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App Giveaway: 100 copies of Snake Slider 165

by Derek Kessler Mon, 30 Jul 2012 9:04 pm EDT

App Giveaway: 100 copies of Snake Slider

Just about all of the board games and basic computer games have made the full leap to the smartphone and tablet space. But in that translation some of those games just turned out to not be so exciting. What's a game developer to do? Combine them! That's what BdR Games did with their app Snake Slider, a combination of the classic parking lot shuffle game and the old school arcade snake game. The goal is relatively simple: move the yellow snakes around the level to create a clear path for the green snake, but as you go there are complications - like snake-extending apples, moveable blocks, and canal-style locks. All-in, the one hundred puzzles of Snake Slider cost $0.99 for webOS smartphones and tablets (that's less than a penny a level!), but if you comment below, you might just get one of a hundred copies for free!

Contest: We have 100 copies of Snake Slider to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends next Sunday at midnight US Eastern Time, after which time we will select 100 random entrants to win. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries won’t count. Promo codes are only valid in countries serviced by the App Catalog, and users must be running webOS 2.0 or higher with the latest version of the App Catalog.


hello community

in it to win it


sign me up!

I want one

sure y not, looks like a fun game. 

Slide the snake.

one for me :-)

Me too! New free games are always welcome!

I would love it !!!!

looks like it could be better than Slither for ColecoVision.

Looks like a good one to me

looks great, i would like to try !!!!

I'll take one please.

I'm in, again!!


That sounds like it might be a fun game.


I'm innnnnnnnn.

thanks count me in, please

slide,slide,slippity slide.

I love snake games.

Would love to try this, thanks!



Yes please. Looks interesting.


I need to see if this is as good as Snake on my old Nokia phones.

Hi ! I love WebOS and any WebOS Developer !

Look really fun!! This will keep my kids occupy for sometimes :)

Fun game!

sounds like fun

luv them snakes ... Please one snake slider for me!

Snake me!

Me please....

Thanks in advance!

Still here...still believing

I wan a copy please


Please count me in, still use my Touchpad every day!

Another game would always be nice.

count me in!

Wooo free games!

i'm in

I'm in.


Why I would ever so enjoy to enjoy this game.

I want a copy.


brings back memories of good ole snake on my very 1st cell phone, a Nokia. Count me in!

count me in. I love this game

Toss me in the hat for this!

Coo-coo-cool!!! Yes please!

One please

kids would love this game.

Thanks for the app opp!

Snakes in a game!

Cool game!

I <3 webosnation

Slide me in pls....

me want some!

Count me in.

snakes on the road!!!! i am in!

Hello from France !!!

Bonjour de France !!!

Count me in. Thank you.

please give me a copy.

Yes pleaseeeee :-)

I want a new game for my beloved Pre 2!!

Nice app, nice sharing! Thanks

would love it for the touchpad that rocks!

Nice, and I want a copy now :-)

I would like to have this game =) the trial was nice

Would like to get a copy, too.

Count me in! ;-)

This is my post.
Thanks webosnation and thanks BdR Games!

would love a snake game for the kids

Slide me some snake skin. :)


Got snake hd, want snake slider!

sign me up...

am I late to sign up?


I'm in.

I would love to be entered!

count me in.

Sounds like a blast. Count me in.

I'm in.

Looks great, I'd love a copy!

randomize this!

Slithery Game!

Looks cute :)

Thank you guys for offering us so many great apps ax giveaways. I believe this would be great for me and the kids. Please add me to the list of potential winners.


EDIT: (Double Post)

sign me up!

count me in

Pick me, Please!

Sssslip one my way pleassse. . .



Pick me

Count me in

Long live webOS!

Looks fun!

New pick up line: "Hey you want to go back to my place and play snake slider."

My daughter would love this!!

Snakes.... Hopefully no Slitherens here....

Let the game begin :)

I wonder if I can get my two Burmese Pythons to play it . . .

Snakes on a touchpad YES


Pick me please.

Looks like big fun! Sign me up!!

looks fun


snakes on the plane

I'd love to get it!

I still have about 2000 parking lot problems to solve, so moving some snakes would be a welcome variety :)

Kids love these types of games...would be an awesome way to entertain them!

pick me!

please me me, I love that game

this would be a great addition

Yes please

don't slide past me!

Count me in!

Any app for webOS is welcome!

Would be a great game to play on a plane ;-)

with users dwindling, that leaves us die hards with good odds!

count me in!

Add me to the pot!

fingers crossed

The kids would love it!

tryal was verry short!

I'd love a copy!

woho, need that game :D

this could brighten my day, depressed over Derek's column

would love to win a copy.


love this game!! I need this cause I bat all the free levels :)

looks good

Would love a copy.

looks fun

The graphics look nice.

Sounds like fun

I would love to have it

looks fun

i love to get one.


This looks like an interesting game for my kids.

Looks fun, I would like a copy.

Addictive app, I would like to get it as well

I want to play this game.

Count me in!


pick me!

pick me please!