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App Giveaway: 50 copies of Photo Effects Pro 317

by Derek Kessler Mon, 16 May 2011 11:25 am EDT

Thanks to HP’s now accepting hybrid Mojo/PDK apps, we’re finally getting powerful and simple apps in the App Catalog. One of those apps is a photo editor by the name of Photo Effects Pro. A full-featured follow-up to the Mojo-only Photo Effects and Photo Effects Plus, the new Pro version handles all of the image editing on the device (previous versions offloaded the processing to a server because there was no easy way to do it on webOS).

Photo Effects Pro includes a number of features, including cropping, rotating, and flipping, plus color adjustments like contrast, saturation, and ting. But it’s the effects that make it Photo Effects Pro, and in addition to standards like applying sepia tones, the app features effects like sketch, blur, pixelate, emboss, and more.

Available from the App Catalog for $2.99, Photo Effects Pro is the leading image editor for webOS. And thanks to developer Rusty Apps, we have 50 copies to give away to you, the reader.

Contest: We have 50 copies of Photo Effects Pro to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries won’t count. Promo codes are only valid on carriers serviced by the App Catalog, and users must be running webOS 2.1 or higher with the latest version of the App Catalog.


I want early bird one :-)

Code please?! :)

We need a code? I could not log in now I need a code? I twittered and facebooked too! lol how desperate am I
Where do we find a code? Thanks

This looks really cool.

I would use this a LOT.

This would be amazing to have!!

I would totally use this!!!!

Definitely a nice-to-have app that I haven't bought since I don't take many pics with my Pre. Would love to get it with a code though

I can definitely use this...

I concur, this would be an amazing contest to win! I love winning things. And this is something actually useful!

I have been dying to edit photos on my Pre!

I want one!

looks awesome!

Thank you ... it's amazing what you can do in a pocket-sized device!

I'd love the code too please...oohh pretty please.

Gimme gimme gimme :-D

Want it!

Count me in!

I would love a copy of this!

Would like it ... but, 1.4.5 (no luck for me). Derek, I couldn't resist giving you a hard time for " contrast, saturation, and ting."

Makes me thirsty reading this blog post!

WebOS 2.X only... thumbs down(until Sprint gets 2.X)!

Woo hope I win. I love the plus version of this app and on device editing would make this app perfect

me! love the app

I'd love one, but I'll have to wait until sometime 'this summer' to use it on my new Pre3!

Who doesn't love a good freebie rockin webOS from the good folks at Precentral?

I have Photo Effects Plus, i want pro!!

looks great...hope I win!

Would actually love to get me one of these


Looks awesome! I'll take one code please!

Nice. I already own the free version and would be glad to have the pro one.

Thanks guys!

Cool, I'm in :)

pick me! :)

Thanks for the chance to win this photo editing app.

Looks like a nice app to have in the arsenal.

Appears very useful! Lots of potential in hybrid PDK apps!

I want a copy. Thank you for offering it!

I want it! Was just looking at it last night.

Would love a copy.

**** Yeah!

Been going back and forth about the diff paid photo apps and would love one for free!

i think HP should buy this App from the developer and included in the basic webos !

Photo Effects Pro for a beautiful picture show!

i can haz copy?

Yes, please may I have a free copy? Thank you!

Having Used The Online versions (PE and PE+) I can understand how cool this give away is. Will enjoy watching this one play out.

Could use a copy for my girlfriend's new Veer! Which she will have after the 18th barring her hating the device, then it becomes mine!

I'm in

I'd like to throw my hat in the ring also.

This feels like the beginning of great apps we have all been waiting for!

Here's a comment!

Looks cool...

finally! I didn't like that my pictures had to be send to the cloud.


i wants :)

Definitely count me in! I bought the older version that requires an internet connection..

a code to germany, please

Ooh, sepia: how classy!

But I'm really looking forward to trying out ting.

Sweet, I have been waiting for a native photo editor.

I love editing photos for free!

Nice looking app. Pick me. Please.

Glad to see all of the enthusiasm!

I'd love a copy!!!

WebOS is the best OS!

i would like to crop some of my personal fotos

Sure, I'll take a chance to win.

You know what would make a great picture?... Me winning this contest.

seems like a cool app

Count me in :)

I would love a copy of this!

Shoot me up for a copy :P

Looks cool. I'd love to have it.

I'd like a copy, please.

Looks awesome would love a copy.


Gotta have it!

