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App Giveaway: 100 copies of A1 Task Pro 848

by Derek Kessler Wed, 31 Aug 2011 11:41 am EDT

Your TouchPad comes out of the box with a number of apps. Email, Memos, a clock... but no Tasks app. Which is strange, considering that the previous versions of webOS had a Tasks app. But it’s probably for the best, as the Tasks app was always pretty lacking. Thankfully, there are developers like A1 Development who are out there making better apps, and A1 Task Pro is one of those apps. Designed for the TouchPad, A1 Task Pro is more than just a tasks list – it’s straight-up project management with sub-tasks, color coding, time spent calculators, and more. And, because we want you to be able to get more done, we’re giving away 100 copies of A1 Task Pro!

Contest: We have 100 copies of A1 Task Pro to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries won’t count. Promo codes are only valid in countries serviced by the App Catalog, and users must be running webOS 3.0 or higher with the latest version of the App Catalog.


Count me in on this, looks pretty nifty :)

ToDo: Win contest.

TouchPad Weilding Electrician....


I'd love a copy...

count me in the contest

Count me in too! Maybe it will help me stop procrastinating all the time :-)


I wish to win.

Thanks, the app looks nice

That is pretty sweet I'd LOVE to win this!

why not?

Yea!!!! this will be great for my to remember all my project for the University.

Thanks Precentral and the developer :)

Want it BAD!

I would like to join this contest, thanks.

I just install Precentral News from App Catalog and came across this post. Please count me in as the A1 Task Pro looks very interesting...

P.S. Great job on the Precentral News app!!

I love you guyz!~!

Can I win? yes or yes?

yes, its pretty neat.

I've been waiting for an improvement to the Tasks app ever since we lost PalmOS lol. This looks great; I'm definitely in the market for it.

Please send one promo code this way!

This would be great for my business!

This looks handy, I'm in.

Here's a comment.. I'd like to enter the contest!


Hope I win this time.

ooooh, Pick me, pick me!

Looks great, can't wait to get it.

Snagging another free app.

This would help with school and work.


Great site - love all the TouchPad and Pre2 tips. Would certainly appreciate a copy of the app.

I could certainly use this app.

This looks like an app i would use.!!

Yeaaah, that looks like a killer app to me!
Count me in :)

And a big thank you to the Precentral Team!

count me in please, thanks for this, looks very usefull

This looks like a great tool for me ... I usually have about 5 projects going at one time. And since my TouchPad lives right next to me at the office ... access to this and my email (call me strange, but I prefer reading my email on my TP, not my laptop) really makes my TP a power tool at the office!

[Schmoozing starting]

Thanks for the opportunity PreCentral!. Keep up the great work.

[Schmoozing done]

Five? Amateur. :)

At work, I have anywhere from 10-60 projects at one time (stupid, I know). At home, I have probably a dozen more. This is going on the purchase list if I don't win it here.

This app will help me. Thank you

I would love to have this on my TouchPad. As a teacher and author, I have a million tasks to manage and this app looks great.

Sign me up!

this is my comment

Finally, a great use of the multi-tasking of WEBos!

Wow. Great!

It's a beautifull app!

Me wants, of course! :-D

Best Regards... B)

here is my webos..can't leave regular comment...sent in bug report...logged in but unable to get comment!!

Looking for a good task manager!

Looks great!

i could use a task app! goodluck everyone.

I'll take one please!

sounds good

yes please!

Cool! May give me more impetus to bring the TP to work with me everyday

Looks like an excellent app. Thanks

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Last time I won anything (null)

I'd love to have a copy....

really? hot pink!!!!

I'd like it - please and thank you.

I like the looks of this, been needing a task app. Thanks.


sounds like a great app

Yay for free apps!

thank you !

This is a comment.

More awesome for my Touchpad? Yes, please!

I will give it a shot, thanks for the oppurtunity

sign me up please. This is really needed.

Pick me. I have your cat. Do you want to see your cat again?

sounds great! Please count me in! Nice app!


this would definitely help me out - I'm in for the win

I would definitely love this app

I never win anything, but please put me in the hat!

Count me in!

Can i haZ a good Taskmamager please!?!

I'd give this a try! :)

me too!

Thanks for the info...count me in.

perfect combination of capabilities, with the level of capabilities I need. I can really use this app for both work & home!

Thanks for giving us the chance to win!

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner?

me me me plz :) DEREK MEEEE :)


Here's my comment

Definitely needed.

sounds great.

Thank you for the App Giveaway. A1 seems to be great...I would love to test it at work with multiple projects.

I love gooooolllllddddd

Yes please!

Oh, yeah! I want it...

Mmm. Honey-Do Lists


My wife (the list maker) would love for you to make this app available for me. Thank you for your consideration. Add me on.


I'd love to be entered in!

Would love to give this app a try!

in 4 1!

It looks extremely useful, consider me entered!

I need it!!!

Looks, good would like one.

rhymes with


Awesome, this app is what's needed. Thanks A1!

Awesome, webOS 3.0.2 is great....keep the app development coming!

Tasks??? I like completing tasks!


Looks like a nice app.

Can't wait to use this app;)

This looks like a pretty cool Task app. I was always disappointed that when WebOS originally came out, the Task app was probably the one that had downgraded the most in functionality.
The old Palm Task app was pretty cool and this one looks like it will definitely fill the void that WebOS has had without a decent task manager.

I'd love a copy of A1 Task Pro!

I want in! I'd love to have a great tasks app!


Looks good. Hope I win.

Looks like a nice app

Looks like a good and useful app - count me in :)

this is great app, thanks.

I am so happy WebOS is still going strong. Everything about the system and the apps is amazing! WEBOS FOREVER!

Sure, why not?

Me too. Thanks.

This has been a key missing component in my busy world. Thanks for working on this.


This would be cool to get!

I could definitely use this.

would like to try

Pick me!!! Thanks!

Looks good!

This is an app I would use.

Wow, this app looks fantastic and polished! I am definitely in for a submission on it.

APP looks great! im in!

Well, why not?

Woo, senseless comment.

win win win :D

Sounds good to me!

This looks Awesome! I'd love to have a chance to win!

looks cool

Darn. Over a hundred comments. I guess I'm too late. :(

Pink? Really? Hope I could change the colors!

This would be a really useful app for me. Thanks for the chance!

Looks great, can't wait to win ;-P

Count me in.


Looks like a worthwhile app!

Nice. count me in!

Thanks, great looking app.

this would ne very useful for school hop I get one

Come on PreCentral! Hows about yous guys create a free 6 pack, a la HP? That would be an awesome contest! But until then, count me in on this one!

Looks like it could be useful to keep track of all my work, home, and other tasks all in one place :) Fantastic app!

Oh, I've been looking at that before as well so count me in if it's still available :)

Count me in, please.

Count me in for this. Would love to have it.

I would like to have one :)


Looks like a very good app. Be useful for work.