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App Giveaway: 100 copies of Stereo Camera 294

by Derek Kessler Mon, 06 Feb 2012 8:04 pm EST

So far 3D in smartphones has proven to be a bit of a gimmick. At least we don't have to wear glasses to make it work with devices like the Android-powered HTC Evo 3D, but as it turns out - you don't need a 3D device to take 3D pictures. You can do it with your webOS smartphone and Stereo Camera by AJGF Projects. The app works thanks to the magic of stereoscopy, taking two horizontally separated photos and then 'diverging' your eyes when viewing them. You know, like those Magic Eye books. Stereo Camera allows you to do that with your webOS phone in landscape and portrait, just look un-cross-eyed at the resulting image to see it in magical three dimensions. Normally Stereo Camera would cost you a dollar from the App Catalog, but this week we've got 100 copies to give away to you!

Contest: We have 100 copies of Stereo Camera to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends next Sunday at midnight US Eastern Time after which time we will select 100 random entrants to win. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries won’t count. Promo codes are only valid in countries serviced by the App Catalog, and users must be running webOS 2.1 or higher on a webOS smartphone with the latest version of the App Catalog.



Sweet! I'm in.

pick me!

I want!

Put me in coach!

hope I win! I love webOS!

I'm in too. How does one leave his/her own comment like you folks? So, this is my comment.

cool! Pick me

count me in !

pick me

Ready to shoot inn stereo!

I would love to try this.

me too please

yes please...

love to try please


Would like to try this out, thanks!

I'll give it a whirl!

Count me in!

cool. I'll get to compete with my son and his EVO 3D

Please, oh please.

I can already envision the fun I'll have with this app...

Interesting, count me in - Thanks!

Looks cool!

There was another 3D Camera app that unfortunately doesn't work with 2.2.4 anymore, and it doesn't look like the developer will bother to fix it. However, I think it was vastly more superior to this app when it worked. I'll settle for this app, but the other was much better.

Duly posted

count me in! Looks fun. :)

woohoo looks fun

Oooooh, Pick me, pick me!!

Yes, please.

yes i do want to win


I am interested

Wow! Sounds awesome!



love free apps. thanks!

Sounds cool! Count me in!

Would love to have this app!



Commenting like a baws.

interesting, I'd like to give it a try.

luv my HP Touchpad

count me in!

enter me, thanks!

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Count me in, please. :)

sounds like a great app.

ill take on please

comment town

Pick Me! Pick Me!

I want it! I'll put it to good use, I promise!

Would love this app!!! :)

Listen with your eyes.

Count me in! Thank you for the contests that gives the opportunity to a lot of webOS lovers that don't have access to the paid catalog. Crossing fingers for the "global catalog" wish list, so they can put pay-pal instead of approved_country_bill_address credit-card. LONG WILL LIVE WEBOS!!!

Fill my eyes, with that double-vision! (appollogies, Foreigner)

Intriguing. Count me in, pls.

I'd love a copy!

Yes please!

one time!

Pls enter me to win. Thx!!!

Can't wait to try it with the new Veer that will be here soon.


Would love a copy to try, please pick me. Thx

I'm in.

My Pre2 needs some apps!


Yes please.

would love a copy!!

yes please!

Wound love to see outta both eyes at once. Too many talk outta both sides of their mouths at once!

Good odds to win this one :D

I could use a free copy - looks like fun.

I hope I get to win this one :)

I'd love to give the app a try!

Would love to have this app. Hope to be a winner.

Would love to try this.

gimme gimme

This would be fantastic

I'm an ophthalmic photographer and shoot stereo photos all day long as part of my job. I'd love to do it with my Pre3!

awesome apps, i want one!

please, that would be sweet :-)

Sounds interesting.

awesome, I'd like to try it.

Would love it.

sure would like to get this app!

Sounds too please

pick me!

One for me!!!

Thanks from Argentina

one please.

I would love to try it!!

I would love this!


I could use an app like this. I am in


Me too! Thanks!

looks like a cool app

Thank you for offering yet another reason to love our TouchPad. Please put me in the running to receive your app.

thanks for this App giveaway..i wud love to have this..

99 is mine

cool app.

i wanna try this app


sounds cool!

looks like a cool app.

Yes please!

Throwing my hat in the ring

One please.

would love a copy


Hope I'm not too late!!!!

Thats so cool! i want this app!

It would be nice if I could get one on my first full day with a TouchPad :)

I'd like to take a *shot* at it.

Super! One with UK code!

yahtzi! This is the time for my first free app win!

I never read about it, will be trying this one, would need Impostah to get this to working if i get a promo...

my heart's a stereo

This sounds really cool. I'd love a copy please!

Looks cool!

I would love this app!

Sign me up in stereo!!

Iwant one copy, please!

looks interesting... if I don't win, I'll pony up the $.

sounds pretty creative. Count me in. I'll keep an eye out for it!

Looks cool! Sign me! :-)

I would like to try this one.

let's go

Me too. :)

I would love this :) Yaayyy


Trying too !

Stereo? That sounds like fun - I'd really like to try this one.

I'm in :) Thanks!


Would love to have that!

Cool app, I'd love to have it

Looks like a cool app!

wonderful app, thanks!!!

and a single **** was given this day.

love me some stereo pix !

Nice. I like. : )

Why not! Please count me in!;)

I would like!

I am, too.

ill go for a copy of that!!

Great :-)

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Sounds Cool
Count me in!