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App Giveaway: 50 copies of toodleTasks HD 513

by Derek Kessler Mon, 09 Jan 2012 3:34 pm EST

We'll be honest: we have trouble keeping ourselves organized. It's not that we have a lot going on - we just can't seem to remember what we have to do and when we have to do it. While our webOS smartphones have a handy if limited little Tasks app, our TouchPads have no such features available. Enter toodleTasks HD, a TouchPad client for the online task management system Toodledo. toodleTasks HD allows you to edit all aspects of your tasks, manage multiple items at a time, and integrates with Just Type, all to make your getting stuff done easier. Normally toodleTasks HD costs $4.99 in the App Catalog, but we have 50 copies to give away to you!

Contest: We have 50 copies of toodleTasks HD to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends next Sunday at midnight US Eastern Time after which time we will select 50 random entrants to win. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries won’t count. Promo codes are only valid in countries serviced by the App Catalog, and users must be running webOS 3.0 or higher with the latest version of the App Catalog.



First comment should be good for one copy, no?

count me in too!

me too!

I'd love a copy :-)

pretty please...

count mein also

Chow mein??? ;-)

Can this count as my entry for the free giveaway?

I'll take one too :)

be do a boop - would love one - very disorganised

There's no option for me to comment using the Touchpad browser so hopefully this reply qualifies. I would love to win a copy of this great looking app.

Me too please.

same issue here. Me please, because I never get online in time to grab the free app codes. Toodledo is one if my favorite programs!

yes please

pick me pick me! This exactly the kind of app that I need. It could be transformative to my entire workflow!

thank you

Count me in!

by the time I read this there were 250 comments already

I'll say the 354th comment...hey it's as random as you can get ain't it?


webOS Nation, always keepin it real!

ToodleTasks looks great

nice to have and try

gimme gimme

Please count me in!


please include me.
i love this promotions.
let's have more

not too late I hope?

Count me in! :)

Could this be my first app giveaway to score some goods? Please say yes.

here is mine

and mine too!

Due Now: victory.

Love to have a copy

Yes I'll take one!

I still have not won yet maybe this time.

Could certainly use this.

Yes, please.

I would love to have a copy!

cool app!! This could be mine too, thanks Derek !!!

yes please, thank you

I already bought this but wanted to say it is an awesome app.

If you don't win it, buy it. You won't regret it.

Count me in...

Please :)

Still waiting to win one. :(


Say Toodloo to disorganisation and (provided you gimme a code), hello ToodleTasks. The devs keep em coming - hoorah for webOS.

Hook it up!!

Task #1: Get this app for free!

this would be great...Thanks!

count me In

Free App!!!!!!! I want that....

I'd like this app...pretty please

haven't won anything on this site, had amazing haikus and not even a mention! :(

Count me in, too!

In before hitting 400 comments!

It's not Remember the Milk, but I don't see a webOS client for that anytime ever. Might be time for a new product.

Looks awesome!

For my wife once again

Count me in it to win it!

I wish To Do apps would get Synergy plugins ... that would be awesome!

toodle me!

Fingers crossed.

Cool app! Want one!

i want one

count me

Yes, please!

I love Toodledo, and use it via the web interface. Would love a native app!

Please pick me, Mr. Random! That's just what I need for those New Years resolutions...

Me too!

me please

Yes, please!


Here's hoping I win!

mmm shanghai toodles.

in the top 50 comments surely qualifies :-)

ok, if that does not, then the fact i am from the beautiful country of Brazil should qualify :-)

philosal raptor

This app looks great! Can't wait to try.


nice to have...!!!

i would like to win

I would LOVE this !!! plzzzz

thanks webosnation!

looks great!

Looks great, I'm definitely interested.

Nice looking app! This would really come in handy for my job.


I was Not aware, that there is a Toodledo Client for my WebOS device. World love to use this with my Toodledo Pro Subscription.

Sounds awesome. Hope I can get one :)

one for me!!!!


I would love to win a copy for the Spanish catalog

looks like a great app to go on my beloved touchpad!!


yes please!

I'd enter a comment, but I need a Toodledo client to remind me to do it! Oh wait...

Yes please

toodledo or toodledont, that is the question!

Thanks for the offer. It is something that I would certainly find useful. Hoping for a little bit of luck around this time of year.

Looks useful.

Foshizzle, I'm in too...

I would love this. Thanks.

Nice software, I'd like to enter the give away :)

This would be perfect. I'll take one.

Would like this as well, thanks.

I'm in!

I would love a free copy.


I love ToodleDo!

yes please

Nice one! This app will increase my productivity to a new dimension :)

I could really use this..

Excellent, thanks

Would love me some toodleTasks HD.

I'd get one if I were more organized.

Show me the money!! :)

would love to win a copy!

This could be very helpful!

In for one :)

Sign me up, sounds interesting.

I'd like one please!

This is another great app, please give me this toodleTasks HD.

I really need something like this. Thanks for another contest!


I would love a copy of this!

Yes, sir, Captain Tight Pants.

me please.

Count me in for some toodling

Im in

Would love one.

I would like a copy of this thank you!!!!

Count me in

i'm a lib...gimme gimme gimme

I am in!


as a University student, this app could be my very best friend.

I suffer badly from C.R.S. and was going to post a really good reason that you should choose me, but I suffer badly from C.R.S. and was going to post a really... See my point? Think about my poor wife who has to constantly remind me to do things, like pick her up from the airport.... Oh **** I have to run. Please help, I suffer badly from C.R.S.

count me in

would need this to enter the contest

This still doesn't have the feature I want in a task manager, but it would be great to have.

Definitely need to try this out...


Toodle Tooddle please

Hook me up!

I always need something to keep track of work I haven't done.

Oh please oh please I will put this app to work big time!!

Please enter me in the drawing, thanks!

It is now my turn....

I would love a copy so I can figure out what is next ...

Put my name in the hat, please!

In for 1. I could greatly benefit from this app. I hope this doesn't disqualify me, but if I don't win I may just buy it. ;)

Im a freelance Graphic Artist that needs to get organized. This app could sure help. :)