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App Giveaway: 100 Copies of Weather Dashboard HD 454

by Derek Kessler Mon, 08 Aug 2011 8:54 pm EDT

Quick, what’s the weather like outside? Sure, you can go look out a window, or even go outside to see what it’s like, but who has time for that? Weather Dashboard HD from developer SuperGigaMega is here to help. The app is a simple one, but it’s fast becoming one of our favorites. Weather Dashboard HD places an icon in your TouchPad notification area, and when you expand to the full dashboard it gives you the current conditions and temperature. Tap on it once to view the day’s forecast, again to view tomorrow’s. And tap on the little weather badge and it will load the full forecast from Yahoo! Weather in the browser. And the latest update adds a new feature: Exhibition Mode with more details on the current conditions. It’s simple, it’s useful, and -  most importantly – we have 100 copies of this great little $0.99 app to give away to you.

Contest: We have 100 copies of Weather Dashboard HD to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries won’t count. Promo codes are only valid on carriers serviced by the App Catalog, and users must be running webOS 3.0 or higher with the latest version of the App Catalog.


That looks awesome, I would love to try it out!

Same Here.

One of my most used apps on the pre, look forward to touchpad version.

I've never tried it on the Pre. Was thinking about it on the Touchpad. Guess I'm entered now...

pick me pls!

I'll take one please!

Same here had the app on my original Pre-, should be nice to see on the touchPad.

Me too please.

Looks cool. I like how it's out of the way until you want to see it.

I would like this to be my first TP Weather App.

hook it up. looks like a great app~!!


I would really like to have this great looking app on my touchpad.

Count me in!! :)

how about some lovin' for me! :D

I want any and everything webOS!!!

Rain, Wind, Snow or Sun won't stop us from knowing the Weather now. ;)

Looks like a nice app!

I would love a promo code! Thanks in advance!

Looks cool! Count me in!

One for me too plz

Promo code would be nice :) please.

I'ld happily take one of those off your hands. Please and thanks.

I need to know the weather next week when I am on vacation. Can I please have a copy of the Weather Dashboard HD

i can haz app? :)


Looks sweet! Would be a great app for my TP. Thanks in advance! :)

thank goodness for my TouchPad, I don't have to rely on Verizon for 2.1 or higher anymore :)

ow yes please! I miss a decent weather app on my TP. UK catalog here btw..

reviews look good. if you don't pick me, I will buy it.

This. Looks. Sweet!

My TP comes in tomorrow. This looks like a great app to load up!

Hook me up! Looks like a great app.

Yea... me please. Need a nice weather app for my new TP.

Count me in! Thanks to the developer.

Weather? Is there really something going on outside? Amazing!

This is me leaving a comment for the weather app.


(ahem...i mean .. should you choose me... THANKS!)

Been wanting to try it out. Thanks.

This app really does look like a good one. I'd love to have it.

Count me in. Please Please Please Please Please!

I would love to have this app - been looking for something similar.

I'm in for the contest.

I love me some weather info !!!

/me throws hit name in the hat

I would love a copy of this! Thanks!

Just got my TouchPad Saturday with the Staples deal and this app would definitely be useful to me.

Id love to get a copy

I WOULD LOOOVe a copy pleasee!!!

haha i love checking the weather for some reason

Would really love this app have it for my pre would be great on my touchpad

It'd be nice to win this since I already bought the phone version...

Sign me up please! Looks like a great app.

I just like the way WebOS 3.0 slides away the notification bar...

I would love for my new touchpad which I got $100 off for this weekend.

Count me in! Thanks!!

Awesome, I use the phone version all the time.

one plz.

Ok maybe I missed this... but does Derek live in Cincinnati, Ohio... If so dude why don't you host a WebOS event in Cincy. I live in Cincinnati and would to meet up with other developers here.

Looks slick, I would love a copy.

I bought this for my TP already. Super Handy.

i can haz huk up?

Count me in, please.

Love wx apps. i want one.

This looks great I'd love one! On a side note, it looks like finally WebOS is gaining some traction in the press!!

