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App Giveaway: Headlines 2 229

by Derek Kessler Mon, 18 Mar 2013 7:25 pm EDT

App Giveaway: Headlines 2

In the wake of the news that Google intends to shut down one of our most beloved services in the form of Google Reader this summer. We're as devastated as you are. While a number of outfits were quick to state their intention to pick up the mantle and run with it in one for or another, getting them to make a webOS app is another matter. But… there are already apps for webOS that will let you get your RSS on. One such app - Headlines 2 by The CodingBees - brings you your RSS feeds and includes handy features for TouchPad users like background syncing, offline article caching, optimized reading modes, and more. Plus we've got 100 copies to give away, all you have to do to have a chance at winning is submit a comment after the break!

Contest: We have 100 copies of Headlines 2 to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends next Sunday at midnight US Eastern Time, after which time we will select 100 random entrants to win. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries won’t count. Promo codes are only valid in countries serviced by the App Catalog, and users must be running webOS 3.0.4 or higher with the latest version of the App Catalog.


Great news!

Very Nice!

sign me up :)


Cool. This along with Zite are starting to become my favorite "newspaper".


I've never won one of these contests, but I feel lucky this time! I'd very much like a copy.

Pleeease! Im an heavy user of Google Reader. Make me feel better :-)

I would love this. :)

Count me in! Long live WebOS!

yes please :)

Live Long and Prosper webOS! count me PLEASE!



Would love to try Headlines 2. Just started using feedly on my android devices but would love to find something better for webOS.

I definitely need a Google Reader replacement - I've been looking since the announcement!

purple monkeys eating bacon wraped unicorn steaks.

I would love thissss :D

I would like to try google reader, count me in!

Excitement again!

I just went to the app catalog and purchase it . To show some love to webos.

Yup. I'm in.

Thanks in advance

Long live RSS!

Thanks Derek & Codingbees!

What I really need is an app that will sync with something other than Google, apparently. I read most of my feeds on my Nexus 7 but I thumb through my feeds from time to time on my Veer to star ones to read later. The shutdown of gReader is a real blow to me because there really isn't anything else I know of to sync with. Sure, other services will step up to fill the void left by Google but, sadly, none will be making webOS apps. Anyone have any suggestions?

Still love my TP. Miss my Sprint Pre. Hoping Phoenix project will get off the ground.

I want one!

must have!

Still hanging in with TP

I would love this!

I need one, please.

sign me up

Love to try it.

Love a copy

Ilove this website.

Thank you

I has app?

Yeah free apps ... Want one..

Would love a copy!

Please and thank you!


May I have a copy, Please :)

It's a generous opportunity. THANKS!

This is what the doctor ordered!!

sign me up

Yes please!

Count me in!

Awesom-o! Extra points for whoever gets the reference.

wouldn't mind another nice app for the old touchpad

sign me up

I'm in. Always looking for good ways to read the news on my favorite subjects. Plus, this would be good for my plane trip in a few months.

Please sign me up!

Of course I want one... Looking foward to it!

Xtra! Xtra! I want to read all about it!

Would love a copy to keep my TP busy...

Please and thank You

webOS has the best apps for Google Reader.

Please, pick me too....would like to own one of these application in the App Giveaway...


I miss app give aways so glad to come across this :-) hope I win a copy.

Please me too.

I came, I saw... I commented


baby needs a new pair of shoes. All in.

Thanks for the continuing support.

I'm in

Offline Reading support you say ! Count me in please. 
BTW anyone noticed the new landing page on the App Catalog App ? No longer "We are filling the reservoir"

would love to win!

I'm in. Time for change, still reading news through iGoogle widgets (also not much longer supported). Google seems to move away from being a news portal or providing news services.

I bought this app a while ago - it is quite good. If you don't win a copy with this giveaway, do buy it. It is well worth the $$.

Headlines 2 here I come!

Keep me up2date with Headlines thanks

All in :)


I'm in :) as usual

would like to give this a try, keep up the awesome work.

count me in

I would like to try this....

Yes please

I need headlines, thanks!

sign me in! Would be nice!

I'm sad. :(

Meow. And you can quote me on that since I'll actually win this time.

Hmm, a german app catalog version would be great :)

It would be nice to have a good App for reading my RSS.
So, hoping for my chance to be "one of the 100".

I'll try

Yes please!


Yeah, would be nice to have, i love reading news with WebOS and Touchpad

Glad to see the app giveaway is back... and even more glad to see a good app like this! :)

yes, I'd like the news reader! Great contest :-)

want :)


Would love to try it !

I'm in!!!

One comment, randomly selected.

show me the money.... err app :)

Just in time. I was wondering what to recommend to my family to replace google reader apps. I'd like to kick the tires of this one.

Just in time!

Count me in.

Great deal!

Sweet. I had just been using the Google Reader site in my Touchpad's browser. This looks like a good replacement.

This would be great to have after Google Reader is shut down.

Me likey Headlines!

Sign me up!

As a big Google Reader user, this might be just what the doctor ordered. Sign me up.


I like free stuff - pick me please :-)

Thank you CodingBees!

I done bee posted!

in :)

Me too please!

Hope I'll get a chance to try it and see how it goes... wonder if it'll run on my Veer? (If not, still good for the 'ol TouchPad!)

Yes Please!!!

Hope you pick me!

Just really bummed about Google Reader but this app looks good.

sounds like just what I need

Nice! Still loving my touchpad

count me in!

Present. I mean, here.

I'd love to get a copy. Thanks.

did not realize I already have this app so count me out..sorry about that

Promos are back. Yea

Nice app!

Looks great!

RSS and webOS, 2 great things go well together...

Looks great!

Free is always good! thanks!

I keep hoping that Google will change their mind and keep Google Reader alive, but that's wishful thinking, so this would help soften the blow.

App looks nice. I would like to get a copy

Thanks for the contest, Derek. Put me on the list.

I want one!


sign me up!

Finally another give away.....

One for me, on two for your ;)

Sounds like a must have app, so I like a copy!

Everything is better in WebOS

Touchpad needs some lovin. sign me up

Still here.

I´d like to have this app!

I'm definitely in! Thanks!

I would put it to good use

This looks like a great app. I'd certainly love a free copy. But if not I'd say its worth its price, especially with its choice of reading formats etc. Good to see good apps get deserved publicity.

Very Nice !!! Thanks!!!

I could use this - count me in, puleeeeeeze!

I use Zite a lot but would be nice to try a true RSS reader for making my own offline reading feeds

How about free! I would use this

As long I'm not in the headlines, I'm game for this.


loved to be one of the hundred!

Yes please.