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App Giveaway: 100 copies of Picross 140

by Derek Kessler Tue, 11 Sep 2012 8:51 pm EDT

App Giveaway: 50 copies of Picross

If there's one category of game that will hold an eternal place in our hearts, it's puzzles. Not specifically the piece-together-an-image type puzzle, but games that are brain teasers of some sort. Take, for example, Picross by penduinbits. This app, built for webOS devices running webOS 1.4.5 or higher (so, every webOS device), offers up a load of 8-bit style puzzles where you have to use the numerical clues around the edge of a grid to determine which blocks to fill in to create an image. It's a simple idea, but the numerical puzzle aspect of Picross will be sure to keep you, well, puzzled. At least, it will for one hundred of you, who will receive a free copy of Picross!

Contest: We have 100 copies of Picross to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends next Sunday at midnight US Eastern Time, after which time we will select 100 random entrants to win. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries won’t count. Promo codes are only valid in countries serviced by the App Catalog, and users must be running webOS 2.0 or higher with the latest version of the App Catalog.



this would be cool

I'm in .... please

of course... I am in... :-)

winner.... Please

I'm in.

I want one.


Enjoyed the demo a lot, would love a copy

Count me in! Thank you.

always room for more puzzles on my tp

Picross is an awesome mind game. Hopefully I get picked.

I will enter - should be fun!

would love to try it.

I'd like to try this please. Thank you

i'm in

This would be great!

Would love a copy of this for my procrastinating. Not that I do that... *twiddles*

Have the demo on my touchpad, would love to get a copy of this!

love the demo. Would really love the full version

please put me in the draw

I´d like to try it, thanks

Please add me to the list. Thanks!
WAIT, I'm running 1.4.5 so if you need 2.0... then shucks.

Always love a good puzzle.

here I'm in.

Count me in. 

How Do I not ask for a free copy of a game? I think it's great when the developers do this for us! Thanks guys!!

Lets do this!

Picross SAIKOU!

I'd love this! :)

I'm in.

I'd love to! Sign me up!

Count me in, thanks.


pick me please :)

love those games, especially on a long flight.

yay! count me in please :)

pick me!

Please count me in -- I enjoyed the trial version of this app very much!

save one copy for me please

WebOS rules
WebOS rocks
WebOS lives ...

Count me in also!

I love picture puzzles, this would be great. Thank you.

I tried the demo already and this was quite cool!

Pick my cross.

Please count me in.

I would like one please, thank you.

Thank you for these giveaways and the oportunity to win.

One for me, please

puzzle for me!

My fav game on webOS!

please add me to the list

One for me please.

I'm in .... please

Woooould take a promocode :)

Count me in plz

I'd like a promo code for the German App Catalog - thanks :)

A game to boost brain activity is wonderful. I love doing puzzles.
Thanks for the offer.

Nice! :)

Oh yes please - and thanks to Derek for getting codes for non US locations, Huzzah!


Yes Please,I don't mind being a bit puzzled now and again

hmm...... I'm puzzled!!

Definitely interested!

yes, yes, yeeees. i am in. what a delight for my little veer.. he will be soooo happy!

would love a copy

Count me in ;-)

I want it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASEEEEE!!!!!!! ಥ_ಥ

I love that addicting game (free version)! So I'm in to get a copy of the full version :)

Sounds good to me

I used to love these riddles. Count me in!

I loved Picross on the Nintendo DS, I would like to try it also un my Veer!

I'll take a copy please

I'm in

I would love to have the full version on this app.

Would love a copy, count me in.

very nice

Takes me back to the PictureLogic program on PalmOS.

I'm in...

i'll take one :)


Love a good puzzle - I am in. Thanx.

Sounds awesome!

Yes, please.

thanks in advance

y not looks fun.

Yes please. Had it but TP crashed.

Looks good. Thanks for the contest.

Looks intriguing...

me please!

I am Timotheus David.

Add me! Thank you :)

count me in, thanks

count me in for 1, Thanks

Looks nice...

Worth a shot.

Count me in!

my entry

I'd love to win this super game!

sure I want one. Just the thing while waiting for paint to dry

I'm in for a mind blaster ; )

100th comment gets a copy? :D

Pick me! Pick me!

I'm game

pic a pic. pikachu err cross.


I love the free version. I can't wait to try the full version.

I love this game!

I'm up for that

fingers crossed

This would be cool

I love this game! Please draw my name!

Cool! Please and thank you!

Nice count me in

Fun game!

The proverbial "Pick me".

would be cool to have it in my phone

thanks for let me trying it!

I'd enjoy this one!

I want one.

I would LOVE to have more picross puzzles to solve!

for me,... Please !

I'd love to have more of these!

me too.

I'd love a copy of this game!

May be a bit late to me? I would like a copy of this game, please... Thanks!!

Any left? Hope so!

Hit me up!

My all time favorite game!!! Would love to win a copy.

Please consider me, if there are any copies left. Thanks!

Hit me up too

Feeling lucky!

Let's do this

I love Picross!

pick me

yes, please. Then I can play against my husband who loves this game.

Please pick me! I want to play Picross!

thanks for the chance to win, and giving me one more reason to stay with my touchpad...

commenting. I don't work here...

I'd like one please!

Count me in. WebOS still rocks.

Sign me up :-)