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App Giveaway: 50 copies of ToodleTasks Phone Edition 205

by Derek Kessler Thu, 31 May 2012 8:34 am EDT

App Giveaway: 50 copies of ToodleTasks Phone Edition

Earlier this month we brought the glorious news that the ToodleDo task manager client ToodleTasks had been brought down from the TouchPad's big screen to our more pocketable webOS smartphones. The app, dubbed ToodleTasks Phone Edition by developer ProdiSoft, uses the same Enyo application framework and interface scheme as its bigger brother, but does so on the smaller screen. ToodleTasks Phone Edition can be had for $3.99 from the App Catalog, but fifty lucky versions of you stand a chance at winning a copy for free!

Contest: We have 50 copies of ToodleTasks Phone Edition to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends next Wednesday at midnight US Eastern Time, after which time we will select 50 random entrants to win. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries won’t count. Promo codes are only valid in countries serviced by the App Catalog, and users must be running webOS 2.1.0 or higher with the latest version of the App Catalog.


That's great. More apps, more love...

count me in too

me too

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I would love to finally win one of these!

Count me in!

Yes! Yes! Please!

I'm so in.

I was planning to buy it anyway... Let's go !

webOS ain't dead yet! Thanks, ProdiSoft!

One for me, please.

Looks like a great app - thanks for the opportunity to get it for free!

moi aussi. Moi aussi. Merci.

One with Spanish Flavour, pls :-)

I want a copy :)

I live and die by my todo list!

Sign me up. I would love this.

Need it !

great app! Looks so beautiful.

Take one for me please. A lot of thanks!

This would be great!!! Thank you for the contest! :)

I have this on my Touchpad and love it! I'd also love to have it on my Pre3.

I need on, please.

I want one! Pleeeeeaaaase!

I would like to toodle tasks!

Count me in ;-)

Today's tasks:

* ...
* leave comment to win copy of Toodle Tasks: check
* ...

My HP Pre 3 calling out to ToodleDo. Count me in.

thanks for another great promo! One for me, please!

lets do this thing

yes count me in

Please. Thank you.

I want one

Yes, please. It looks great!

I want one.


In like flint please. ;-).

I want to win a copy, would be great.

Yes, please!
Ja, bitte! :)

Thirty sixth!

Count me in!

Still here, still in :)

Looks great, I would love a copy, please!

Yes! Want! Like! Whatever it takes!

Yes please, top app.

im in, btw UK code required

Yay, ToodleTasks! A winning copy for me, may I ask? In the sun I will bask. With my Pre2 and my flask!

please one code for germany (:

I'll take one of ur hands!! :)


Sign me up!

I've been eyeing this app for a while. Count me in!

To do: win copy of ToodleTasks Phone Edition

Count me in!

Yes please!

Sign me up, too!

I am in!

count me in.


I'm a big fan of ToodleDo, so ToodleTasks for my Pre3 would be perfect!


I'm in!


One copy for me, please. Before I get Alzheimer... By the way, what I'm doing here?:-o

dang, guess i'm too late ;D

Sounds like a great way to organize! Thanks for the opportunity.

I use A1 on the tablet, but I'd be willing to give toodle a try

I still like 'Done!' but this one looks really nice!

This looks nice.

count me in!!!

me too

Would be nice, to have it on my Pixi+

Count me in

Thanx Achim


My Pre- (running 2.1) is still alive. I'll take a copy please.


Just what I need!
What a great timing.
My Pre3 will love it. :-)


me too.


Would love a copy

Boy ol' boy, I cant wait til my Plam Pre- and Touchpad gets a taste of Open webOS !!!

count me in

SIgn up my Pre3 for this one. It can use some software lovin while we wait for Open WebOS.

Planning to buy it anyway, but hey, better to get it free

This would be absolutely awesome

Ooh, sounds useful. Please count me in. I'll need a UK code if that's possible. Thanks.

I'd like to get it!

Love ToodleDo. Would love ToodleTasks.

That would be awesome. Toodledo is great.

me toooo!

This is an area of importance that webOS has sorely been lacking. I would definitely like to try it out.

I have the tablet version. The phone version would be a great addition

Long live webOS!

Definitely would love this app. I need to get organized!

Yes please I could really do with this app. Keep WebOS alive and kicking!


I was not satisfied with touchpad version; wonder should I buy it for my Pre3?

Cool I'm in!

I would love to finally win one of these!

I realy want a ToodleTasks Phone Edition for My Pre 3 .

Thank ProdiSoft !

My Pre 3 would love it! :)

I'd love to have a new app for my phone. I haven't had a new one in months.

count me in!

yes, please


me me me!

Sure, count me in!

I`d like one please.

Toodledo! I love you!


Yes please. Thx!

I haven't won one yet but I'll keep trying.

I like the sound of this.

i want


This is just the app I needed on my phone since I don't take the touchpad with me everywhere but I take my Pre 2 everywhere.

Please! I´ve want this so bad! Thanks in advance!

my touchpad is asking me.. where is ToodleTasks?


Pick me (please)

Woot! Thanks for helping to keep webOS viable and useful!

nice app. Would like to try it out.

I will try my luck.

Brilliant that there's still development happening & apps appearing for webOS.
Thanks Prodisoft

Yes please. I need a decent task manager. NZ app catalogue please.

I'm interested.

I own it for the Tablet, and I have been considering purchasing the means for a Sprint FrankenPre2 pretty much for this program.

Please give one to me - I find Done! unusable, this sounds better.

i'll give it a go.


I hope it works on my new Palm Pixi Plus

Sweet! Count me in.

Nice! Right here, please

I was considering this app - looks good!

Sure, it's on my wish list.

Looks good. Thank you.

Looks useful.

um, can't come up with something witty.

Love toodledo-- could use another option on webos :)

Sned one downunder, please

What's the greatest nation, DONATION!

It's great to see there are still so many people want webOS apps!

I would like to try this. Thanks.

I love WebOS, count me in please. I have an HP touchpad but would love to have this app.
Thank You.

All I have is my tiny Veer. I sure hope this app supports my diminutive screen. I've always been a GTD ninja and I've been searching for a good GTD client since I picked up my original Pre during the 2009 launch. I've been using Done! to sync with ToodleDo, so another option would be awesome.

yes please

Might I ask for Tasks

That looks nice!

I'm pretty lay back but I promise that if you give me a copy of this app, I will be G2G (good to go) with my day2day 2do list.

Count me in please!

Count me in!

Thanks very much!
Thanks everything u did for webos!
I love webos!

This looks like a keeper. Lemme at it!

Ouu, please pick me!! My VZW Pre 3 could really use a good task app!

I'd lie one?