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App Giveaway: 50 copies of 'Ncognito 266

by Derek Kessler Wed, 29 Feb 2012 6:05 pm EST


We've all had that moment, where we want to keep that file or photo or video on our device, but we really don't want to be caught having it around (or just can't let it fall into the wrong hands). Natively, there's no way to really hide files on the TouchPad and yet still have them accessible. But with 'Ncognito by you can do just that. The app creates a hidden folder into which you can put pictures, videos, audio files, and documents, all of which are only accessible through 'Ncognito's password-protected interface. The ability to store and hide files with 'Ncognito would normally cost you $0.99, but we just so happen to have 50 copies of it to give away!

Contest: We have 50 copies of 'Ncognito to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends next Sunday at midnight US Eastern Time, after which time we will select 50 random entrants to win. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries won’t count. Promo codes are only valid in countries serviced by the App Catalog, and users must be running webOS 3.0.0 or higher with the latest version of the App Catalog.


I would dig this!

Not sure I need this app, but it seems pretty cool

Yes please. I need to keep files from myself.

That's great!! Sounds like a really useful tool. Hope I win a copy!

I would always love a FREE truly useful app

Now this is cool. Want!

been waiting for something like this!

This looks awesome!


this should do the trick!

Nice! :)

ncognito me!


Yes. Pls

I would like a promo code for this please! (Canada code please)

Music, video files are expensive and if I lose my TP by my own stupidity or by theft I want the next guy to feel cheated!

Yes please can't keep my 9 year old twins of my touchpad.

yes, i would like this app please, thanks

count me in

I need one please! Thanks!

This sounds really cool. May I have one please!


I need to hide my X Pix!

i hope i win this time.

sweet action

I'd like to try this app

Fingers crossed

Hey, vielleicht diesmal...die app kommt gut.

Please, enter me!

would love to try this - thanks for the chance!

will like to have it!

'Ncognito please :-)

Please enter me into the drawing, I would like to try it out.

I like it!

please...stop picking me for all of these cup runneth over.

me too!

this is something I need!!

ummm yes please!

Please consider me (but shhhhhh dont tell anyone) :-)

Great Idea!

I would love to have an app like that for my touchpad! :-) :-)


I would love to have an app like that for my touchpad! :-) :-)

Me too!!!!!!

Please include me!! Thanks!

Would be cool!


I want to be incognito

Sounds pretty neat!

count me in!

Cool! Great idea.

would love to have a copy!

Not hiding that fact that I would like this, please.

Sorry, I hit save twice

yes, I need one for work please (well at least to keep things hidden from work)

Please don't hide my entry!

I think this would be a useful app if I don't get picked I'm buying it!!

here is the comment

This would be a great app for my TP.

please send my way since I never win anything ;-)

Yes! Finally some security. Great start

like it - sign me up!

enter me please

Me wants this... Please!!!!!

Sign me up!

Hope to have one with UK code. Thanks.

Sign me up

Gosh, I've been looking for something like this. If I don't win, I'll purchase anyway. Thanks for spotlighting this app, P|C!!

I'll try again, but I'm starting to doubt that anyone ever actually wins any of these giveaways


Would like to have a free app!

Please do not read this message!
Aww you did, well thanks for considering me :)

looks a good one :-)

I want one.


sounds awesome

one fo me pwease!

Very cool App. Please add me to the contest.

great app. nice to have it

Me likey app!

pleeeeeeeese...some stuff just needs to be private! ;)

Wives and girlfriends must be kept separate so I can stay alive :-), so hook me up!


Hook me up please!

Sounds like a needed app, thanks!


Hope I can win this time.

I would like to win this new app for my needy TouchPad, which it seems that it wants more apps to installed to it. Please WebOS Nation, pass along a code to me too. Needs app its a nice concept that I hope if WebOS gets a software upgrade that it will have a built-in capability like incognito.

I want this! Pick me!

This sounds useful. I would really like to have a copy! Thanks for the opportunity!

This sounds useful. I would really like to have a copy! Thanks for the opportunity!

Pick me please.

Leaving a comment.

yes please

Very cool, this is a must have!!

Is your wife into photography eh? photographs? he asked him knowingly.

Could be useful for hiding my, holiday snaps. nudge nudge wink wink say no more.

Count me in please.

will hide my nono picture from my wife

hope, i'll get this finally!!

Thank you or offering Incognito. I didn't know it existed. If I don't win it I will purchase it the next day.

yes, I want it!!!

yes, I want it!!!

I would love to have this app!

Finally, I can take naked pix of myself !

mount HP TouchPad as usb drive, show hidden files... BOOM! purpose defeated.

Mum's the word...but thanks!

Would be great to have this for certain unspeakable activities you don't want others to know about...

Oh my word, I took a pic of my private arena and my 56 year old roomate saw it when I was showing her my pics and that one was in the mix and I would like this app. Thanks I'll take it now!

I would love this - Ncognito looks awesome!

hit me up

very nice how much will it cost?

Oh, I would like this one very much.

i'd like to give it a try


I am interested (Germany)

join, join, join

I'd love to win a copy of this. I'm always encouraging people to check out my touchpad. Having numbers, or doodles or love letters to mods mucking up the screen distracts from the intrinsic beauty of the touchpad and confuses the reader. If I win, I'll be able to say "Sure you can borrow my touchpad. It's an open book---with Ncognito installed! Have fun friend. It's the technology of the future.

Count me in :)

Thank you for the appgiveaway... it is one of the must have's ;)

I'll take one promo.. US..


I'm in as usual :)

Would appreciate a copy.

I really really want this app! And love you long time!!

Count me in ;-)

Add me to the shortlist :) Thanks!

yes please


I'll take one of those codes, kindly password dispensers :-D

I'm in for the promocode.

just what I want...why haven't I seen this before. Only for wOSn there wouldn't be a showcase for these apps!

You put your weed in there


i need it!!!!

Thanks, I am in!!!

Count me in!

Me too!

would love this app.


I would like a copy of this app.

Thank you!

Would be really nice, thank you!

Thank you for the opportunity to win this App - would be great!

I've been waiting for something like this. Please count me in!

Ooooh! Ooooh! Ooooh! Pick me Mister Kotter!

I'd like to enter :)

Me please!

I would like to enter please!

I need this app to further my career as an International Man of Mystery

Count me in!

I work for the CIA, I need this.


One please.

I'd be happy to have a code!


you can't see this post...i'm incognito