Hope I win a copy!

Nice looking app!. I'd like a copy. Thanks.

I'm in.

Looks good. Would like to have one copy.

"Oh the weather outside is frightful,
But the fire is so delightful,
And since we've no place to go,
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!"
--Sammy Cahn

can't wait to use this on my touchpad!

Yes please but it's ok if I don't win, i'll still buy it with the free $50 HP is giving me.

I'm too lazy to clean my window, so this app would be quite useful.

I'd love a copy. Thanks.

my glasses always fog up, maybe this app would help. pick me

Pick me!! Just got my Touchpad this weekend!

Neat, I'd like to win a copy :)

The weather dashboard looks awesome. Just got my touchpad yesterday, they're almost sold out in all the staples in Seattle area, looks like Touchpad and webOS is finally getting traction.

In - woo hoo!

meow, damn it. I guess I didn't win the game?

Yes please. Thanks!

i get one too!

Hook me up. Daddy wants some apps for his new Touch Pad. Got mine at Office Max. If we were near a Staples, I would've gone there. Oh well. Good times.

count me in, please!

Hey, me too!!



I would like one PLEASE

Nice looking app. Sign me up.

Count me in for this app - Got a new Touchpad over the week end and need some apps :-)

Looks great!

Have this for the Pre and I love it, would love it for my touchpad as well, please and thank you>

This is the perfect weather app for my touchpad. Since there are no widgets this makes my TP perfect...would love this app!! Thanks

Well I'm in Texas, so I know it will say hot and dry, but i'd sure like to have it anyway.

I want it!

Wow! I watched 50 others comment before I could get in. This would be a really nice addition to the ol' TouchPad!

me too please.

OMG... I want this app, I had the original version. Loved it :D

If I can't have SWW, I'll take this!

I think this is the way to get a touchpad into my life.. I feel it!

I'd love to know how much I'll sweat (otherwise known as how freaking hot it is out there) when I go out :)

I would love to win this app. Thanks! From- A Weather Nerd

Hook it up!!!

Me too.

Yes, please, thanks!

damn.. i started trying to comment when it was 76 people.. for some reason you can't leave a comment while on a touchpad..
finally switched to the laptop and i see exactly 100 comments left.. sometimes being a palm/hp supporter has its drawbacks.. :p

Would love to have it, please!

It would look great on my TP!

Am I too late...I want it...

Sunny with a chance of a free app.

I love my new Touchpad! :)

Love it on my pre-. would love it on my touchpad...

I've been playing with my HP touchpad and I have no idea what its like outside... This would be an essential tool for my survival.

Derek, old buddy! haha

Would love to try this out!!

I want to try it out....

Please pick me. Thanks!

Does look promising. Thanks! Sorli...

I'll take one!

I would love to have this to compliment my new Touchpad!

Love this app on my Pre-, would love it even more on my TouchPad!

Getting this would be app-tacular!

Another quality app for the Touchpad.Count me in!

Pick me

woohoo touchpad goodness. good luck everyone!

For free? Okay.

me, me, me!

what he said


This would be nice!

I'd like one, too.

Count me in!

Love to have this!

weather or not you care, i'm in.

Count me in.

I'd love one! Especially since the only weather app, WeatherBug, is somewhat... meh :|

I will take it.Been looking for weather app for awhile. Thank you.

This is relevant to my interests.

Please throw my name into the hat!

Looks good to me, I'm in. Thanks

I have the Weather Dashboard for my Pre and would love to have the HD version!

what makes a great looking app better? Why free promo codes of course!

Perfect idea! Dashboard applications could be some of the best applications to have. To be able to click the dashboard to bring up a calculator, for example. Having a weather app is a perfect example of a great use for it!

I'm in! :)

I've signed up for so many give-aways I'm bound to win one before I die....right?

Ok bring it on! I like it!

Gimme gimme

=) I love you looooooooooooooooooooooooong time!!!! Please pick me

Picketh Me-eth

Need a good weather app!!!!

I like that widget/app.

It would work dandy on my constant communiqué'd Touchpad 3.75G