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App Giveaway: 100 copies of TaskMasterHD 287

by Derek Kessler Mon, 16 Jul 2012 10:46 pm EDT

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If there's one thing we seem to have plenty of on webOS, it's task apps. Partly that's arisen from the complete lack of a Tasks app built-in to webOS 3.0 on the TouchPad, but it's also partly from the fact that we all have different ways of managing our tasks, and if a developer's into that (seems a lot of them are), why not make an app that works the way they do? So here's another option for your task management: TaskMasterHD by Rahisi. Based around the Get Things Done concept, TaskMasterHD allows for near complete list customizations, with categorization, task status, due dates and reminders, owners, costs, theming, and even built-in print support. Sound like your cup of tea? Good, because we've got 100 copies to give away!

Contest: We have 100 copies of TaskMasterHD to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends next Sunday at midnight US Eastern Time, after which time we will select 100 random entrants to win. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries won’t count. Promo codes are only valid in countries serviced by the App Catalog, and users must be running webOS 3.0.0 or higher with the latest version of the App Catalog.



Keep on time, TaskMaster!

I want.

me too

me too

this looks like a great programme for work - I,ve been sent to a project in India. Help me be productive. Thanks

I won't mind;-)

Hmm. Maybe I'll actually win something for a change. :D

Please include my name!

I'm so in for one. Thanks!

I'm in.

me too!

This will be helpful with the start of the semester approaching fast. Thank you!

This could be a wonderful way to keep track. I"m in.

I could use a taskmaster

I would love it!

This will be very useful for me.


Can always use another app for my touchpad. Trying to hold out and keep webOS alive with my Franken Pre2 and touchpad. Franken Pre2 volume button about shot and hoping to soon find out what device I should upgrade to that supports OpenWebOS. #WebOSos

Put me down for one too.

Go WebOS!!

Yeah, I'm a WebOS Fanboy since the first day Sprint Pre!

I don't know if someone as disorganized as myself would ever really try to do this or not, but I would love to have a try, please put me in the frey for a code...

This app would be great to keep track of all my wife's hospital and Doctor appointments, she's dealing with the Big 'C'. On a lighter note all of my Wilmington Hammerheads Soccer games.

i want one

I Want one, please!

App looks nice.

Okey dokey!!!

count me in

looks awesome, i'd like it please!

in for the win

win baby win

Definitely looks useful!

i want TaskMaster HD too

Will this app synch with my wife (Head Taskmaster)? I'd like one please!

Count me in, I could always use some better task management

Hooray for TaskMaster HD!

I could certainly use it!


sweet! Me want!

please enter my name in the drawing for TaskMaster HD. I just got my TouchPad and I'm looking for quality software.

Alan G

Duplicate post. Please ignore.

My eyes! It burns!

Wants it!

I want it :D

Please count me in. Thanks.

Me please! :-D

this I definitely need.

I would like one

Could come in handy

I have recently degraded to the Windows 7 Sticky Notes on my desktop despite Outlook, Google and other priority lists - perhaps Task Master HD is the one that I will stick with - count me in!


I could use this.

nice, would really like a copy.

please, include me!

With this, no task will go unmastered.

me too!

I could use a copy of this.

I'd be interested in a copy

This looks good.

this time its got to be my turn!!!
I want it.

This looks like it could be an interesting app to try - put me down as having commented on it.

Please, Please, Please, TaskMaster HD(z) :)

This app is exactly what I need

put me down for a chance!

i'll go for this one

Looks nice, if the color theme can be more comfortable...

Super app

count me in please I need to get my tasks in order :)

Oh Oh oh oh oh oh!

Yes, this app looks very nice! Sign me up!

is feider linn!

Great app! Thanks

Would love to try it out!

Please, WebOS nation give me a copy. It will definitely serve me well, during my school summer schedule and due dates of appointments/classes. I want a copy , please again be so kind to pick me too for this giveaway.

Looks good, I would like to have one!

I'd love to enter, thanks!

Looks great!

Count me in.

Can't wait to try it on my Touchpad!

Please & thank-you!

This app sounds awesome...

Task one for me please

Looks good.

yes, please add me to the list. I like it a lot!

me too, please

Yay I will working more effective with this app. Bravo

Count me in !


Would love to give this one a try as well :)

I am in, no questions!

thanks guys!

I need one please! Thanks!

Looks very useful!! Thanks!

Oooo... just got a new Touchpad, I'd like this.

Count me in.


i need this in my life

Task #1 - Win TaskMasterHD!

Pick me! Pick me!

Great app. Thanks

looks useful. I'm usually rather confused. Concerning stuff.

I would love thisss app :)

Looking for a GTD app.

ok, less than 100 post so far. Derek, would you please close this topic so we all get a code :)

I'm in

Count me in! ;-)

I'm in.

I would love this !!! yaaayyy !!!!

Great app...Thanks!

i`m in

sure, why not

Looks good.

moi aussi, moi aussi.
Many thanks.

Mi mi mi mi mi mi mi....


sounds great

That looks like an interesting app. I will take one. Thx and have a good day.

Please find my comment listed.....

But is it a harsh one? I'd like to find out!


I would love to have a promo code for the Spanish version of the Catalog.


yes please

need to get back to GTD.

Here! :)

Hi Derek, this will be a god-send for me to organise my life :) please pick me!!

thanks in advance.......

yes please :-)

Sounds good to me, I'll give it a shot!

Yes, please. I love my touchpad!!

Love to have it!

The Touchpad is a hard TaskMaster.

Yes, please.

Long live WebOS

I'd like this app!

Perfect birthday gift for my touchpad!

Nice App

Yes, please.

Oh yes, I'd love this to keep me organised! :)

Me too please

This looks good count me in!!

I'm in

Enter to win TaskMasterHD

That's all I had. Couldn't think of a funny task. My apologies.

Count me in.

wow i can actually get organized

Please sign me up! Thanks for the article and the offer.

In for a penny In for a pound.

would love to win a copy! Thank you WebOS Nation

I would love to have a copy of this app!

Tisk! Tisk! Master...

gi'me gi'me gi'me

very useful app indeed...

I still have a TouchPad only running webOS!

I'm in

The app description says it will get my life back in order. Hmm there must be a don't drink so much button and a get your ass off the couch and go exercise tab. I'm in...

Count me in.

this could be very useful for keeping me on track