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App Giveaway: 50 copies of Wall Blaster for TouchPad 329

by Derek Kessler Mon, 15 Aug 2011 5:04 pm EDT

If you have an HP TouchPad, chances are you've already picked up a few games to play on it. But the game selection is ever growing, and you might find yourself at a loss as to which game to pick up next. We'd like to kindly suggest Wall Blaster by Thomas Haustein. The app is kind of like Bubble Breaker (though that's not available on the TouchPad), except with a fun cartoon-eaque style and two-player battle modes. It might seem like a simple game, but the game play can require some rather clever solutions. Wall Blaster is available in the TouchPad App Catalog for $2.99 - we have 50 copies to give away right here and now!

Contest: We have 50 copies of Wall Blaster to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries won’t count. Promo codes are only valid on carriers serviced by the App Catalog, and users must be running webOS 3.0 or higher with the latest version of the App Catalog.



Sure, why not!

sounds fun

yes it does

I'm definitely stoked to give this app a apps are always a good thing :-)


pick me!

I would very much love to have this game for my touchpad, so much so that I replied to the first comment to get your attention!!! Did it work?

my lame entry comment.

me too...

Haustein rocks! Count me in!

please and thank you.

Me Please! :]

yo quiero

I've been brain washing my nephew why TP is better than their new ipad2, so could use a few more games.

Not an easy sell, but I always try to convince my friends. Choose me!


would love to play this to challenge the wife, she doesn't like losing games

sweet thanks PreMenstrual! Damn it TouchPad autocorrect!

Count me in!

Count me in :) My daughter will love it.

I need some games for my TouchPad.

like to load the app on my new touchpad

Sounds great! More Touchpad games!

Looks nice

That's be great to have!

Yeah, that looks neat. I'm in.

new games = awesome.

Count me in!

Need more games for the TouchPad (which my wife has officially stolen from me)

count me in for one. Thank you!

Sign me up!

I want one please, please please

Me too!

Webos 3.0.2 on my clocked 1.5ghz touchpad would look so cool with this game playing on the big screen, give some webOS love to this devoted user and slip me some wall blaster skin young bloods...woohoo

Looks like something I and my 7 old would love to play!

I want one

I Like Toast

Sign me up for one thanks.

I want this

yay! i win :)

Free is always a good thing!

i want one :-)

looks really nice on the touchpad! How bout sending one my way!! Please!

My only games are Angry Birds and Need for Speed so would like to try this one.

Could always use more games on my Touchpad...Consider me entered. Thanks!

sounds like fun. :-)

I have ordered a touchpad.... and looking forward to playing these types of games on it :)

Please consider me for a copy! Thanks!

sign me up!

thank you

I would like a copy, please and thanks.

I like Bacon!

Game looks cool

Looks fun

Would be happy to have this game on my Touchpad!

Btw, first-time poster!

I'd love some new apps for my touchpad!

W00T W00T! I'd like a hook-up for this!

Never thought I'd love games on the Touchpad..... but I do! I do! Great quick stress buster, or serious airport waiting activity!

Awesome, I could always use more games!

sweet game! Would love to have one. hope I get lucky!

i would like one. I'm loving my TP.

Oooh! Oooh! Pick me! Pick me!

Love to play this game as well!

I could use another game for my touchpad, this one looks good too.

Very nice layout. I would have to say that this looks like there was some REAL thought put into the App. I'm in please.

I like blasting things a part. Thats a good game for a school bus driver to kill time, It beats trying to get comfy for a nap in a bus.

Nice app. Would be honored to get one for my Touchpad

Would love to give this game a try

Come on... let me win this app. LOL. :D

I'll take one please.

Would love to have this!

I'll try again

Me next -- must have gamez!

me plz!

Games are awesome!

Blast Away!

would love to try the game..

Great stress buster! Yes, please....

can has?

Would love to have this game... if its as good as it looks, I will have my wife buy it for on her Touchpad


This game looks like fun. Add me to the contest please :-)

Looks like fun to check it out.

A free game would add to the great satisfaction I already experience with the TouchPad.

Nice to see more games.

Blast Away!

I'll do some wall blastin'!

I'll take it!

I need games. And love free stuff. Blast away!

Doh! Too late? That was fast!

let me have one! thanks!

I'm in!

I'll have one, please! I need a game to go with Angry Birds!

sounds great, looks great

Looks like fun.. my kids would love it!

I'm hoping Words with Friends comes to webOS!

Hey, could be fun!

In it to win it.

I'd love a copy!

me, me, ,e!

Hey now!

A game I might be able to cope with!

me blast walls

I'd love to have one. Trying to get the feel for the Touchpad as a gaming device.

yes please!

I need more games. Games make my life complete.


this is great, let me test it out. Thanks

Looks fun

Kids might like this one. Looks good!!!

count me in

Pick me! Pick me!

Wall Blaster a must


Love to have this one.

Awesome !!

I'm such a puzzle fiend. I'd LOVE a copy of Wall Blaster. Thanks :)

Count me in for this one!


I never win anything pick me!!

How do find out who won? I haven't seen any contest winner announcements.

I'm in for a free game, too!

this would make my children so happy.. And a reason to use My touchpad!

I would enjoy a free copy

happy to enter.


my son and I would enjoy having this game.

I'd love a copy!

I like Taquitos!

I do have to say my sons, wife, and I would thoroughly enjoy playing this game on our new Touchpad.

Getting my Touchpad tonite! Let's make it one of my first apps!

It seems that the Dresden resident, Thomas Haustein continues his trend of webOS apps. I think that this is his tenth and hopefully his best. I think that it would definitely excel the World Best Air Horn app, thank goodness there is no World Cup occurring. I am overjoyed that he has taken a liking to enriching the webOS community with his creativity. In addition to the aforementioned comments, I am enjoying the TP, BT keyboard, TP cover and Exhibition Power device. Rock On!

Would love winning this game ;-)

wow , too many comments


would love a copy kids would get a kick out of it


Games are good but free games are better

Thanks PreCentral. Insert clever comment here___________

Sign me up!

looks like literal "Head to Head" action. Cool.

OOOH, Do want.

I need games. Lots of games.

Yes plz.

Pick me.

Looks like fun.

3rd try... Maybe I've more luck this time

Yes more games to show off on my touchpad at the office.

wallblaster!! yes please!

i'll take one please!

Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee pickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

Please and Thank You