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App Giveaway: 100 copies of WiFi Media Sync 3.0 1048

by Derek Kessler Tue, 15 Nov 2011 4:17 pm EST

The TouchPad's great and all, but our dreams of Music Synergy were never quite realized. So we're stuck having to hook up to our computer any time we want to add music or videos or pictures or files to our tablet, and frankly, in 2011 that just sucks. Thankfully, there are amazing developers that make cables a thing of the past and let us have a truly wireless experience. One such developer is 8-bit development, and they've pumped out the latest version of their magical syncing tool WiFi Media Sync 3.0. This version adds TouchPad compatibility, in addition to compatibility with devices running webOS 2.1 and higher. WiFi Media Sync will send files back-and-forth from your webOS device to your Windows PC over, you guessed it, magical wireless Wi-Fi. Forgot where you put your USB cable? No worry - we've got 100 copies of WiFi Media Sync 3.0 to give away!

Contest: We have 100 copies of WiFi Media Sync 3.0 to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends next Sunday at midnight US Eastern Time after which time we will select 100 random entrants to win. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries won’t count. Promo codes are only valid in countries serviced by the App Catalog, and users must be running webOS 2.1 or higher with the latest version of the App Catalog and Windows XP or higher on their PC.


im in =)

need one too.

Yeah I would like to be right behind you but. You all must stay up 24/7 to get on these offers.

I am so so far behind even the turtle blew the door off me.

webOS rules!

Me 554. Would love to eliminate the cable and the irratating dismount that never really dismounts properly.

Please count me too :)

want one !

Me too please me too!

Count me in!

This would be fantastic!

Sounds good to me!

I would love this!

This app would be a great addition to my touchpad.

Cables? Who needs cables? This app would be much better to have! :)

Hows the weather? Kinda wet here.

Have a nice day!

I need this!

I gots me a syncin' feeling about this! Me needy!

Nice app to have. I'm in

Go Bucks!

..Sign Me Up Please !!
- I Love WebOS & my TouchPad is Awesome !!

Pick me!

yes please for me too.....

no me ;)

Me Too

I want one! Plezzzzzzzzz

Me please!

Me please

I'm in

Yes, I would like this.

Would love to win this for my new TouchPad!
Thanks for running the contests, and all the webOS news!

Awesome feature for the Touchpad! Wireless updates and now wireless file sync... Count me in...

Would love it!!!!! pick me pick me!!!!!!

Long live the developer community, keeping webOS going strong!

Is Ubuntu 11.10 "higher" than Windows XP?

You should share with I

Is WebOS starting to remind anyone else of the Delorean?

I just have to believe

count me in!

I like it!

I would love to try Wifi Mediasync 3.0

One for Germany please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Include me too!

I was looking at this last night! I think it's a cool app to be able to use. I'd like to check it out!

So exciting. for version 4.0 they should allow our touchpads to sync up with Meg Whitman.

I'd love this app!

Sounds like a great app!

Any chance of a Pre3 give away? Hint hint oh please oh please!

Go Big 12-2=10. Go Pokes!

Viva la webOS! Best OS around!

I need a new phone!!!!

Great plattform, interesting product. I´d like one.

thanks :)

Just what I need for my touchpad

Enter me! Thanks!

I echo MrHall17!! Go Bucks!


count me in!

This would be awesome to have!

Definitely want a copy of this!

I need wireless sync.

Nice! I want one.

I need one!!

Wireless is the way to go.

I would love a copy of wi-fi media sync!

Me me me!!! :-)

Would be nice

would love a copy

Looks great!

Looks like the way to go here!


I'd be all about a copy...

Just a bit luck ;-)

I will love to have WiFi Media Sync 3.0 so I can sync my Touchpad.

this is my entry


I don't know about us linux users who use rsync, but this would be helpful for my wife and her Windows 7.

ooh, ooh, pick me

I am interested to test it :)

Count me in :)

Would love to be a winner on this one.

Don't read this post.

Oooo, to say I would love to win this would be an understatement!

i'd be in for that

Give me one !! Cool app

Win this time?

Count me in!

Count me in!

Count me in - love webOS so i do!

looks like a great app, hope I win!

Yes, please!

Yes, I would appreciate a copy, thanks.

It's developers like this that bring out the enhanced experience of the already awesome WebOS


Yes please! It sounds like something that should have come with the TP!

Hope I am one of the lucky ones to get this! #webOSforLife

You guys are great! Thanks so much for all you do for the Palm community!

I would like to get a copy of this.

I really want this one!

this would be a great app to have

Please to be including me in contest. Thank you!

love to have a copy, thanks

I could really use this!!

Canadian code please!

I came to win!

im in

Sure beats manual syncing.

This is the comment, the whole comment and nothing but the comment.

I want summa dis!

I am so pleased there is still support for WebOS out there.

Gimme that sync!

Great app, hope to win a copy.

look mom no wires !

Me please!

Definitely want this. Being able to move files back and forth without moving it from the dock would be AWESOME!

Sign me up.

I have been looking at this for a while, I would LOVE a copy :-D


Awesome. Definitly a must have tool.

That is the app I really want for my Dutch Touchpad. THANK YOU FROM HOLLAND

I'd LOVE a copy! Sounds like a great tool.

Great app, hope to win

Right here

Hooray for wireless!

Hope I'm one of the lucky ones!

Send me one, PLEASE

Looks good. Maybe I will get to see it in action? ;P

Yes, please!

I would liked a copy

WiFi here I come!

Sync me up!

What a nice chance! Please

If it's meant to be, it's WebOS for me!

I'd love to have it. Thank you.

Count Me In!

Awesome! Let's do it.

Ive got this bookmarked to buy one day but you be awesome to get it here! PRECENTRAL IS THE BOMB ONCE AGAIN!

oh please plase please pleeeeeeaaaaaase !
me wantee !

Please select my name. webOS means Yesssss!!!

Yes please!

Yes, please!

Just in time for Thanksgiving...please?

new touchpad user

This would be a good one. Fingers crossed...

Sync ME in!

That's a missing feature to most of the current mobile device !

I'm one of the lucky ones!? Merci ;)

Like seriously, choose me!!!!
I'd love to win this app.

I would love one. This app could be quite useful.

me to

have pre 2 and touchpad. pleeeeease choose me!

One to Germany please! Bitte!

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