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App Giveaway: 50 copies of Peek-A-Dash 124

by Derek Kessler Mon, 16 Apr 2012 9:01 pm EDT


If you've ever been the type that got into Tumblr, you know how addicting the microblogging - social network mash-up can be. And while your TouchPad certainly supports having multiple websites open at once, there's something to be said for having quick access to your favorite Tumblrs with just a few taps. That's where Peek-A-Dash by Chris Van Hooser comes in - it displays your Tumblr dashboard in a pop-over window triggered from the notification panel. You can keep other things - whatever app you had going already - while browsing Tumblr blogs like the official The Enyo Blog, from which you can easily reblog your favorite posts. Normally this Tumblr insanity would cost you $0.99, but we just so happen to have 50 copies to give away.

Contest: We have 50 copies of Peek-A-Dash to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends next Sunday at midnight US Eastern Time, after which time we will select 50 random entrants to win. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries won’t count. Promo codes are only valid in countries serviced by the App Catalog, and users must be running webOS 3.0 or higher with the latest version of the App Catalog.


Looks interesting.

would like in for 1!

I am a tumblr addict and would love to try this for my Touchpad!

My touchpad needs this. Been longing for a better Tumblr on my TP. (and love that it auto-caps Tumblr.)

Pick me please

Count me in. I love Tumblr!

Guess, you can count me in.

nice! This looks cool:-)


count me in, thanks Derek

One copy for me, please....

count me in. Thank you

I'm in!

99c? I'm buying it! I've been looking for a Tumblr app for the Touchpad for ages....never knew about this one. Done!

I'm interested.

yes please


yes me tooo...

This would make my day

Me too thanks :)

Ahoy mates...

cool, count me in!

I'd love to enter, thanks!

please pick me

yes please

all right all right all right

i'm in!


I'll take one please!


Please and thank you.

please pick

Oh, me oh me please

please pick me. Thanks

I'd love to take a try at it.

No peeking!

sign me up I'm definitely interested!

interesting , please pick me!!


Cool! I can use that. :)

pl count me in

Hope I win

I'm in please

Looks neat!

Add me in! Thanks

Would be great

Yay time to start using Tumblr =)

Looks nice :)

Count me in ;-)

I'm in :)

one for me plz :)

I'm in!

I'd love a copy. Sounds handy!

Tumblr rocks!

Greetings from Chile!
This may be my lucky day, i'm sure XD

gimme gimme please

one please.

Count on me

eh! me too!

looks cool

Yes, Please

free apps

Thanks. I want one.

Nice app....

Woot count me in!


I'm In

Throw a dog a bone

i probably will win, can only be about 200 webOS users left so chances are better to win!

tumbling along with webos

Looks like a good app. Count me in!


I will take one, please.

My daughters would so bemoan me being on Tumblr! I need this please!

Would love to try this out.

In 4 1

I love to have this apps

I love to have this apps

Pick me!

I'd love to win!

I would love to have Graffiti for my phone. Why should that only be a joke? I saw an Android app where a finger could enter Chinese characters and have them be autocompleted and recorded.


Please count me in!

Peek-A-Dash would be a great app for me to have. Please put me in the running for it!

Loved graffiti on my Edge, Tungsten T3 and will love it on my Touchpad. :)

Sounds good

Sounds good

Right here

Por favor!

one 4 me!

one for me please!

yes please

sounds very interesting. I'll give it go and toss my name into the mix

Pls award one to me. Thanks!!!

Looks very interesting and love to check things out. Sorli..

yes please,

Count me in.

Hope to get one. Thank you.

yes please

I'd like one.

Me like!
Darn it! I'm 101; who's going to pay attention (or promo-code) to 101?! Better to forget this one... :-(

webOSNation's response: we will aj,... we will.

Was looking at the screenshots on your tumblr, Chris. It looks very cool.

And thanks for these giveaway contests. They rock!

want one.......

still ok?

I want it. At all costs!

Nice sharing, thanks very much!!!

me too...


why not

I want to win and use. Need another good app.

count me in!

I dig it. Sign me UP! (Please)

Would love a copy, please pick me.

Ok guys, don't bother me for being picked. Show them Derek!

Fun fun fun! I need this.

I want one.

Count me in!

I LOVE the way "graffiti" is written! Sweet remembrance of rudimentary typing on my PalmPilot...

I'd like a copy!

Cool deal.

In before contest deadline!

In 4 1

Here I come.

Thank you!