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App Giveaway: Slideshow Presentation HD 226

by Derek Kessler Tue, 16 Oct 2012 7:49 pm EDT

App Giveaway: Slideshow Presentation HD

There's a decent enough photo viewing app on the TouchPad. But that's what it is - decent. Sure, you can run a slideshow on it, but what about putting in music, changing the display order, and including captions for each photo? Well, that's where an app like the recently over-hauled Slideshow Presentation HD comes in - you can do all that and more. Transitions? It's got twenty-five. Zoom settings? Stretch or fill, even on a per-image basis. Want to do individual folders, or even files? Yep, it can do that. How much would this cost you? Normally it's $0.99, but we just so happen to have 100 copies to give away to you, dear readers.

Contest: We have 100 copies of Slideshow Presentation HD to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends next Sunday at midnight US Eastern Time, after which time we will select 100 random entrants to win. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries won’t count. Promo codes are only valid in countries serviced by the App Catalog, and users must be running webOS 3.0.2 or higher with the latest version of the App Catalog.



Can't wait to try it!

I would love to try it.

A decent slideshow app would be appreciated here!

Sounds good to me. Thanks.

cool, I'm in! Wonder if it works with exhibition mode too? Always hated the fact that the stock photos exhibition mode I couldn't specify a folder to play and it just played them all.


I'm always willing to try new apps, especially if I'm lucky enough to be selected to win one for free.

I haven't won any of these yet, but I feel lucky this time. I'd like to try it.

Count me in!

hey, count me in. Another way to display my beautiful TP's!

this will be great for church prestations

I need one please!

ohhh that looks nice:)

100 Free copies! That's enough for everybody!

I wonder if you can set which folders to display. Cyangenmod adds a whole bunch of folders with images that appear on the WebOS side.

would be happy, tres heureux.

can this be the time that I win? Plizzzzzzzz

Sounds good to me, can't wait to try it out :-)

Very nice!!!! I am about to start putting together a new presentation:) have been collecting my info and would love to try this App out:) Thanks so much for offering the opportunity for a chance to get this App!!! Very cool;)

Count me in, please.

I'd like 1 2

A good slide show app is something I have been needing for my touchpad.

Please include me. Thanks.

Sign me up!

For 99 cents, I'll buy one for me and one for my wife.

Count me in !!

I never win.

I'm in!

please and thank you

The product is cool, the article is cooler.

Slide one my way.

Would love a copy.
Thanks from Down Under.

I'll try it out -

That looks really useful - pick me, pick me

like it!

like it and want it!

would love it!

I could do a presentation on open webOS if I had a copy!

I'd love to win.

I like it ! webos forever !

A newer slideshow presenter sounds gr8.

I would like to use it.

I would love to create with this app. Count me in.

This looks like what I've been looking for...sign me up for sure!!!!

Great application for all my photos. Thanks, webOS Nation.

Looks very functional. I like it!!!

Looks awesome! And definitely something I could use as I'm showing off pictures of my newborn son all the time now! =)

I like it ! webos forever !

WebOs, forever young!!!

sounds good

I'll take one

sign me up

looks interesting. i'd like to try it out.

I say CHEESE! likes!

show me the money ... uhh slide show please

I'm in.

I would love to win this. Long live webOS.

Please count me in.

Please and thank you!

long live WebOS!

Please and thank you!

Can't wait

Pick me

want one!

Looks like a nice piece of software.

wow this looks great and would be so useful to show my Peru pictures off with!

cant you do this with photobucket???

That's EXACTLY what I need. Thanks for the opportunity!

I could really use this!

Yes, please! This would be great to do slideshows of my family. Thanks.

I would love this app!

I want one!

Love to have a copy!!

Speaking of Skeuomorphism, I can't wait until the Minority Report UI's emerge with a fake "home button" reminiscent of antiquarian iPhones.


Yes please!

Cool! Looks great

Turn the TouchPad into a photo frame? Cool!

wow...great apps... Give me a chance.

a good chance to upgrade my TP.

yea! i am in with my family (hp touchpad and veer)

Looks good

exactly what I am looking for :)

Would be handy here

would love this addition!

Slide me in pls....

let me try it please....

I need this app to consolidate my photos. Please give me a copy.

Count me in! ;-)

This would be a nice app to have, sign me up please.

I would love to get a copy.

This would be a nice app to have, sign me up please.

A good slide show app is something I have been been waiting for.
So count me in.

Looks great; count me in.

I'd like to try it. Thanks!

Nice looking app. I'm in. Thanks!

Nice preeeeso,

Pls give me this Slideshow Presentation HD

count me in

I do like free stuff... :-D

It's a shame to see that participation increases only if there is free applications involved.


Count me in.

Sign me up!

Count me in!

Snap away.

Promo code please...

love it


I'm in :)

Yes please.

good luck everyone!

Come oooon lucky 7!

Yes please. It'll be an awesome way to show off pictures of the kids during the holidays.

I would like to thank you all for keeping WebOS going with your continued efforts. Please put me down for one.

Me too!

Love and want it!

This looks great! Thanks WebOS Nation!!


in it to win it

I'd appreciate one.

Great that people/companies still betting for development of WebOS apps!!

oh, oh pick me, pick me

Looks like a good advance.
Long life for webOS !!!

Count me in!

This is THE app I've been looking for!

Yes, please.

thanks in advance...

Add me to the list, I'm up for anything that makes my Touchpad more useful.

Please and Thank you!! :D

Would love this app, if only I had money to spare :(

Awesome tool!!!

Yes please!!! Love my Touchpad!!!!

Love to give this one a try.

Derek, here i come...

Something to develop my artistic side. Thanks Derek.

This could spice up showing the latest antics of my heart-melting kitten to my friends. :)

Good to see new apps for Touchpad. Entering the giveaway now :)

I'd like to have this

i'd love to get a copy!

thanx for all your great work and also for these app giveaways!

Looks nice. Will it run in exhibition mode? Still want in either case :D
*edit* ..looked into it. Yes it is exhibition compatible. Hurrah!

Looks really good. Always great to see there are good apps out there.

Yes, count me in please. thanks!

looks good

I could use this.

yes please, count me Derek

+1 for exhibition mode

I'll take one

slide slide slippety slideshow