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App Giveaway: 20 copies of NDrive GPS smartphone navigation 887

by Derek Kessler Mon, 22 Aug 2011 6:52 pm EDT

[read the rules, because they’re different this time]

Navigation options for webOS are few and far between. You can use Google Maps for, well, maps. And if your carrier offers it, you can use (and probably pay monthly for) their cellular-drive navigation system, but if you wander out of coverage, things don’t get so great. That’s where NDrive comes in. It’s entirely on your webOS smartphone and not dependent upon a carrier connection. Beyond just getting your from point A to B, NDrive also includes Facebook and Foursquare integration, Google Search, lane assistance, and much much more. Normally, NDrive retails for $49.95, but right now it’s 50% off in the App Catalog. But we know that some of you are still hesitant about paying $24.95 for a full-fledged GPS navigation app. That’s why we’ve partnered up with NDrive to give away 20 copies of their app!

Contest: We have 20 copies of NDrive to give away. To enter, leave a comment on this post with the country in which you want to win NDrive. Options are Canada, DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein), Iberia (Portugal and Spain), Italy, Mexico, UK & Ireland, or USA. Entries without a country are invalid and will not be considered. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries won’t count. Promo codes are only valid on carriers serviced by the App Catalog, and users must be running webOS 2.0 or higher with the latest version of the App Catalog.



Nothing like a free app on a platform that has a fork in it! Sign me up... I like forks.

Oh, and USA!


me too! I like forks and would like to use the app to drive from USA to Guadalajara, Mexico.

USA! How the h do I reply to the post and not a comment?

Use a regular computer and register first. I was trying on HP touchpad couldn't do it. I could only reply from there.

If they are looking for interesting joke of the day to give away one all I have is yo mama jokes from youtube but I would like that copy too. USA



USA I would love to use this and advertise NDrive

woot, thx driver. USA for sure


Man, I really need this.. I get lost when I turn in a 360.


Yes please! UK & Ireland

yes i'll take a copy of Ndrive thanks

Will work nicely with my new Pre2 on verizon

DACH for me ;-)

USA Entry.


nDrive USA

Would love a copy. USA please.


USA. Thank you!

I am not sure how useful this will be on webOS 3.0 but I am game. Please set me up with USA version.

What I'd like to see: a way to pair up the GPS on a Veer/Pre³ and put the data on the screen of a TouchPad (since the WiFi-only TouchPad doesn't have GPS, and the TouchPad 4G--with GPS--ain't coming now). NDrive makes more sense for this than something that downloads the map data, since it doesn't need to tether. Just connect the phone and TouchPad by Bluetooth--though I'd suggest the data be on the TouchPad, since it has at least as much space anyway.

And USA for me.

What I'd like is to pair the Touchpad to my Bluetooth GPS receiver and provide the data to the OS/Apps.

Oh, and yes please, for the good ol USA!

Thanks - USA

USA Please!


USA! Don't eliminate me just because I am controversial Derek! You know I love WebOS as much as anyone else here!

Put me down for one. Thank you!

I have had my eye on this app for some time. Looks amazing. I would use it in America. :)


oops sorry, put me down for one in the USA.

Thank you again.

let it be me...Canada

USA please. Thanks!

I used Ndrive in Europe on my recent trip to Germany and Austria (DACH). It is a great product - well worth the money.

USA for me baby! Can't wait to have a real navi program for my baby pre2

Help! I'm lost in the USA!

I'm in for the USA.

@precentral: you're giving away "Wall Blaster"? c&p fail, eh? ;)

a DACH (Germany) for me, please. Pun intended.


USA and thanks!


plz plz plz...USA!!

usa please

I'll need this app to dash from store to store during the Touchpad fire sale part 2. USA

is there one for spain!

DACH highly appreciated here …

UK & Ireland

Would definitely use this a lot, USA please.

USA. I need this app. I've waited for a while for a real navigation app. Please! Thank You.


USA please!


count me in for the USA

me plz Portugal (iberia)


USA :)

USA version please? :)

I'd like a copy here in Canada.




