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App Giveaway: 50 copies of QuadWord 142

by Derek Kessler Mon, 18 Jun 2012 9:28 pm EDT

App Giveaway: 50 copies of QuadWord

It's not a day that goes by that somebody doesn't utter something about there being nothing new under the sun. And while that may be true, that doesn't mean we can't do our best to reimagine the things that are already here. Enter the TouchPad game QuadWord, by Squeaky Dog Software, which takes the classic word jumble and gives it a new twist. QuadWord gives you sixteen letters, and while you might be able to form words out of that with no problem, they're divided up into four groups, each of from which you must pull just one letter to form a word. And it's timed. No pressure, and no sweat - normally you'd have to fork over $0.99 to play QuadWord, but thanks to the fifty copies we have to give away, you might just get to do it for free!

Contest: We have 50 copies of QuadWord to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends next Sunday at midnight US Eastern Time, after which time we will select 50 random entrants to win. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries won’t count. Promo codes are only valid in countries serviced by the App Catalog, and users must be running webOS 3.0 or higher with the latest version of the App Catalog.


nice for a table/tablet game!

I wish I get it!!! :)

still trying to win one. 


Word dude..

count me in, please.

Yes please. Looks interesting.

Let's do this!

I'm in for 1.

That looks pretty cool.

Looks pretty good. I am in.


looks cool, count me in, please

Count me in for a copy. Thanks.

A new game! Yeah!

P-I-C-K me.

A new game! Yeah!

A new game! Yeah!

A new game! Yeah!

....with a little persistence....maybe, just maybe...this time....please... - thankyou

Looks fun! Count me in.

I can't spel but so what!

always need more word games!

Yes please

Enter me please!

Looks like a fun game!
I want it!!!

Yes i like it....

Sounds like a fun game.

Looks challenging.

please I would very much like a copy...

Yes, please count me in.

very nice


worth a try. Thanks!

This should hold me over until Astraware releases Word Games

Looks nice!

looks fun

brain game awesome please count me in :)

Please and thank you!

One for me please.


I'd love quadword.

Me please.

I would like to be one of the lucky 50, please.

I"ll give it a try!

Yes please!

I love word games and I love to get this game, WORD!

here please

Count me in....

Me, me, me

I love word games. So, please...

yes please!

Count me in! ;-)

Looking for a decent word game on the TP. Count me in.

Looks nice! Count me in :) Thanks!

me too, need help with my vocabulary

I'm in as usual

Here i am, beloved!

Sounds interesting

EYE see a word.

I like word games!

Pick me please!

i'm in.

I would like to try.

I am also in.

Would love to win a copy of this game. Looks pretty cool.

I'm in.

Count me in please

just the game to keep your mind going

need this to keep my touchpad fresh.


word game---fun

Quad me!

In my day we only had double word, and we were happy to have that! I still want one though.

Honest. It's for the kids.

Yes, please.

seems very interesting! Would love to have it!

count me in

To all of the death dealers out there. I guess WebOS is a zombie. You thought Leo was the brain, and you got him. Still alive and well.

If you please, I would love a copy of this for my wonderful TP. BTW I just won one at the latest WebOS meetup here in Dallas.

Looks fun!

I love word games!

word master here

I'd love a copy of the app!

Count me in.

I want it!

Yeah! QuadWord. That's hot!

Looks like big fun! I'm In!

i'm in

Nice game

I would like to win this!

Count me in, please!

Winning this would be a great addition to the touchpad

In for a chance to win! :)

fingers crossed

hmm...looks interesting!

I would like one

I want one


Gimme Gimme Gimme

I love word games, and this looks to be just my style. I'd love a free copy!

Yes please. I would love a copy!!!

Sounds fun! Please consider me.

The free version has been fun. Sure, I will take the paid version.

Sounds like fun - I'd love a copy.

would be fun to win this one


Sounds good =)

Like to have one of these!


give me one....

Nice app

count me in!

Four Score...

I'd like one please!

I'm always interested in new word/puzzle games. =)

I'd love to win one

Sounds like a great game to try.


Like to have a copy please

My girl friend like this game!

My wife would LOVE this game. She's always making as many words as she can from the letters in one word. I would REALLY appreciate this, and thanks for the opportunity!

Thanks for the chance!

Please may I have a copy?


nice..just realize it and try it the first time!

looks like fun - count me lucky

Looks interesting. Sign me up.

Sounds good

Oooh! A word game!

Nice sharing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Looks interesting!

stil ongoing?

Sounds like a good game to play with kids. Would love to give it a try.

looks like something mom might like

seems challenging. I love word games

looks like fun!

I love word games

Words, words gimme words.

a must have

Here's hoping!

I'd like one please!

me too

in 4 1