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App Giveaway: 50 copies of Touch Surf 257

by Derek Kessler Mon, 06 Aug 2012 9:24 pm EDT

App Giveaway: 50 copies of Touch Surf

The TouchPad browser supports bookmarking, but you don't get any of the deeper options like you do with a desktop browser, like putting together folders to keep it all organized. For that, there's Touch Surf by PetzApps, and it takes bookmarking and amps it up in webOS style. The app comes prepopulated with a bunch of pre-categorized websites that you can load up in the in-app browser (or send to the full browser), or you can add your own of both categories and sites. Everything works within Touch Surf's browser as you might expect, though with expanded sharing features, the ability to view and bookmark locally-stored images, and a full-screen mode for the browser. If that sounds like a good way to kill a bunch of hours reading and watching on the web, then hit up the comments below for your chance to win one of fifty copies!

Contest: We have 50 copies of Touch Surf to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends next Sunday at midnight US Eastern Time, after which time we will select 50 random entrants to win. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries won’t count. Promo codes are only valid in countries serviced by the App Catalog, and users must be running webOS 3.0 or higher with the latest version of the App Catalog.




Sounds cool!

Looks good

very nice

Nice! I would like that for my TP!

I only wish we had more apps for our webOS products as cool as this one.

looks cool

Glad to see there will finally be a way to organize bookmarks- very cool!

looks good!

Great idea!

Glad to see there will finally be a way to organize bookmarks- very cool!

Perhaps the best App give away, I have seen.

i want

Oh yeah! This looks like just what I've been looking for!

Looks cool. I'd like one.

Looks nice! I hope there are more great apps like this one on the way.

If I win, I'll give webOS another chance.

Me too!

I'm in again!!

Nice app!

I Love any new WebOS Software !

Count me in!

Wow! I would love to get a copy of this.

Would also love to receive a copy of this!

I cheer every new app

oh do I ever need a more organized browser please! :-)

I haven't won one of these giveaways yet, but I feel lucky this time. I'd love to get this app.

enter me,please

This looks good. I'm in!

Ooh pick me! I could s use this. Will come in handy

Are there 50 of us left???


why does it take so long to do the obvious?

nice app

Sure, I'll take one.

sounds cool I will take one.

Good to see more apps.

looks good

I'll try it.

This should help with my curiosity!

Love to have a copy of this new hand is...can't you see it?

this would be awsome

If it's not too late, I would like to enter. Thank you.

yes, great app!

I would love a copy.


looks like a cool upgrade to have!

I would like one tooo..

Please pick me

Surf's up ..... please

I'm so happy to hear this news. Nothing makes me happier than being more organized and efficient!

Please don't forget me !

Meeee! me me

I need one, please! Thanks!

Sounds great!

i want one. Thanks.

looks nice, count me in!

yes please count me in too!

looks like a well written app. would like to try it.

Can I one too. Thank you

I'll have this!

Touch my surf.

Boy, this looks awesome!

need more apps please.

bookmark my touchPad

It looks to be a great application - I hope I win a copy

I'm not leaving.

Yes, please!

I'd love to win!

Awesome, this software looks great, and I would love to win.

In for one (with a bit of luck).

Could be fun. What's the worse that could happen?

in for one, if you'll have me. thx.

looks good. Give me one.

I would love to be one of the lucky 50, if you wouldn't mind....

I'm in.

I'll throw my hat in

This is a GREAT app. I want it for my brother, I already have it.


I want.

add me in

i am always in!


Please and thank you!

I'll take a browse pls....

Best, recent app giveaway! 1 please!


yes please

Yes please.

nice to have

me me me :)

One would be nice…thanks

Excellent! Must have! ;)

Count me in! ;-)

looks good! I'd like to have this!

I would love this application

This sounds great! One of my biggest complaints with Advanced Browser (and the stock one) is the lack organizational bookmarks.

I love to try it out.

Would be nice.

Yes please

Thanks for sharing!!!

It'd be nice to have a way to organize bookmarks beyond the one-layer, non-reorder-able (as far as I know) list we currently have for the default browser.

Does this app maybe also support sending stuff to the Advanced Browser?


Touch Surf me. Uh... I should rephrase that...

Cool stuff :-)

Looks cool~! I wish I get it~!!!!

Wow, more than a hundred posts. I want also...

Wow, more than a hundred posts. I want also...

oh please, this is a good one. Thank you.

Count me in!

Sounds like a nice addition. Please sign me up.

This looks nice. Thanks for the contest.

looks very cool

I'm in!

great offer, thx

I need to buy this if I don't win one.

me me me me...

only reason to have opera these days is opera link, and the opera webos bookmarks app..

this could supplant that and more...

Yes please, one for me!

Handy, I want one please!


Finally, an application that will make life easier for those who uses bookmarking. Now, I can get to the one that I saved and to organized my bookmarking for easy access. I hope I get pick.

I would greatly appreciate one of the 50 copies. Anything to better organize me! Thanks.

Reminds me of Surf and Turf ... lol

Very nice! WOuld like to get a copy!

great app I would love a copy to try myself

Include me :)

Nice, count me in...


How cool!!! Sorli...

Buh... Buh.. Buh... Book Marks, Baby!

This sounds like a great "upgrade" and is just what I need. Thanks for the opportunity!

The fact that I want this solely for the "deeper" options of basic bookmark organizing is a sad commentary on the stock browser.

I would love something like this. Yesh Preeze!

Count me in! Thanks!

As long as apps like this keep getting developed, TouchPad will always be the one to have.

Awesome..always wished there was a better bookmark app.

Looks excellent! I'd love a copy!

Wow, looks nice!

I'll take one please. Thank you! :)

thanks in

I want to Surf away the time on my TouchPad


this looks lie a cool app

Looks good count me in!!!

I would love the opportunity to have another great looking app on my touchpad

I've never won any of these free apps - maybe this time!

I love to have a great app Thanks

I haven't won one of these contests yet! Who says there aren't any WebOS users?

This looks awesome

I'd love to give this a go!

I'm in!