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App Giveaway: 100 copies of Slide RSS 170

by Derek Kessler Tue, 07 Jun 2011 2:44 pm EDT

One of the coolest gee-whiz bits of technology gracing the land of webOS is the Touchstone charger. Its design is perfect for using your phone as a sort of desktop companion for passive information display, a capability that was greatly enhanced with the addition of Exhibition mode in webOS 2.1.

Developer Appsolutely designed to take advantage of that and created Slide RSS as a photo slideshow app that sources its images from the web and from locally on your device, and can even display them in Exhibition mode. Those web sources include popular sites like Flickr and Photobucket, as well as less knowns like 500px, EarthShots, and more. You can select which pictures from albums you don’t want to be displayed, pick something you like to be your device wallpaper, and share images with friends, automatically including the info pulled from the feed.

Contest: We have 100 copies of Slide RSS to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries won’t count. Promo codes are only valid on carriers serviced by the App Catalog, and users must be running webOS 2.1 or higher with the latest version of the App Catalog.


i'd love to try this app as well. if i win please send me the german promo code. :)
Thanks precentral for giving away such awesome apps for free. I have already got 2 apps this way.

and congrats on your new logo. but it looks somewhat off.

Sweet. Looks like a great app.

I want my SlideRSS. I am a greedy salesguy after all!

Would be a great app to have!

sure, why not?

good luck everyone!

NICE! would be a superb addition. Personalization gets better and better on webOS......


looking to help show off my Pre2 with apps like this. Thanks!

I'm in, I'm in ... good luck to us :-)

I wish I had a webos device running 2.x to use this.

Would love one! Thanks!

Does it work also for the Frenchies ? That would be awesome :)

Sounds like a great app!

I never get anything free, I want one too

I would really, really like to get this so I can have some pics on my desk at work! Looks sweet.

Looks like a cool app... but still stuck on 1.4.5 on my Sprint Pre-. Oh well.

As a day one Pre- user, I am once again excluded from all the latest fun.


Love this idea! I'd really like one.

Nice, looks pretty cool!

Very cool app. Would love to snag one!

This app looks cool, I'd like to give it a try.

Cool app, I see some cool things that would be possible with this!

Sign me up! I'd love to try this on my Pre 2.

Sign me up, too! Please!

Sign me up for my German pre2 please. thank you.

Sign me up please, and please make it Veer compatible :)

Maybe me?

Hey just noticed an updated PreCentral logo!

I'd love to give it a shot! Thanks.

Yes please! Anything to fill in for my currently used RSS app, Newsroom. Love Newsroom, but they've reduced data so much from the initial app that I may as well just go straight to the web pages. OK, a little extreme, but you get the picture.

My Verizon Pre+ (running webOS 2.1) would love to be considered!

My Pre- running 2.1 would also like to be considered

Here I am!

Thank you PC I wanna try this App

Thank you!

slide me in!

OOOOOooo!!! ME ME ME!!!

yes please - love to try this out thx

does it allow to access to images stored on a Nas?

Could be my first app in my brand new Palm Pre 2 :)

I love free apps. Please pick me!

I would like to get one too...Thank you

May I have one please?

I'd love to give this a try, sign me up!

would like to try when i get my new Pre 3.
yeah 'when' is the question though!

sounds good to ME!

Would love to have this. Especially once the touchpad comes. Sign me up!

looks like a dandy app!!!

I have my charger on my desk and use Exhibition mode. I would love to try your app. Interface with Photoshop yet?

sure, this could be useful

Man, I would like to win one of these :)

I'm curious if this uses Node to download images in the background, so you instantly have a set of new images.

enter me!!!

Look forward to trying it out.

Enter me too, please!

Pick me !!! Plz get some UK licences too !!!

Pretty neat looking app. Im glad the developer decided to take advantage of exhibition mode. Since its not that many apps they can.

I don't have exhibition yet, but I would still like the app!

Me me me me me.

Looks like fun!

