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App Giveaway: 100 copies of Dealert 205

by Derek Kessler Mon, 09 May 2011 9:01 pm EDT

We all like saving money, but sometimes it's hard knowing just when to pull the trigger. Thankfully, apps like Dealert by developer Kevin Foreman exist to help us keep tabs on the things we want. Dealert is a cross-site persistent price checker: you give it a product to watch for, and the Dealert service continually scours the internet for the best deal.

Not only does it find the deal, Dealert lets you share it, by give you the option to emails and text messages to yourself and your friends when you find an extraordinary deal. The latest update to Dealert brought Exhibition mode into the mix, so Dealert can passively show you what's up with your watched items. If you're looking to save money, Dealert's the app for you.

Contest: We have 100 copies of Dealert to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries won’t count. Promo codes are only valid on carriers serviced by the App Catalog, and users must be running webOS 2.1 or higher with the latest version of the App Catalog.



First! for the free dealert app of course. lol.

Too bad I already shotgunned 100 copies

pick me im almost first lol

I like savings da money!


I love GREAT deals!

sounds like a good app

Looks like a fun app. Thanks for the offer.

I am always looking for the best deals!! Dealert will be the perfect app!

Sign me up!

count me in. I'd like this app.

Ooh, yes please.

Woohoo! Great deals are a comin'!

Looks cool!

Pick me! Pick Me!

Wanted this since I read the interview - yes please!

i could use this!

I can haz Dealert for free.

Thanks for the great contest!

Sounds like a great app.

bet there aren't even 100 webOS 2.1 users

Pre3. Bingo Bango.

Well, there is at least one 2.1 user in Mexico, count me in! :D

I sure can use a copy of Dealert.

Great contest! Thanks for the offer

Hook it up!

Would love a free copy of this!

I'd love to win one.

i like derek and all... but dude, you have to proof read your articles... they are super ridden with typos it's unreal. sure there are always some grammatical things you may miss, but give instead of given, in second paragraph... and the article before this, more typos. Dude, I really like you and your opinions, and you seem extremely bright, but the typos are too plentiful. A comment does not require much in grammatical precision, but an article, i think, deserves at least a once-over.

You should have capitalized I, Derek, and then I again. A comma required after typos. Your use of the word “sure” is not technically incorrect but shouldn’t be used to start a sentence even if it is in conclusion or in direct support to your previous sentence. Try using, “indeed” instead if you must begin your sentence like this or use “sure” following a semicolon to conclude your thought.

It’s annoying when someone spell checks your stuff isn’t it? I find it ridiculous…to me it doesn’t take away from the article. Maybe you should stop being so pretentious or go somewhere else that maybe meets the level of, “grammatical precision” you require.

Another correction: Dealert exhibition has nothing to do with your tracked items. I don't know if it pulls from the entire database, but it's definitely not limited to your tracking list.

I'm suggested this enhancement (along with others) to the developer.

Another correction: Dealert exhibition has nothing to do with your tracked items. I don't know if it pulls from the entire database, but it's definitely not limited to your tracking list.

I'm suggested this enhancement (along with others) to the developer.

I've used this app since it was released. I've found so many deals!

Keeping all of the website that i normally check one by one is a great feature. Would love to have this app!

Another contest! Yeah Palm for enabling promo codes! Consider me entered

Always liked the app but I have my my Pre 2 on VZW only with 2.0.1. What a bummer.
Thanks for the contest!!

comment made

dealert would be perfect for my upcoming anniv.

Thanks for the offer...

Hell Yeah!

Would love a promo code for Dealert

i like the free for sure! I hadn't seen this app before -it's what I've needed this past week too!!!

free app, now that's a deal!

Free app is very cool

want one!

I like free!!!

They at 100 yet?

Thanks guys!

Pick Me!!!

Pick me too!

I would love a copy of this app!


Free apps are always good.

Yaaay, I want a deal with a free copy of Dealert too!

I'd love something like this!

I'll have one please.

Please pick me for the free copy! Please!

Hey! I won. Of course with only 204 comments, I had a 50% chance of winning.

Yes please!

It's a great app. Use it all the time but I thought it was free. If that changes then I would want it.

Sounds handy!

Sounds like a great idea - I'd love to give it a try!

This is great app. I need one.

1 for me please!

I can definitely use this app!

Dealert and PreCentral are the best!

would love to check it out! thanks precentral.

I totally would love this app!

I love deals!! Thank you!

So far it's still one each!

Yes, please.

Oh this app would be a nice addition to my catalog! Like you guys said, everyone likes a good deal! :)

But I run classic Pre - on Sprint. :(

That seems very useful. I'd love it.

