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App Giveaway: 50 copies of Chinese Checkers 307

by Derek Kessler Mon, 13 Feb 2012 7:43 pm EST

Chinese Checkers

Little known fact: Chinese checkers is neither checkers nor Chinese. The game originated from 1892 Germany, and was itself an evolution of a square American board game caled Halma. But that doesn't matter, because you can now play it on your TouchPad, thanks to the Chinese Checkers game by PJ Nation. As any Chinese Checkers ought to do, it supports up to six players, human or computer, and in our experience is quite skilled at kicking our butts to all six corners of the board. Feel like getting your butt kicked by the computer, or just want to kill time with a partner (or five)? Good, because we've got fifty copies to give away!

Contest: We have 50 copies of Chinese Checkers to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends next Sunday at midnight US Eastern Time after which time we will select 50 random entrants to win. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries won’t count. Promo codes are only valid in countries serviced by the App Catalog, and users must be running webOS 3.0 or higher with the latest version of the App Catalog.



Count me in!

I want one please.
I played this game all the time as a kid.

I'm a big fan of board games and this is one I'd love to play!

Put me down for one!

Love Chinese checkers-pick me

sweet action

Sign me up.

Count me in.

The game I've been waiting for on the TouchPad, FINALLY!!

me me me

Chinese checkers! Woo hoo!

I used to love playing this game growing up. I'd definitely enjoy playing it on my TouchPad.

I'm in

I'd like one!

Comment left.

yay! i'd love one!

I would DEFINITELY like a copy. Chinese Checkers is the BEST! :)

Yes please

Gimme please!

I'm in.


I'm in.

Count me in!

Great game to play with my kids. Sign me up.

great,count me in

Oh nice. I like this game.

I like this game. I hope I can win one of these.



I LOVE Chinese Checkers!

Yes, please. Viva webOS!

One of my childhood favorites; please count me in !!

Oh please I love this game!


Sign me up! :-)

Very Nice!

Would like a copy - thanks!

Me please!


Yes please.

Looks like fun!

Yay! Fun game and I kick arse at it!

love to have this!

Count me in.

Yes please. My kids love Chinese checkers!

I would like to enter...thank you

I want one

ooh.. pick me please!

Count me in!
Bonus story:  My family is hosting a student from China, and he loves board games (as does our entire family.  Euro board gamers represent!).  We've played Chinese Checkers with him a few times.  He had played the game in China, and it is a game that is somewhat known in China.  They call it "Jump Chess." (or at least that is what he calls it...)

would like one

count me in! TKS

me ... 51!

Count me in as well...

Yes please!!!

Looks like fun. Ready to rumble.

I'm in.

Love Chinese Checkers

this is a cool game. i wouldn't mind a copy.

Sign me up. Probably buy it anyways though

whoah I used to play this all the time as a kid at my grandparents house(they had a realy nice board set of this). Didn't even know there was a webOS version. Hoping to win :-)

I need a new game for my TP

I want one please.


yes please. Send one to Canada

good memories, lets revive them.

count me in!

Game on

Yes Yes Yes! With this maybe I can finally get my Mom to enjoy something on my TouchPad. :D

hope I win!

me want!!

Me likie and me wanna be in the contest! :)

Here's a link to songs banned by the Chinese government. My favorite entry is 'I Want it That Way' by Backstreet Boys. The hair is styled with such laissez-faire attitude!

I'm in! Thanks!

hook me up!!!!!

i want one please.

I love chinese checkers! Count me in.

An old favorite since childhood! I would love to have this to play with my family! Thanks!

Me, please!

I never win these.

Thank you! I would love a copy.

Chinese Checkers!

This would be awesome!

looks like fun-
I'm in!

way cool!

Chinese checkers not Chinese????
Next you'll be saying Ford's are made in Canada, or Mexico!!
You're silly, but count me in.

German Non-Checkers!


Love me some Chinese Checkers!!


Chinese Checkers for the webOS! I haven' play this game in decades!
I'd love a copy.

I'll win something sometime.

I want one! love webOS!


I'm having major promo-code withdrawl...

yes one here

Chinese c hecklers FTW

I'd like one

pick me

pick me

Check please

me please

Looks like a fun way to pass the time!

Me too, me too.



I am in. Thanks!

like to play it!

Thank you, would love to have a copy!

Wow, put my name in the hat on this one...we used to play this game a lot when we were kids! (with the actual marbles and round board) We enjoyed this game so much better than checkers.

Sounds like fun!

Looks like fun!

Please! One for Australia!

Have some long flights coming up - would love a copy!

I am in. :D

Go go magic Touchpad! Daddy needs a new time killer!

grew up playing it. Would love to teach this to my kids on the touchpad !!


It would be great to have this. I play Chinese Checkers 2 or so times a month with my son. Would be cool to win.

I'm in!

would love it!

Thank you. One with UK code please.

like it

I'd be interested to try this game out. I never have played Chinese Checkers before, but always wondered how to play. Does this have a tutorial or at least documentation on the rules and how-tos? =)

one for me please.


Looks like fun, count me in.

In for the win!


I havn't played that game in years

Sure why not?

yes, one for meeeeee!

multiplayer, sounds great

love this game. I also need one!

Me please


Fingers crossed

Looks good!

I'm in. Thank you!

I like Chinese Checkers. Would love to play vs my daughter...

I really love the classic boardgame. Count me in.

neato! :)

Yes please.

Gimme please~

Pick me! Pick me! (Please?)

Used to play this a lot growing up...

No more marbles on the floor, im in please.

I wish I could get one as well.

Please pick me, promo codes is the only way I can get this game.

PLZZZZZZZZZZZ =) I would love one !!!! Yay !!!

I am interested too.