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App Giveaway: 100 copies of Checkbook HD 356

by Derek Kessler Tue, 21 Feb 2012 4:17 pm EST

Checkbook HD

I an increasingly digital world, there's one part of our financial lives that doesn't seem to have made the leap to ones and zeroes as effectively as online banking and credit cards: the check register. We're stuck, day-in, day-out, logging by hand on a little slip of paper the checks we cut, and that's just not right. Checkbook HD by GlitchTech Science aims to bring your checkbook and all the rest of your financial world into the digital age. With support for multiple accounts, transaction, expense, and transfer logging, and Google Spreadsheets backup, Checkbook HD turns your TouchPad into the most powerful check register you've ever seen. Normally Checkbook HD would cost you a trip to the App Catalog and $1.99 of your money, but no need to cut that check just yet - we've got 100 copies to give away!

Contest: We have 100 copies of Checkbook HD to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends next Sunday at midnight US Eastern Time, after which time we will select 100 random entrants to win. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries won’t count. Promo codes are only valid in countries serviced by the App Catalog, and users must be running webOS 3.0.2 or higher with the latest version of the App Catalog.


Third time I've been first to ask..... 3rd time's the charm?

Maybe my first time is the charm!


I am checkbook challenged

this would be great

yes please!

Nice app!

also in Italy ... We love WebOS, but when will be open the App Catalogue full ?

perception is everything


I would this.

Lets hope this time I win.

Never won any of these, but haven't tried in awhile....we'll see.

Is there a way to export to Quicken?

Please let us know if you get an answer to that. I kinda miss the Centro.

Not yet. Working on that though. You can export to an excel file (via Google Docs) right now.

I'd like 1 entry please.

gimme a blue plate special

I would like this very much. Thanks!

the Jedi say "You will pick me"

And Yoda says it "Pick me you will"

Looks interesting. Beats using Notes HD and a calculator.

People still use checks???

This is my entry to win a copy of Checkbook HD.

i'm interested!

An excellent app!

I'd like an entry

Hello Bunny

Another try to win something :)

check me in!!

Please pick me,this time. Thank you!

People still use checks????

count me in!

this would be great for my cows! thanks, count me in!

Looks like a very useful app.

Pick me!

I'd like to get that!

I've been looking for a solid app like this one.

Pick Me!

One copy for me, please

Nice App. Hope I win a copy.

check your head

check your head

Double entry bookkeeping? WOW! Tablets coming out of the Stone Age...

Looks right on the money!

Yes please!

My most essential app on the Pre. Now let me have HD.

I'd love to win this app.



Yes please... my finance is out of whack ...

check me!

Count me in please.

This would a great addition to my app collection. As always, thanks for the opportunity!

I'm in!

Would like a copy thanks!

Didn't think so many people still used checks...

I'd like a copy to go with my Pre- version...


yep, I'm game!


Do want :)

I am pretty much resigned to losing, but here's my post. Pick me.

one is mine

sign me up

I love Checkbook - have used it for quite a while now but the HD version for my Touchpad would be great ... no more need to use the Mojo variant! Count me in!

count me in too

I hope to win one!

Something witty.

This would be most useful.

Anything to make this job easier...

I've been using this app on the pre since it came out.... and still use it today. Despite the lack of auto events, it is an excellent app to have.

Good luck to me.. :)

Oh you guys I would definitely use this! The wife currently lost her job so we really need to stay on top of our expenses!

Please count me in also.

App me!

Well, lets see if this works. Might be nice.

I would love this on my Touchpad. I've been using it on my Pre- for a long time. Awesome app.


a great app I use the most

The comment box should really be at the top not the bottom

This app looks great! Would love to win a promo code!

I've been hoping for an app like this!

Dude's got some money in checking and savings.

Absolutely one of my favorite apps on my Pre.... just haven't gotten around to buying the HD version for my touchpad yet. Pretty please I would love to have it!!!

only 74 responses. Usually by the time I reply there are 100ds

I would like to have a copy.
My moneys very sloppy.
This could help me fix it all.

Thank you for offering this to us free.

I would like to have a copy.
My moneys very sloppy.
This could help me fix it all.

Thank you for offering this to us free.

Thanks for this promo! Hope I get it

My go to app for keeping track of monies. Don't have the HD version though.

Looks like a great app! I would like to have a code. Thanks

Hello Guys!

I can't even log in on my TouchPad anymore! :(
But thanks for the promos! :)

Ill take one.

I'd like one, please.

this app would be very helpful!

I would love one!! Ty!

Pick Me Pick Me Please. :-)

Looks like a great app!

I could definitely use this!

my checkbook needs you!

Pick Me Pick Me Please!

I love these giveaways and they great apps that they offer. I am still waiting to win one however.

pick me!!!

i use checkbook on my pre3. would be nice to use it on touchpad :-)

This is my first try.

Wow! I'm in.

check me in

Maybe one day I'll get one of these...

check me too!!

I want one

Please, let me have it!!!!!!!!!!

Please, let me have it!!!!!!!!!!

count me in.

Checking the Book in High Definition

It is a nice program. I got 2 copies (phone version) for my Pre3. It will be nice if I can have a copy on my TP.

very interested. I hope I win one of the copies!

Count me in. Thanks.

I would love to win a copy!

I'd love a copy!

Pick me?

Thank you. One with UK code.

I would love a copy! Thank you!

Checkbook is an excellent app, would love to have the TouchPad specific one!

I would love to have a copy. Please and Thank You.

I love free stuff!

I would love to have a copy. Please and Thank You.

I still use checks!

In for the win!

I'm in.

Count me in :-)

Thanks! Love my TouchPad!

Ohh. Finally, my life could be in balance. You have the power!

Perfect timing, as I'm bringing my finances into better organization/alignment!

I want. Pllllleeeeaasse

I need this app like I need a bullet in my head which is why I will probably win a copy. *sheesh*!

Would be nice ! :)

Hecka Cool. Please may I have one!

Pick me!! Pick me!! Please

nice app +1

Check please!

I'm in

Yes, please. Canada App catalog user here.

is feider linn

yay checks?

Hadn't even thought of this as a use for my TouchPad. Sign me up.

Looks good, I'm in

Looks intriguing. I wonder if it can synch up with Quicken for PC? Hmmmm.....

Please pick me, could really use this.

Tried it on Veer. Very nice software. Import/Export makes it possible to have data on both Touchpad and phone. Also good for backup. Category and auto-fill are also nice.

I hope I can be one of the winners, I had the Checkbook app on my old Pre, and loved it.

I'm in!!!