a lap top

pretty please with sugar on top. :-)

count me in

might as well try my luck

Last! *slides in at the last moment*


Count me in. This looks great.

Thank you!

Yes, thank you for the articles and the giveaways. I'm a couple of months new to WebOS and I love it. Keep up the great work!

I'd like to play

me tooo

sweet action

I have to win one of these just once...just once.

I'd love one!! :)

Thanks Astraware!

I would love this game. I want to buy Majong too...

looks like a good app.

I'd love one!

Just any comment?

Yes Please! :)

I'd love one too!

In time..? Love a copy!

Looks great! Count me in!

Please! One copy would do! :)

This would be great!

like it....

Thanks for the contest, but hopefully the next one's an international giveaway!

Good luck to everyone!


Pick me, pick me!


It's be most excellent to have a game to play on my TouchPad.

Would be great to have.

I want!

Pick me!

Love to have this game!

glhf y'all

yesh plz


Count me in!

love me some solitaire!

will go great with my Mahjong.

I need a good solitaire

Me too! But I can't comment on my TouchPad, only reply so I hope you can count this as an entry! No comment box on bottom of list.

I'm in!

Oooo - yes please!

oh THIS one for my wife!

Thank you, Astraware!

I'd like to play! Pick me!

want one!

it's about time that astraware gives away some codes!

I like Astraware

I'd like a code! :)

Solitaire has to be one of my favorite games. Knowing the quality of other Astraware games, this will be a good one too.

I want one too!


I like what I see.

I bought Majhongg Can I get this free ;-)

I love solitaire

entry por favor


This harkens back to the days when people never worried about frames per second and were satisfied with simple computer card games to waste time.

Too late?

I love a good game of Solitaire!

Glad they are still developing for webOS!

Solitaire is a must-have standard.

I really enjoy playing Solitaire.Thanks for the chance to win this program.

solitaire me!

Me me me....

I wanna win!

no such thing as too much solitaire

I love solitaire!!!

Will I get chance to try this? How it is different from Solitaire I have?

I hope they pick me!

Please, I'd love a copy for my touchpad!

Astraware rocks!

Oh my fingers (and toes) crossed on this one!

i like solitaire!!



think i can win?

Pick Me Pick Me!

Thanks Astraware!

Yes, please

I want one :)

Count me in please

enter me!

can't wait to get.

Me Please!

This humble old card shark would certainly luv to recieve this app to help keep me on top of my game!


two words.

Me, me, me :)

Keep 'em coming, Astraware! Need Aquarium and Rocket Mania, too.


i would love one. Thank You

Please please please :-) Astraware you are awesome!

Pick meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!

I'd like to get this for free

a comment

free? why not?


Nice app. Count me in!

Cool.I hope it includes Freecell.

hope I win!

I'd like to enter this contest also.

Me Please!

Astraware rocks, pick me . . .


Fun Fun!

please sign me up.

I would love a copy. Thanks!


I am leaving a comment on this post to enter.


Yes, please! Then my wife would stop asking me, "where's solitaire on this thing?"

Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son

Solitaire sounds good. Thanks!

Astraware Rocks!

I would like to be considered to win this app.
Astraware is doing some good things here. Have you checked out Astraware Majong yet?

Love the contest keep them coming more...
WebOs reborn 2012

I have had Astraware games sine my Treo 680 days. Thanks for the freebie. I am enjoying Mahjong.

enter me!

Hook me up please!

HABU! (Hook a brother up)

BTW, can you please move the comment box to before all the posts? When the post list gets too long, either browser (stock or advanced) on the TouchPad does not show the comment box.

consider my hat in the ring!

Sounds awesome!

I love solitaire, But i not in USA, only Australian App Catalog, :((


A UK code please. Thank you. I have this on my Centro!

solitaire! they are on a roll

My wife would LOVE this! Thanks for the opportunity.

I'd love a copy!

count me too!!

Love card games!

I'm just glad Astraware is making such awesome apps for the touchpad! been play your games since the orinal palm pre! and is also a pleasure playing poker for my touchpad! keep up the good work...

I really would like a copy of this software please!!!

I have been enjoying the other Astraware products. I would love to get this app for my TP. Thanks!

My first contest entry, fingers crossed!

Yes please. :)

Awesome! Right on, Astraware!