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App Giveaway: 100 copies of Wifi Media Sync 2.0 388

by Derek Kessler Mon, 13 Jun 2011 6:34 pm EDT

Looking for a way to easily sync files between your phone and PC? Look no further than Wifi Media Sync 2.0, by 8-bit Development. This app pairs your Windows PC and your webOS 2.1 phone to transfer music, pictures, videos, and documents all over your home Wi-Fi network. All you have to do is fire up the desktop program, select what folders you want to sync, and let the magic happen. It’s a simple concept, but the execution is all in the details. Normally, Wifi Media Sync 2.0 retails for $2.99 in the App Catalog, but for one hundred of you lucky readers, it’s going to be absolutely free!

Contest: We have 100 copies of Wifi Media Sync to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries won’t count. Promo codes are only valid on carriers serviced by the App Catalog, and users must be running webOS 2.1 or higher with the latest version of the App Catalog. Wifi Media Sync requires a desktop counterpart app to work, and is only compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7 (sorry Mac users).


i want!

I'm not in the contest... I already have this app. It's great! Now if I could just get a Pre3 (to replace my "dormant" Pre Plus -- and my currently active Android Echo -- yes I have an Echo).

A 1 in 3 chance of winning sounds good.

Count me in! This is a very nice app!

Sync Me!

Gimme gimme!!! (Please) :-)

Sync me in with a German code please!

I definitely need something like this. Please let me have it!

Sure, I'll enter.

Media Syncing Madness! Bring it on...

Someday I might even be able to use it. Thanks

id love to have wifi media sync!

me, me! please can i have one, i never got a promo code before.

Me me me!

Long time user of this app, the Dev is awesome and I love the app!

oooh Pick me pick me!!!

I'd love to have this now that I have webOS 2.1!

Count me in!

want one

I'm in

PS: I bought version 1, so I kinda deserve it more than these punks ^^ VV :P

Looks like something I could really use. Enter me for the contest please!

Me, too!!

Count me in!

this is a really cool app. I had it up until a few days ago when I had to doctor my pre. Im still on and apparently they removed the version thats compatible w/ my version of webos cause its not in the app cat anymore. anyway, its easy to set up and easy to use. no need to teather your device to transfer pics, vids and songs from your palm to your pc or visa versa.

Yeah unfortunately he kept the same id when he updated it for 2.0 and now we're in the dark. I bought it last year, but never was able to download the PC component, so I never was able to use it. Glad I bought it during the half-off sale.

Surely the developer can resubmit the 1.x version under a different ID again?

I really wanna win this

Will this work with the Pre3 I have in my hand right now? Wow this really is a great phone.

Love to have it!

I never win anything. Please pick me.

Yes, I would like to have a free copy of wifi media sync 2.0
Tank you :-)

Would love a free copy! :)

This would be sweet to win. I didn't know this even existed.

Count me in!

Where have I been never knew this app existed.

I'd love to have this.


Wi-fi Media Sync is a great app, my wife has it on her Pre and i would like it on my Pre 2.

This will be fun.

o! me, pick me!

I've been wanting this app. Looks incredible. (no pun intended)

Would like to have a copy!

Thanks for the opportunity to get the app free!!

me me me me me me!!!

This looks like something I could make very good use of! Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy!

I would love a copy...looks like a great app!

It worked well for me on my Sprint Pre, now on I have a Pre 2, and it'd be great to have this app for my Pre 2 on webOS 2.x.


This IS a great app! I purchased it for my Pre Plus (given to a relative) and would love a copy for my Pre2!!!


I want a copy. Can't stand plugging in that usb cable to sync files.

Wish I had a copy.

want one!

Winning a copy of WiFi Media Sync 2.0! DUH!
Don't make Charlie Sheen look bad. Pick me.

P.S. Charlie does a good enough job of it himself ...

i can haz the wifi's?

I would love to have this

And here I almost bought this today!


Cool. Thank you!

i want this

Count me in for a free copy. Thanks.

I've been waiting for an app like this for a while - how did I miss this one?!

Cheese it... i mean sync

Damn, that would be lovely. Just what the doctor ordered.

puuuuuurty please!

me please

me please

I would like one!

Great idea for an app, and it really WOULD make life easier since I have been using bluetooth streaming from my phone a fair bit these days.

me wants too.

Ya i could use one sync me up!

In Soviet Russia, Wifi streams you

me too, please!!

Hook me up!

Could really use this!

One please!

Whatever...Wifi Media Sync isn't even possible! (But I'm entering just in case.)

This one's all mine!!!

This would come in handy.

Hey! This ain't Palm no more Bozos! Quit givin' s*** away or we'll yank ALL yer feeds! Don't think so? I just canned the CIO! Get with the program! You wanted just a printer driver and got 120 MB of bloatware instead? Tough! Wait.... can I sneak a way to sell ink in here?

This would be great! Please email me if I win....thanks!

I want it too.. email me as well. haha.

I'll take one please!

I also want this application ... Thanks !!

This looks like a great application. It's a needed product, that should be popular. I would love to have a copy. Unfortunately, I have WebOS

Dibs I want it

I would really like one :)

Pick me please!! Love you long time!

Count me in.

Sign me up! I'd love to try it out!

the vultures swoop.

ouu, I'd love a copy! =D

Would be great to win!

Pick me; Please!

sounds really nice. i want it. add me


webos 4 life!!!!!! I wants somes.

looks like a sweet app.

Now that I have the 2.1 app catalog I can make use of this :) Thanks for the motivation Webos Roundup Appmill

meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... lol i need it

that's pretty slick. I'm in.

this would be cool.

Please count me in!!! thanks in advance :)

I WiFi, therefore I am.

I would be interested in this app, you can add me to the list. My brother uses this all the time and recommended this. Moving files without the cord is nice.

I would LOVE a copy! Non-stop USB drive is painful.

Would it be undignified if I begged? :)

Sign me up......My Pre 2 would love this.

I'll have me one of those please!

Love to try this..... Sounds great!

I want one copy too.

yay! i win :)

I want one!

Count me in

LOve this app. Hope I can win it ;)

I would love a copy!

Would definitely like one

I could use this

Could DEFINITELY use this!

I hate iTunes.

i would most assuredly like this:)

Count me in! I'd like a copy please!

I would love a copy of this!

this app looks amazing!!

I don't have 2.1+ now, but I should once the pre 3 comes out. Will that be ok? :-)

Long time user of this app with webos. First with a Pre-, now with Android (not by choice - waiting for HPre3).

I hope i win!

Hey, I have the original Sprint pre and want the pre 3.

This is a comment.

this sounds like a great app!! very useful because it syncs thru wifi instead of USB.. i would love to have this! :)

Need this for my new Pre 3 I will be getting.

I'd love this app!


Please and thank you!

Sync me please!

woot! please?

I really want this one, one code for Canada please!

This looks like a great app... Would be happy to have one!


yes please!

Free is good. I'll take free.

Ha, ha! Mac's left out.

Count me in

Nice APP, I could use something like this

Looking forward to using this APP. Thanks PRECENTRAL...

I want it but I have Sprint. Which means I have a Palm Pre Minus with WebOS ONE.whatever.... :(

This looks like a great app and just goes to show how powerful webOS can be with talented programmers.

I currently have a Pre+ (Was there a version for 1.45?)

I plan to upgrade to either a Pre2 (whenever VZW updates to 2.1) or maybe a Pre3 when it comes out later this year.

Thank You for your Hard work.


Yes, there was / I still have it & use it frequently. That said -- I have no idea why it's no longer showing in the App cat.

thanks precentral , this is the apps I need!


I want :)

Count me in!