Sure, I'd love one!

free??? I love free stuff!! Specially apps for my favorite mobile OS :D

Yes please!

It is a very cool apps. I enjoy slide show for the exhibition mode

Free stuff FTW!

Sounds like a cool app. Count me in on the contest!

Cool app. Would be nice to have.

i have no idea what this is i just love entering things :-)

I would like a copy please. Thank you!!!


Sounds like a cool app. Count me in on the contest!

I have been having a lucky streak, so winning this is in the bag.

I am happy to try this ap on my pre minus running 2.1.

I would love this app, use a TS all day at work and at home!

I hope I get a copy.

One please!

Exhibition mode is one of those overlooked features that make webOS great.

This would really enhance my office desktop, my Pre2 showing off the Exhibition feature :-)

Oh yes, I want one!

Free is not a 4-letter word.

Free download!

This app would very much appreciated. Sign me up! Thank you.

Yay! Everyone loves a good freebie.

Count me in. I want a copy, too. Thanks!

A free gift, did you say? My dear sir, a gift IS free.

Count me in.

I'd love one too

Cool app. Would love a copy.

i can haz app?

I would love to try this app! My touchstone at work plus this app = win!

pretty please?

This would be cool if I could use it. Yesterday I started to shop for a new phone. I got my Pre- on release day, I was hoping to have some upgrade options by now. Maybe it's wishful thinking. My current Pre (I'm on replacement #3) is close to death and I'm keeping it on life support until Pre3 comes out, as long as it goes to Sprint. Alas, I'm getting a little tired of waiting...

I want !! thk

Count me in! #96

Count me in too! #97

Excellent app... Would love to win one of these!!

I want one!

This sounds like a Super Fun app. Now I could be able to see my Babies while I am locked in and docked in!

oh me please and thank you!

I want one

The touchstone is one of the few things iOS or android hasn't copied yet. Nice to see that its getting additional functionality.

Hopefully, this app and others like it will help this phone stand out from the crowd

me too please

Wonder how long this thing gets.

Awesome giveaway - count me in.

id love to get a copy of this app. ive been needing a good slideshow for my phone


Count me in...

can i ask for it now and hope i can download it on my touchpad?

I'd love to get a free copy of this app.

Yes this app looks great, id love to have this one.


Very cool. does it work only on new os?

This looks like a cool app. Hadn't heard about it before this. Hope I win!

Looks great.

I'll take one please!

This is the 118th comment. Lots of us want the app (myself included)!

I can haz one pleeeze.

I'm interested !

My wife would love this for her Pre! Good luck to all!

looks great, and is just what i need to better advertise the exhibition feature as my sprint pre 2 sits on my touchstone at work! Thanks!

Indeed. The exhibition functionality is the main attraction.

In for one.

Sweet app.: throw my name in the hat for one.

Hi I've never won anything in my entire life I just want to win win win!

I would like to try this app. Thanks Precentral!

Awesome app! Count me in for one.

Testing 1 2 3...

Precentral, please make this app available for my Pre!

Even better, deliver it for Free!

Kind Regards, Brad, BTW That's Me.

I hope I win a copy!

Nice to have another - and better - exhibition-mode photo app

I'd love to win a copy! Thanks!

This app would look awesome gracing my Pre2. Count me in!

Would love to try it on my Veer! :)

This would be killer! Thanks all involved in making stuff like this possible for us :)

Winning this would complete my life

Would love to get my hands on this Awesome App.

Looks beautiful, I'd love to try it out!

Hook me up! Does it run on iOS 5? :-)

Post but no comment.

Would give me a reason to start using flickr

Alright! 100 copies to give away and only 140 people have posted so far. I like these odds.

This looks so incredible that I'd consider buying a paid version. However, I'd like even better to get a free copy. Very slick idea for Exhibition mode!
I, too, would need a German promo code.
Thanks to PreCentral and the developer!


yes please :)

sounds like a cool app.

Interesting app, worth trying :-)

Thanks for the oppurtunity!

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