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App Giveaway: 50 copies of ReadOnTouch Pro 299

by Derek Kessler Tue, 27 Dec 2011 11:48 am EST

In the world of read later platforms, there's Instapaper and there's Read It Later. Both have excellent apps for webOS, and if you're into Read It Later, there's none better than ReadOnTouch Pro by Sven Ziegler. This Enyo app works with ease on both the Pre3 and TouchPad, offering full offline reading of your saved articles with beautifully-presented content free of the distractions of website faire. It's a fantastic app if Read It Later is your cup of tea (and unlike Instapaper client Paper Mache doesn't require a recurring service subscription), and we just so happen to have 50 copies to give away!

Correction: ReadonTouch Pro is only compatible with the Pre3 or TouchPad. Apologies for any confusion.

Contest: We have 50 copies of ReadOnTouch Pro to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends next Sunday at midnight US Eastern Time after which time we will select 50 random entrants to win. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries won’t count. Promo codes are only valid in countries serviced by the App Catalog, and users must be running webOS 2.2.0 or higher with the latest version of the App Catalog on a Pre3 or TouchPad


Wow, First Comment!!!

That would be quite nice :-)

I'll take one. K thx bye

let me enjoy the "read later" experience! UK version

Please add me. Thanks!

yes thanks

right on read on

I hope this works lol I'm replying to a comment. Seems to be the only way to leave comments while using the touchpad lol

I've got the same problem, so I'm hijacking your reply to reply to. Hopefully I'm not hijacking your chance at a code as well... that'd be just plain rude! :)

Just started using ReadItLater and would love to have it on the Touchpad!


My TouchPad is ready for readontouch.

BTW where is the primary reply link for this article? Could not locate. And later comments are missing reply link.

late but not out love to get this code

pick me!

hope it works can't add a new comment from the touchpad lol

funny, I can't either, but at least we both can 'reply'

count me in

me too

me too


I want to read off line also

hope I can get a copy

another one

Right on! Read on!

That sure likes like a handy app. To win one would be great.

Looks great. Would love to give it a try, especially for free.

I would like to get a promo code!

Let´s try it :)

I thank you in advance for a promo code!!

Fingers crossed

Den Versuch ist es wert :)

mal sehen ...:)

Exactly what I need for my TouchPad

May I have a copy, please?

I need it more than anybody else.

me2 me2

You have 50 copies but your going to pick 100?

Well I hope I am 1 ;)

I'd like a copy

Great, one promo code please

a perfect gift for the broke student

I need IT!

Great idea. Thank you. Looking forward to having one, hopefully.

I want one

Please count me in, too! :-)

Ooh! I'd like this one.

I'd love to have a copy.

please please please...


give me my free copy.... I sure can use it!

Yes Please - Just what I need to save me going down the paid Instapaper route.

Pick me please

I want a copy please!!!!!!!

I want a copy please

This wd be a great addition to my TP.

I'd like to win a german promocode.

sounds good...thank you

would love a copy!!!!

This is the sound of me commenting for a chance at a freebie.

I already have the trial version. I want this full version!

Would welcome the app! Thanks! ;)

I would like to have a copy as well. Good luck!

Definitely an app I could put to good use

For this, I comment.


I would like to enter. Thank you!

First day playing with my news 32g touchpad - would love to have this app!

I could use that, thanks.

I would LOVE this :) plz plz plz

I just got my Pre 2 last week and would love this app for it. Please and Thanks!!

Please let me win this app! I need it for my touchpad & pre 3! I use read it later for a lot of offline reading.

Count me in!

one copy is mine please
thank you

Pick me!

This app sounds intriguing.

Count me in if still available.

sign me up! woooooo!

My comment!! thk

escapato desir ablumatomba cala constibada.

It's everything I wanted but didn't get for Christmas.

Oooh oooh, pick me!

This would be nice! :)

Has potential to be a cool app!

I hope I'm one of the 100 that get choosen for the 50 copies... "We have 50 copies of ReadOnTouch Pro to give away... after which time we will select 100 random entrants to win"

Wow a chance to get one more Xmas gift not bad. PS: thanks for all the good work you guys are doing.

I'd like to be using this!

was the first before and it didn't matter, maybe now I'll get a chance.

It sure would be sweet to get a promo code for this app!

pick me

woud be a nice combo with Zite!

I'd love a code! WebOS for life!

Would love to be able to use this on my Touchpad. Thanks!

Cool - I have a touchpad and a pre 2.
This app would be a nice addition.

thanks, wish I can get one

just recieved my new touchpad...

Scored a Touchstone for $30 from Office Depot with coupons. If I get this too, this would make a nice late Christmas present.

Sounds like a good app.

i want!

I like the news. I would like a copy.

Cool, I've been thinking I should try that out!

Happy New Year!

Nice app to unify my other browsers with webos, put me on the list. Thanks.

yes I want this.

Would love to win a copy!

count me in... Love this site!

Hope it could be downloaded to Poland :)

I was just researching Readitlater, this would be perfect.

Yes, Please!

Please pick me! One copy for Germany, please.

Count me in

May I have a copy please.

Thank you.

reading Is fun

Looks great...Love to "win" it please. Happy New Year. Allan


Great for schoolwork

I use Read it Later all the time, This app would be awesome.

I'm not one of the FIRST 50 to respond but dangit! I want one of these apps!

I'm not one of the FIRST 50 to respond but dangit! I want one of these apps!

My cup of tea--reading my saved articles over a cappucino!


Count me in too.

Me wants! Me wants! Me wants! Me wants! Me... ah, you know! :-P

Best Regards... B)

I would love to try it.

like to have one

I use read it later all the time so this enyo app which will run on touchpad and pre would be really useful.

Yes, please! Thanks!

mmmmhh i remember a APP to palm OS to read newspapers off line. Any body remember it? the wsy PICK ME PICK ME

If it's free, it's for me :)

I would like a chance

pick me!

I'm random. Plus, with all the money we save on promos we can chip in and get D.K. a Heil PR40.

This sounds awesome! I'd love it.

By the time you guys pick winners, I'll finally be using my Pre 3! I'll need some new apps on it ;)

would be sweet for my touchpad


I'd like to give it a try. Go for the News Republic / Zite / ReadOn trifeta!

i would love a copy

A copy would be great. It's definitely help with my on-the-go blog writing.

Sounds like an interesting app.
would be glad to try it!

I would love to have a copy before my 12 hour flight home in January..fingers crossed!

They say you can´t win unless you play!

Count me in, please!

My comment.

I would love this app!

I don't want or need every app in the catalogue but this is the one I am looking forward to using.

Read on Touch Pro would be a lifesaver since my company blocks almost everything!

So all I have to do is comment & I win right? Right? RIGHT!?

Yes ! ..I want one Please !!

PLEASE Pick One for me! Thanks in advance.

could I read it first that I have one please

I'd absolutely love to try this app. This is a TouchPad must have app!

Input! Innnpuuut! Need more Input!

My Pre3 and I would love a copy!