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App Giveaway: 100 copies of Slide Master 344

by Derek Kessler Mon, 16 Jan 2012 6:33 pm EST

We've all used our smartphones to take pictures of important or just plain fun events. But viewing them? That's never a great experience out of the box. That's where Slide Master by Appsotutely comes in. This $1.99 app allows you to take the photos on your webOS smartphone or tablet and build a slide show, completel with options to show and hide specific photos, tack on your own captions, set as wallpaper from the app, and more. Normally you'd have to fork over your hard-earned two dollars to afford Slide Master, but this week? Well, let's just say we've got 100 copies to give away.

Contest: We have 100 copies of Slide Master to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends next Sunday at midnight US Eastern Time after which time we will select 100 random entrants to win. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries won’t count. Promo codes are only valid in countries serviced by the App Catalog, and users must be running webOS 2.0 or higher with the latest version of the App Catalog.


Looks interesting for the touchpad.

this would be nice. Pretty please with sugar on top.

I want 1 too! Thanks Webos

looks like it would make my touchpad into a nice photo eframe

my touchpad wil love this :-)

that would be really usedul

my touchpad needs a little slideshow love

I would like one!

I'm in. The stock photos app has been disappointing me lately.

I would like a copy also. Thanks. 

its more than that,it must have app for touchpad

I'll take one. Thx.

Like to win

me too

I would like one too!

Hope I get one!

Please, please, please! I would love to have this for my HP Touchpad and Pre3!!!

Webosnation is great! ;)

Would definately be interested

Count me in!

nice app indeed

let it slide! Ya I would love this!

Consider me entered!

Looks cool.

Enter me please

Sign me up.

This would be a nice addition, thanks!

This would be great on the Touchpad!

This would be great. Thanks!!

I'll take one. Sounds like a useful app.

Looks terrific :-)

Looks cool, thanks guys!

I would like check this out

What? a new app for touchpad? I'm there!

me please.

Color me entered!

Would like to try!

Pick Me

I'm in!

Nice way to set up Touchpad as a photo frame.

Slide, slide slippity slide

Yes please, and I'm in the UK!


I'LL Slide this into my Touchpad,!!

Yes please!

My wife would definitely put this to good use on her TouchPad!

Awesome looking app, great addition to the TP arsenal. Can't wait to try it out. One here, please.

Looks neat - sign me up!

It would be nice to get one

Looks Great

Sounds good to me. Keep those new and updated apps coming!

Just got my Pre 3 on Friday and this would be a great addition!

I would like one also

want one too! That's great!

Oh man, hope I'm lucky enough

I hope I win!

Yeeeeeessssss Master

Sliding my comment in here, Master

i'll take one please.

I want this!

I want one

Something like this should be standard on the touchpad. Hope I can get one.

This would be awesome!

I would love to have this. TY

Yes please!! It would be awesome!!!

I would like to enter. Thank you!

commenting :)

99, Whew just made the cut! Keep osweb alive

I want the Master of Slides!

I would like one. Can't post on my touchpad,only reply.

I'm in

pick me pick me!



100 are a lot! Hope I win.


Please please please

please add me to your growing list

I'd like to enter!

I would like one thank you.

Yes please...keep up the great work, y'all!!

y turn pleeaassee

i won't win, will I?

thanks for givng a copy;-)

Holy Slideshow Batman!

i'd like one

Wow good work! New quality app for webos, love it.

slide On!

More TouchPad apps... yay!



I'll take it.

My hat -> ring

Yes, would be a nice app for my touchpad. Count me in !

I love my Pre 3!

Thank you. I would very much like to get this app!

Pre 2 and Touchpad owner here!

Sorting out display sets for 60 years of digitized slides is a real challenge ... this will make the TouchPad work (might have to find another one ;-))

cool! thanks

Can't wait to get this app

Pick me! This looks cool.

Looks like a great way to display/view photos.

count me in, it looks nice.

Looks great--pick me!!!

Gotta be in it to win it!

Here's my ticket...

I may already be a wiener!

could really use this!

I'll give it a try.

am I too late

Please let me win, I need this app as I'm a photographer. Thanks

Looks useful!

Count me in, please.

Would love this app! many thanks!

Sign me up.

Slide a copy this way!

Looks like a cool app

Please find my random comment...........the correct terminology when refering to a group of kangaroos is either a "mob", "court" or "troop".

yes!!!, I want it...

Looks good.


Would be much grateful, thanks!

Should be easier than getting Burning man tickets.

cool! hope I win!

I would like a copy

Would love to grab a copy of this; I've been looking for a good wallpaper/slideshow app, and what better than a free one!?

I'd like to win also

one for me please.

Great apps still coming our way. Just need new phones!

Hook me up for sure!

I would love this ... thanks!

count me too..

Me too!.

can I be signed up for this, please? Thank you guys!

Here we go again.

Just got it, but would love to get it for my daughters Touchpad

Looks very cool, I hope it is functional.

me too!


Yes please!

I want one :)

Count me in, please!

I need IT!!!!!!

sign me up

Interesting. Love the continuing support for WebOS!

Count me in pls

finally able to participate. Hope I get a copy.

Yes, please!

i love this site!

Yes please.

I'm in my friends