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App Giveaway: Gas Buddy to go for TouchPad 93

by Derek Kessler Wed, 27 Jun 2012 12:32 am EDT

App Giveaway: Gas Buddy to go for TouchPad

In the olden days you could judge the economy on the price of a loaf of bread or a gallon of milk. Today it's the price of a gallon of gasoline. Thankfully, we have the internet, which makes navigating the confounding differences in cost between gas stations across town. In the United States, that's, which has official apps for iOS, Android, and BlackBerry - but if you happen to have a TouchPad you can grab the unofficial Gas Buddy to go TouchPad app by micro-tech for $1.43 to get access to the latest local gas prices. A buck-forty-three too much for your penny-pinching ways? Act fast, because we have a whole bunch of copies to give away. It's for the United States only (sorry, that's all the Gas Buddy system supports), but there are plenty of copies to go around. Here it goes...

USA only:



ya buddy!

Yes please!

Gas Buddy!

i love to win this app

Awesome thanks!

me too

yes, a must have

i love to win this app , a must have.

Me, Me, Me!

I'm in.


hook me up, buddy

very nice, thanks for a chance.

Go to the link to get the promo code to get it free. This isn't a contest or won by leaving a comment. I put a link on my launcher of my Pre 2 a long time ago, and figure that's all I need since that's what I have with me when I'm looking for a gas station. Apps like this don't make a lot of sense to me to have on my TouchPad because without wifi or even a hotspot it doesn't make sense to me to carry it around. I use it at home and enjoy it, but my Pre 2 is sufficient for mobile needs. Getting off topic a bit, I'm going to look closely at the new Verizon pricing if it truly does include hotspot free again (using the family share data volume), but having to give up my unlimited data plan to get it for 2 gb to share with another smartphone and a feature phone on my plan may be something I'd regret later.

I agree unless you use freetether from your Pre 2. I am surprised there is no Pre 2 version.


Count me in

Looks great!

Me too! I'm over heeerrreeeee!

I need one please.

Count me in also

Oh please! Oh please!! Oh please!!!

Yes, please. Thanks!

I got gas... Prolly from all the raw human flesh I've been eating lately.

Oh, boy, would I love to win this app....please enter my name to the winners list.

good deal

Oh gosh, I REALLY want this. I have the where app on my phone, but I'd love to install this on my brothers touchpad. He's new to the internet and apps work better for him than actual websites.

I would really like a copy!

Love the app on the phone. A TP app would be nice too!

I'll take that. :)

Hand goes up!

This looks cool!

I'll give it a try!

mil mii

Seriously, are people not reading? As ilovemypreplus said, this IS NOT a contest. Just click the link for the promo code. Already installed it on my touchpad this morning. Luckily, nobody realized to get a promo code, so I snuck right in.

2nd best thing to free gas

On the one hand, I guess all the dummies who can't read will miss out on the app. On the other hand, they're not missing much. As the developer admits, it's just "a over grown bookmark for gas buddy to"

If this $1.43 app is going to save me a nickel per gallon at the pump, this app is going to pay for itself several times over.

I could use this.

Thanks for the free app, Just go and get the promo code, Thanks again!! And WebOS is Great, I love using it , Have a great day webOS Nation!


Yes please. Thank you!!!!

Yes, and thank you

should be fun..

me please!

got my free copy..thanks.... Just click on the promo code link at the bottom

I would love this app!

Edit: And I do! Thanks for the free app!

I got this last night as I read the full article and its not a contest, its free. It works great!
Thank you for this..

Got it thanks!

Count me in!

Thanks for the promo code!

Thanks for the app!

yes. Thanks.

Thank you!

I would love to have a copy. Thanks

thanks for the free app! LOL @ all the people who think this is a contest...

the app itself is quite simple, but I'm happy to have it. So far all it's told me is what I already knew - the Arco station on the corner is cheapest around, and the Shell station close to the freeway is hella pricey. It will come in more handy if when I need to get gas away from home... sometimes picking the right station can mean saving up to 5 dollars on a full tank.

I would like to have this.

I would like a copy please

Give me reason why I should buy it? Looks like mobile site.

Pick me!

me me me!

used the ink but it still says $1.43.... Is the code all used up? Or am I just screwing things up?

used the ink but it still says $1.43.... Is the code all used up? Or am I just screwing things up?

Would love one, Thanks

used the ink but it still says $1.43.... Is the code all used up? Or am I just screwing things up?

As of 9:10 it say that 46 of the 150 have been used ! Plenty to go (according to HP website)

I'd like one please!

me too

I like it...

Add me please.

Help me save gas and money...please!

Looks like they are all gone. I get an error when I enter the code saying it has expired.

Count me in and excited!

All gone :\

all gone :'(

please add me, buddy!

this is a cool app...when a veer version :)


I am in.

I'm there :)

This isn't a contest folks... as said in several posts above (and in the main article) it is a give-away. Just click the link in the post to get a copy. But.... I believe all copies have now been gobbled up.

pick me please!

I want one please.

Good Lord...

too late to the party? Looks like its all gone.

Thanks, I am in!!!

Would love this! I've been trying to find a way to get cheap gas without us having to elect Newt Gingrich.

Yes there gone! But for the one that missed it

a free version that only hold TWO zip codes


would love a free copy. Thank you

in 4 1

TY me in 2

Would be nice. Thanks!