NDrive is crippled in the most populated part of the UK due to an API bug in WebOS2.x.

Can I have another copy please? Maybe I will donate it to someone in Lands End.

I'd love to win NDrive and please USA maps would be perfect! Sorli...

USA! And since I know exactly where that screenshot of NDrive is (that's West Hempstead on Long Island, I grew up right off of Fulton (same road) I should win :)

USA please. I'll feel a little better about not getting a TP :(

USA, please!

USA please!

Not good news for those hoping to get the Pre3 in the US.


Wall Blaster?

NDrive for USA please.

Wish I could put it on my PrePlus, but will go on the firesale Touchpad when it gets here.



UK if you please dear boy :-)

UK please!

USA please. :) And by the way, didn't you mean must be running webOS 2.0 or higher?

KingOreO reporting from the USA


USA for me!

USA please and thanks for the support! Yeldnah

I'd love a copy of NDrive! USA for me.

USA all the way (hopefully not lost anymore).


USA please!

I need this. So I don't Veer off the road in the USA!

I'd like to win nDrive in the USA, please.


Woo, UK ftw

DACH, please.

*Pretty* please?

USA! I could use a navigation app and this one looks pretty snazzy. I need a replacement for our dead GPS device. :D

Am I missing something here? Smartphone nav requires webOS 3.0?

Oh, and Canada, BTW.

Here I am in in USA with VZ Navigator, which, either through its own fault or my Pre+'s GPS, often can't find my location within miles. I'm hoping NDrive GPS can do better.

UK please please please :)


Also, can't wait for my touchpad!

Love these giveaways. Wish I could win one. Navigation for the USA please!

Would be nice to have on my Veer as a standalone device... USA.



My thomas guide is ready to be retired _ USA please



Oh, and UK & Ireland please!

well, really it's Texas, but USA will cover most of Texas


Ain't no party like a USA party. Not that I ever win, despite great odds.

USA, pick me please!

ndrive! canada! please! thankyou!


Uk and Ireland please...


Waiting on my touchpad!!!! Ndrive USA please!

USA Please!


THE U.S. of A. Where even underdogs like webOS still have a shot!

USA - Thanks!

Please one for Mexico. I got a Pre 2 unlocked

Please, s'il vous plait,
please, s'il vous plait !

-> FRANCE 8)

Pré2 unlocked

USA please.

been wanting to try out nDrive for USA

USA Please Thank you!

count me in USA

I'd like one for the USA!

USA please thanksokbye


canada eh!

Count me in - USA here!



I'm guessing it was meant to read 2.0 or higher? They are close to each other on the keyboard.

Also USA plz~

Something to put on the touchpad or Pre3 that arrives from the UK. I need the USA version of the software.

Germany please, thanks alot! :-)


Wow, that would be awesome! USA!

Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!
Also USA please.

USA for me, please.

USA, all the way

USA please!


Ciao :-)

...and me boss. Sounds awesome. All these great things happening for "the webOS" in one week! USA...USA...USA...

Wow amazing! I already have USA so NDrive Canada Please!!

Enter me for NDrive Canada...

I would like to get my hands on one of these :)

USA please.

Lost in the USA.



Looking forward as much as picking up a 99$ touchpad ;-)

BTW, WebOS 3.0? I thought it was available for the Pre 2 as well...

USofA, please.

But, why does it not show up in the App Catalog on my TP?

Sounds like a good giveaway.!!

UK please!

Iberia for me, please. Obrigado!

I'm in the United States of America with pre3 on the way. My pre3 and I would love some Ndrive goodness. You wouldn't want a pre 3 to be without a navi, would ya?

R-O-C-K in the USA!... Ndrive please!
And also give one to HP ...cause cleary they are lost and have no direction!

I'm in the USA Please sign me up for a copy. Thank you!

USA, pour favour! Merci beaucoup!

I would love a copy of DACH for the Spanish App Catalog! (don't ask, I've been trying to get help from hp on that problem without any success :()


do I qualify? I'm on sprint running 1.4.5 for my phone, and 3.0.2 on the touchpad, and in the US.

One of a few i know.. lol