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App Giveaway: sinceWhen+ 113

by Derek Kessler Mon, 17 Sep 2012 7:15 pm EDT

App Giveaway: sinceWhen+

Are you the type that needs to do things on a schedule, a schedule that's too, shall we say 'odd', for a calendar. As in you need to know how many day's it's been since you last washed the dog? Or how many minutes it's been since you last hiccuped? Or just how many hours have past since you last lost The Game? [editor's note: son of a…] Then sinceWhen+ by penduinbits might be just the app you need. Simply create a note of what event's time-since has passed, log the time, and wait. Events can be given labels, and a complete history of your sinceWhen+ loggings is kept. It's a simple concept, but a rich app at a not-so-rich price of $0.99. But should you happen to want a copy for free, well are you ever in luck - we've got one hundred copies of sinceWhen+ for that very purpose!

Contest: We have 100 copies of sinceWhen+ to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends next Sunday at midnight US Eastern Time, after which time we will select 100 random entrants to win. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries won’t count. Promo codes are only valid in countries serviced by the App Catalog, and users must be running webOS 2.0 or higher with the latest version of the App Catalog.


gimme gimme

I want

More... It has been 1 year 4 months 28 days 14 hours 32 minutes and 45 seconds since I won an app give away in webOS Nation.

Great, i will take one!

I need one, please!

Why not... Looks like a great app too :D

Sounds a little interesting, no very interesting!

Please add my name to the "hat"

webOS foreverrrrrrrr

I could use this app!

I would love this app :)

I prefer to play "The Other Game"

thanks for the free app derek, you are awesome

me too!

This'l work well on my Touchpad! Thanks for the opportunity. :)

I'm in.

I'm in.


Wow, this is an amazing idea! I really want this one! =D

Looks like a cool idea!


kool app :-)

I was American in the Olympics.

This worked before for me.

Since when was the last time I won one of these? :-P

Pick me please.

Ok, I'm still hanging on to webOS so any new app would be great. Frankenpre2 and a pair of HP touchpads.

awesome dude wanted this app for a long time.

Great app

Thanks for offering this and helping to keep webOS alive and useful!

interesting concept

like the idea. Does it post to the calendar as well?

It's been 5 sec since I entered...10 sec...15...

yes, please



like it!

I would love this. :)

Count me in!

nice idea

very interesting and could support my weak long-term memory ;)

great! love that app idea!:)

Yeah, wanna have one. Just what I allways wanted in my calendar but didn't do...

Really want that! :)

Count me in! ;-)

Would love this :)



add my name to the list please.

Since when have won I anything?

looks nice!

Can't remember the last time I won, especially "the contest".

I want one.

Count me in. Thanks.

Just the thing to keep my busy for hours ...

yes please!!!

This would be fantastic!!!!


Your winner is now signed in. (I hope)

thanks in advance

Cool app!

Wow! sinceWhen+ can take my OCD to another level! ;-)


would i dare to go back to my beloved HP verr and tell her that i didn't count myself in to this one? noooo.. i can't. so i am in!

Count me in!


i'd like to give it a try

Thank you guys for keeping WebOS moving. If this will work on the Touchpad, I would love to have one. I have finally given up on my Pre. Sadly.

This sounds PERFECT for me! I have no memory. How long has it been since I cleaned my electrostatic furnace filters? My cat's fountain? Serviced my cars? Cleaned the house? I think this would help me a lot. Thanks for the opportunity!!

Add me in. Thanks! Also, yes I just lost The Game. Damn you! :shakes fist:

yes count me in! this would be a very useful app in my collection!

fingers crossed

Please sign me up.

sign me too

i would like to try

help me organize my life


cool, I like new application

I would dig just such an app!


There is always a possibility :)

Oh man, I lost the game!!! I would love a free app.

Count me in, be perfect for me. Memory not what it use to be. Lol

Please count me in. Thanks'

I would love this!

I love to try it.

oh yeah since when

oh yeah since when

I want one so I can remember...? well I forgot what I was supposed to remember

I have always wanted to know when I had my hair cut

me please

I'm all in!

I'd like one. Am I in time?

Since now.


Hello, I'd like a copy of this please.

Please, count me in!


Count me in too, please.

This looks handy, count me in. Thanks.

One Copy for me, Please

WebOS Lives
WebOS Rocks
WebOS with a new LunaCE

I'm here!
Nice App!!

since when? sounds good

count me in!

huzza~ huzza~

Yes me too please


gimme gimme

any left? so far, i'm zero on the free app front with you guys. wink.

count me in

pick ME!

count me in

I love free stuff,I'm in. And you made me lose The Game(!!)


Am I too late? I hope not.