Sounds like a good app. I would love a copy!


(at least I left a comment lol )

Free! What a deal!

love this app, great!
Pre Minus - 2.1.0

Anybody as cheap as me DESERVES this app!

Please enter me for a free copy of Dealert. Thank you very much!

I need this app...yesterday! (Also need a Pre 3 on Sprint, if you can swing that as well!)

I won the copy of flash cards in the last app giveaway but I didn't realize you have to be running webos 2.0 :(
I feel like I'm so behind everyone else with my pre minus. Are people leaving sprint to go get the Pre 2 or something?
I really can't justify leaving sprint for a new webos device. I'm paying $60 a month right now, for unlimited everything. If Verizon or AT&T could even come near this deal then I would switch but I can't justify paying $30 more a month just for having webos 2.0.

Awesome idea for an APP, but I would like also a multi-platform RSS kind of thing also. What if someone is gonna move away from WebOS or someone on another platform wants in on the deals? I am getting might tired of waiting and waiting for the illusive Pre 3 that's nowhere for sure...

Looks like a great app!!


I'll comment on this. :)

Have the free one, would love the paid version!

I hope to get a Pre 3 soon using deal alert.

count me in! Free apps are a gr8 deal!

I've been wanting to try this but I'm on 1.4.5 :(

Surely will like a free one

I would sure love me some Dealert please!


1.4.5 here as well =/

i'd love to get it for free

Appreciated the Developer Profile on Dealert's maker. Made me interested in the app. Thanks!

I would like to check it out. Thx for the promo

I'd love to try the app out, so count me in.

sign me up.

sounds good!

Is the only difference between the Free and Paid version advertising? Or are there any extra features in the Paid version?

Lot's of extra features in the paid version. The free version only allows you track 5 products, has no Exhibition mode support, and has a limited number of sites to search from.

The paid version is also the only version that will constantly receive updates.

I want this!!!

Hi, here's my comment:)


Woo! Free paid apps are the best kind of paid apps. I can haz?

I need Dealert! I want! Definitely looks like an app I'll use.

Looks like a useful app.

I would like one please! :)

Dang it! I'm like number 102. Hopefully I can still get a free copy? :)

Comment. A post 100 comment that is.

I'd love a copy!! I'm hoping a few of the above comments were a double! ;)

Me wanty wanty wanty. Scotchy Scotchy Scotchy. (Anchorman reference for those Will Ferrel fans out there!)

I would like this! I never win anything! :-/

I have Groupon for WebOS, and am a frequent user of Fatwallet and this would be great!

Pick me!

Yes please! Will go super with my Sprint Pre 2 w the WebOS 2.1 (which I adore)!

Lemme get that.

sounds like a great app. good luck to all!

Just got the FrankenPre2 rocking, I'm interested to check out these app promos.

Looks like a great app!!


Running the contest over so many days tells me that you're gonna choose the 100 winners at random after the Sunday deadline, right? Because others seem to think it was gonna be the first 100 that sign up. You never actually specify.

Anyway, here is my comment: FREE is not a four-letter word.

me too

yeah can't say no to a good deal!

Looks like a cool app. (and not much chance, considering how many ppl visit this site daily...) Well, all I can do is hope my friends & I all win. :)

Sounds like the perfect app for me.... Please, please, may I have a copy!!

sounds great. I've been meaning to check this out on my 2.1 pre minus

Yay, 2.1 apps. I would love a copy!

Would like one!

A copy of Dealert would be outstanding!

I like having more than 1:200 chance ratio of winning, unlike the Engadget giveaways! :)

I have been looking for a good exhibition app to use. It looks like a perfect candidate!

This would be handy for finding a deal on a Vertex 3. :-)

I found my current mouse with this program.

I must get me some sweet deals on my 2.1 pre plus! must.......have........dealert! :)


Looks really cool

Woo hoo! Hope I am picked!

I love WebOS and I love deals!

I could really use an app like this

me like :p

Count me in!

Oh! Getting a deal on dealert is icing on the cake!! Thanks for the app promo codes HP and thanks for providing a place to distribute them precentral!

Finally, a decent app for WebOS! Long live WebOS!

I would love a free app if you still have them.

I was really excited to see Dealert on the Exhibition Apps list. Of all the options, it's the one that most appeals to me. Would I love a free copy? Absolutely!!

I'm pretty sure I need this to find out when to buy my Pre2

free apps for my newly upgraded WebOS 2.1 Palm Pre Plus are good!

Awesome, I've been meaning to get this app forever.

I like free.

I love discounts, hence why I'm entering a contest for something free!

I'm down :)

hooah!! me too...