Looks great!

wow. This looks awesome. another reason to ditch the PC and usb cables for day to day activities

Oh I'd love this no one could use this more than I need it, maybe as much! Thanks for the chance!

Can get some love myself? Would love to try out this baby also...

I'll try for it

Looks great, Pick Me!!

I would love a copy. Thanks!

if there's stil a code left, count me in!

Nice! webOS needs more like this. I hope this is the beginning of a surge.

This looks like an amazing app!


i really love this app...wouldnt mind having this one please! lol

Owner of PhotoEffects and PhotoEffects Plus since close to when they first hit the catalog.

Please I'd like this app,
Cuz clearly it's all that
It's something cool to use
To banish dem blah photo blues.

I have to echo all the "finally"'s - I'd use this much more than the White Pages.

would love this app. would be very useful

Yes, please! Enter me into the contest to win a freee copy of this fantastic application. (Being an out-of-work developer I could use a dose of free about now.)

Count me in.

yep, yep, yep! i definitely want this - i love the photo apps and want the full one!! :) woohoo! i heart my palm pre plus!

Ow yeah, I already liked the Plus version, but this looks way better! Now I can turn my friens into drag queens any minute. :)


Sign me up.

This and the new camera on the Pre3 is gonna be awesome.

This looks sweet!!!!

Throwing in my entry ... I really need an app with this functionality for my business! Thanks for your consideration.

I guess I have to upgrade my Pre- to 2.1

Yes!!! i want this

Woo hoo!! I'd love one!

I would love a copy! Looks like a really powerful tool for Webos photo editing.

I just emailed him asking about a Redeye feature down the road and he said it may be possible. I could definitely use this app w/ a promo code! Still using the old version.

Looks great!

Entering my entry. I would have multiple uses for it. Android has so many filtering and editing programs, always when we are out with the family and everyone goes for the candid picture of the kids, the android using family memebers have to throw in I can take better pictures with multiple filters. Thanks.

Hope I'm not too late, I'd like a copy of that app.

Sounds like a great app! Would love to have it, especially for free =)

I currently dont have webOS 2.1 (Sprint Pre-) but next month (fingers crossed) Ill have a Pre 3 WOOHOO. So this makes me believe I could still be one of the 50 winners. Time will tell... Best of luck to everyone else

Want a copy.

Hey, I'd love a free app, particularly one I'd find useful.

Alas, I'm ineligible along with the other Sprint users using officially-supported OS revs until/unless the vaporous Pre3 comes out.

If I win, I will save the copy for my pre-3

Guess I'm too late...

Thanks in advance

Looks like a really cool app.

UK one please :)

I want to win.

I hope I'm not too late for this one :)

I'm a long-time user of Photo Effects Plus and would dearly love to see whether Photo Effects Pro's on-device capabilities make it a better App :)


Can i haz cheeseburger?

hook me up!

I'd appreciate entry for a chance to win - thanks!

Looks great! Add me to the list!


This is awesome! would love to have this app, thanks


Me too, though I'll probably just buy it if I don't win--looks awesome!

I would love a copy of this!

looks sweet...hope get a copy

I appreciate these app giveaways but how many people here actually run webOS 2.1?
The only devices available right now that run this are the pre 2 and the veer right?

yes, please

I would like a copy. Hybrid FTW

I'm currently using Plus on my Sprint Pre. Would be awful nice to have Pro on a Pre 3 when it comes out!

i'd love a code for germany.

thanks mate.

In for the drawing.

wow! i'm waiting pre3 and this code interest me!

Your app looks great, the built-in app is waaaay too 'basic' for 2011!

Cheers from up here in the Great White North! We FINALLY have WebOS on GSM (w/o paying an arm & leg for an unlocked device)!

--Palm Pre 2

I would love a free copy of the app! So many times I have wished I could edit a pic before sending it via MMS or something.
Please sign me up! Thanks!

I bought photo effects plus and have been waiting on this update, And now he is charging for it.. Please gimme this update :D


would have been a great idea to get in on the ground floor of :

i'm in!

i'm almost to the point of whoopie! i mean how many phones are really on 2.1

slightly disgruntled Pre Plus user

I would really use this a lot! I'm always snapping pictures with my phone, even if it takes 30 seconds to load the camera app on my 2.1 Pre-... Pre3, where are you already?!?!

Looks nice.

Thanks a lott

I would love a code for a copy of this app. It looks great!

I want to be entered into the contest! Thanks.

Would love to try it out.

I bought Image Worker and would love to compare it to your application! (I'm using the Spanish App Catalog)

I want.