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App Giveaway: 50 copies of Chore Tracker Pro 251

by Derek Kessler Mon, 05 Mar 2012 2:53 pm EST

Chore Tracker Pro

webOS has a tasks app, but it's not the most terribly useful. It does what it does well, but it's pretty basic. Chore Tracker Pro by Chris Van Hooser, however, is the opposite of basic. This Enyo-based app (for webOS tablets and phones) lets you set up repeating tasks with intervals from 1 hour to 100 years (for your centennial cleaning under the couch) with a bright and colorful progress bar so you can see at-a-glance how long you have to complete that task. And, of course, you can sort in a variety of manners, including custom, priority, due date, changes, or just plain alphabetical. And to make that at-a-glanceness even easier, you can pick from fifty icons to attach to your tasks. Interested? Of course you are - and we just so happen to have fifty copies to give away!

Contest: We have 50 copies of Chore Tracker Pro to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends next Sunday at midnight US Eastern Time, after which time we will select 50 random entrants to win. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries won’t count. Promo codes are only valid in countries serviced by the App Catalog, and users must be running webOS 2.1.0 or higher with the latest version of the App Catalog.


Sure, I'll try again.... (I'm such a sucker!)

Seriously, I would use this app and I know it would be very helpful.

most people, are overwhelmed and behind in their housework......especially single men.

This has to be the best site. Thank you for keeping us wanting more. Please consider me for a free app. My wife would love for me to be just a bit more organized.

That might come in very handy around my house!

Count me in, I'm sure my wife would love for me to too have no excuse to forget the honey-do list instead of "oh I forgot, let me do that after this 5 shows I want to watch"

Gosh I hope she doesn't read WebOS Nation. If she does, I'm taking the garbage out right now!

Count me in too !

me too!

count me in. Thanks.

yes please!

I could really use something like this!!!

Yay !!! Free apps :)

I would love to try out app - then I could add that as a chore too :)

I need it!

I need it!

I want one for my wife too.

I'll try it for all the house work I need to get done.

sign me up!

I'm in.

Why not? :)

Sweet... Looks like a GREAT APP... Would love to use it.

Count me in....

webOS Nation rules!

I'll do my chores more!

If I win, it'll be harder to come up with excuses.

I could use this!

I'd love to have this app.

i could use this! :-)


Thanks for the opportunity!

looks like a very useful app!

I would love to win this app

I could really use this!

Wow, this is EXACTLY what I need!

I would like one. Thanks.

I need this app for my collection!

here we go again :-)

Would that I did not need such as this!

Cool beans!

Count me in...

I'd love to use this app for free.

Count me in! (Though I may just buy it)


Count me in.

Looks like a great app.

one for me :)

nice Apps, hopefully helping me to organize my life in a better way ;-)

one for me! - keep track of allowance too?

one for me! - keep track of allowance too?

Chores, woo!

one for my sons please. They just started doing cores, and this would make keeping so much easier.
Thank you.

this could be useful!

My wife says I want this :)

I hope I can find a way for this to remind me to remind myself to put tasks in...thanks for the offer guys.

Would love to have a copy. Thanks for the contest.

Would love a copy of this!

This would be very useful!

Anything's worth a shot to get the kids on top of their chores (and me too :-P)

Not having this app nearly caused me to forget to comment on this article.

Wow. This may very well be the app that I have been looking for since I got my tablet. If I don't win, I will very likely be buying this one after the contest ends.

App looks great and would be very useful. I'd love a chance to try it out.

If you only saw my flat you'd know I NEED this app. ;)

My kids need it!

I would like one...

Maybe this will entice me to do chores...

Maybe this will entice me to do chores...

chore manager....for my kids...awesome

hehe my girlfriend wants one for me...

There is always a possibility :D

Sounds great. Count me in, please!

Please let me have one sounds awesome!!


Would like a copy, thanks!

For a Procrastinator - "the art of catching up to yesterday" - this is one app that goes beyond just wanting - it's a need.

Thanks for bringing these to our attention.

I could use some organization in my life at the moment and this would be a helpful start. I'd love to get a promo code for Chore Tracker Pro please!

Me too!

I would love a copy of this app. My 6 year old is addicted to his TP, at least this will give him something productive to do on it lol....

This could be very useful!

gee! Do I still have a Chance? Hope so!

count me in!

Looks cool......Did you like Colors?

I needed something like this to remind me to enter this contest. :)

To do: win one copy of Chore Tracker Pro

count me in. thanks.

Me too please! :)

My wife needs this!


Yes please!

Would be very nice to have.

i'd like one pls.

Always nice to be organized.

Sounds like a nice product.


Love you have a copy

I'll take a copy if lucky.

This could be useful. Sign me up please!

must i?

looks very cool and useful. Plan to buy even I don't win

doubt it will help my productivity, but maybe it will shame me into completing a couple extra chores.

I need it to track other people's work....sigh... writing this is such a chore....

sounds good

It says Vacuum.. every day!

Will make great use of it

I'm in. Fingers crossed.

Sounds like a great app. Hope I win a copy.

I'm in.

I'd like to try or my son to use on his TouchPad

me too please

can't remember shit this may help

I would like a copy please!

My wife was just looking for something like this...

this is what a phone is be the get it done gadget

I need one, please!

Love one!!!

guys, this ones for me.

I seriously need this.


I like to have one.


Count me in =)

Would love to get a copy. Please pick me.

Would love to get a copy. Please pick me.

Thank you for this. Would love one too.

This would kick my butt to get some things done I keep putting off. A great idea for an app! THANKS!

I need this. Sign me up please!

this has caught my attention. If I don't win, I'm buying it.

yes please

Would be nice to have

While free is always good, this is one app I do not want.

are you kidding me, my wife does a top notch job of assigning chores for me.

wait maybe I use this to show her I really do do a lot around here.

count me in!

I would love to try this one out.

this would definitely come in handy

Oh wow this would be so helpful! I'd love to win! :)

I need this app! Please and thank you!

Chore reminder app, great ;-(

I've been thinking about something like this for a while. Tried it within my calendar, but that just made my calendar too dense to be functional.

count me in

I am in

dish out a Chore to me pls....

Hope I can get one

Count me in! Thanks :)

I suck at remembering things, this is the app for me :)

I definitely need something to keep me on task !

Thanks webOSNation

Count me in ;-)

Haben will. :-p

Nice sharing!!!

me please

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Count me in!