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App Giveaway: 50 copies of Vector Conflict: The Siege 189

by Derek Kessler Tue, 24 May 2011 5:38 pm EDT

Visually styled after the classic Atari game Battlezone, Vector Conflict: The Siege is more of a barricade defense game than its visual ancestor. You are placed in a bunker, defending from all sides from wave after wave of attacking drones. You have a primary gun, rocket launcher, EMP chargers, and a nuke or two at your disposal. Because the threat in Vector Conflict comes from all sides, it’s up to your reflexes and instincts to prioritize which enemy drones to wipe out first – especially since not everybody shows up on your radar.

Thankfully, throughout the game you can upgrade your weaponry to better handle the onslaught. Unfortunately, the onslaught also gets amped up – drones are crazy like that. If the name “Vector” didn’t give it away, we’ll tell you know: Vector Conflict is definitely retro in its styling: everything is simple line graphics set on a black background, accompanying by a brooding sci-fi soundtrack.

Contest: We have 50 copies of Vector Conflict: The Siege to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries won’t count. Promo codes are only valid on carriers serviced by the App Catalog, and users must be running webOS 2.1 or higher with the latest version of the App Catalog.


I'm always in for giveaways.

This would look cool on my new Touchpad or Pre 3!

yea for contests!!!

I likes nuking da dronz; but I also likes savings da monies.

Free, my favorite 4 letter word!

Many, many years ago when I was a younger geek I remember playing Battlezone when it was an arcade game. It was pretty cool for it's time. Nothing would be better than to introduce the game to my kids on my Pre2. Maybe they'll find it more interesting than that bird game.

Ahhhhhh...memories...Atari.. *tear*

Free giveaway? Atari flashback? Yes please!

But there's only 49 people who own the latest devices with 2.0 and up :-p
Counts me out...

Another giveaway? This is awesome!

I still have my original..I hate it when you discrminate..some of us still are attached to our phones and like games....would you consider what you said to HP as a guide to how you behave as well...include us!!!!!

Sweet, this game looks cool.

Boom, bam!

looks like a very polished game! Would be a great way to show off webOS!

i can haz vectorz?

HP Veer Tester ready and waiting sir!

Looks like an interesting game.

I'm all about putting the smack-down on Vectors. Lemme at 'em!


I would like to win one?


Oh beloved Battlezone, how I long for us to be reunited at last!!! :)

Maybe for meeeee...

Oh man, awesome! Count me in

Looks like fun

I will win, it is the latest Camping prediction. He is trying to get his groove back by setting small goals.

I'D LOVE ONE!! I'd Love one!


need something other than the bird game, like he said

Reminds me of the old Battlezone games.


yes please

**** yes please, awesome stuff!

looks like a cool game!

Looks good, i'm in.

yes please :)

Looks like fun. I'm in.

me want!


Great way to promote your app. If i don't get a code i would still probably download rhis. Theae shooter games are really the best for handheld devices.

looks like a fun game!

Definitely want in on this.

hope I get one!

what's your vector, Victor?

games = good

looks fun!

Am I in the first 50 posts?

I'm in


I still have my 2600. So there.

pick meeee

51st comment-- I just ruined it for everyone!

Looks like fun. I wouldn't mind trying the game out.

nice. i'd love to play this game in my pre.

I do declare!

om nom free stuff


Please me too, I like oldscool.

Looks good, can't wait to try it!



Looks like a ton of fun!


In for the win

Interesting game, I'd love to check it out, and for those wanting a closer look

This video is actually from the online Flash version. The mobile game actually looks a little better.


I love the battlezone look - sign me up.

Yay, Battlezone in the Palm of your hand. Go, Vector Conflict: The Siege!

Might as well give it a shot.

Would love to try it!

Sounds like a fun game!

Cool Game! Thank you for hosting the Promo opportunity.

My eyes spotted "free" I clicked!

this looks like a real fun app! Count me in.

we'll give this a shot...

I'll take one

Yes, please enter me into the contest.


hopes i win!

It's Battlezone with Elite!

yes please

looks cool!

Please pick me!

looks fun

I was just looking at this game earlier this week. I'm such a geek for games.

This looks pretty fun.

Woot, I want to win

Looks great, would love to try it out.

I love vector games sooooo much. If I don't win, I'll buy it. :)

Dibs I want in

Nice game sure!!

Damn. Stuck on 1.4.5. Otherwise I'd definitely post a comment...

Can I please still be considered and install it when I get the Pre3 someday?

I was ten when Battlezone came out. I still remember being blown away by the vector graphics. One of the few games that vector really worked well with. The Star Wars (arcade game), of course, being one of the other.

Please pick me! You all have not picked me before but I really am a really nice person!!!!

duh. winning!

Winner Winner?? Looks entertaining :)

Please...take me back to the Atari days! Sign me up please.

É Nóis Na Fita! :-P

Best Regards... B)

I'd love a copy!



Need goodies on my Veer!

Winner = here

So when I win, can I collect it when I upgrade to my Palm Pre3? Or better yet, my Palm Slab?

(Yes, i know the slab doesn't even have a real name or announcement yet, and yes, I know that Palm has gone the way of the dodo's but I firmly believe that from an advertising perspective it's better to visualize a Palm then an HP.)

this looks awesome

Thank You Precentral!

/me * cries and screams and pulls his hair out and drops before the Palm Pre Central Lords and begs for a copy *

I could use a fresh game!

Free game? I'm game.

vector conflict all the way

Looks great! I'm in for this!

As a long-time fan of Vector graphics, I am happy to see such a beautiful game on webOS. After all, my Vectrex is starting to show signs of age! ;)

Yay another one!

I'm from Canada. Can I win it?

Any still left? Looks like a fun app.

I would love a copy. me love you long time. webOS needs more tank warfare!

want one badly, need to go thru school & no money

Ya me too

pick me please!!

me too, please.


Do/Can Want/Has?

pick me!

I love games!

I could really use this on my new HP Veer that I got today. :)

Pick Me, too!

Looks like fun and as I happen to have 2.1 - PICK ME!

Pick me, too

Me :}

Yo, yo, aquí, aquí (I hope that a Spanish Pre- 2.1.0 user can win contest).

Dafür! (German Pre-, thanks to you also on 2.1)

dang it Sindizzy said it #Winning! I would take this app especially for a touchpad. . . . .

gogo for contests

Yes, please!


winner winner chicken dinner!

i like

Yay cool new game. I'd like to play =)

Da wäre ich doch auch gerne dabei...

ich will auch...

Wow, looks like a great game. Please count me in!

I should add my Pre- is (fairly) happily running 2.1 so I should be good to go.

I waited outside in line in front of a Bestbuy for three days waiting for my PS3, I can do this with my eyes closed...Just tap me on the shoulder if I win...

O! Meeee! Pick Meeeee!

I love the smell of free apps in the morning.

One for me please

Brings back memories of many quarters!

I hope I win. I really wanted and never got my Vectrex.

In for one... hopefully.

Count me in.