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App Review: Apollo Radio 30

by Sharon L Copeland Sat, 21 Apr 2012 2:37 pm EDT

App Review: Apollo Radio

Pandora has been available for webOS for as long as webOS has been available, but the app never made it to the TouchPad. Sure, there is the HTML5 webapp for Pandora, but we'd rather not have to work it through the browser. We need something less finicky, and that's where the Jake Morrison and Taylor Kimmett's new app Apollo Radio comes in.

Pandora, for the uninitiated, is sort of like your own personal DJ. Based on the Music Genome Project, Pandora's algorithms allow users to build their own personal radio station around their musical preferences. Tell Pandora what music you like, and Pandora digs up other music that it thinks you'll enjoy. If you aren't enjoying what Pandora's served up, you can give the song a thumbs down and Pandora will remove it from your playlist and adjust its predictions for your musical taste. After a while, Pandora can build up a fairly good idea of what you will and won't like. The service is provided free of charge, only asking that you listen to some ads along the way to help pay for the music and servers. Pandora has historically made their own app, releasing versions for all major smartphone platforms.

But the never made a Pandora for the TouchPad. So webOS developers Jake Morrison and Taylor Kimmett decided to take matters into their own hands and used the available but not official Pandora API tobuild Apollo with Enyo. Apollo brings all of the features of Pandora to the TouchPad, making it possibly one of the best music streaming apps available for the webOS tablet.

App Review: Apollo Radio

Everything that was useful about the Pandora app is in Apollo. You can bookmark favorite songs and artists. It suggests new songs and artist; and you can even rate them. A feature we'd never noticed in the old Pandora app (because it wasn't there) is building your own "quickmix", it's like a party music/DJ list, except you don't need a DJ to make it happen, and the music is played commercial free. Apollo also has a great degree of personalization incorporated in the app; you can change the background, choose autoplay at start up, and even setup notifications.

App Review: Apollo Radio

If you're a music lover, then Pandora Radio should already be on your want list. If you're a TouchPad owner, then you should already be on your way to the App Catalog to download Apollo Radio. It's free, so really you have no excuse.


Would have loved trying it out, but it appears it is not available outside of the USA...

Really? Coby headphones?

I beta tested this app and LOVE it. Very polished and a must have. Since it is free I would suggest returning the love and donating to the developers.

Going to get it now!


You totally forgot about the Pandora Tablet app by drewksparks. Not as polished as Apollo but it gave us Pandora on the Touchpad.

+1 I have Pandora Tablet it works just fine... even though it doesn't seem so polished.

Yep, the Pandora Tablet app is pretty good - been using it. But Apollo is definitely excellent - love the time out option. And the presentation is really good. Love it - thanks boys. Donate is right.

Will there be an Apollo app for the Pre or the Pixi? The Pandora app is always pausing.

It is a possibility. It may take some time given the drastic differences in screen size from the Touchpad (Pre3 actually scales better since it has native Enyo support). We have a few ideas about scaling however. We'll let you know if and when it is in the works. Thanks.

-Taylor Kimmett

In case you haven't really tested yet. It does work on the Pre3 but only on a wifi connection. Obviously because there is no code for the data of a phone.

It the sliding panel even works for selection of stations.

Some proof:
Apollo on Pre3 (Portrait) by judman13, on Flickr

Apollo on Pre3 (Landscape) by judman13, on Flickr

I would me more than happy to help test this for the Pre3!!

And I will use it in place of the stock Pandora app where ever there is wifi!!

Thanks for a great app for the Touchpad!! (and consequently the Pre3 lol)

Just for fun, can anyone name the CD's lying around?

I was quick to notice No Doubt's Rock Steady, though that's a fairly obvious one. No clue on the rest except for that Madonna one.

Probably wrong but why not (counter clockwise from upper-left):

Lauryn Hill - The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill (orange disc)
No Doubt - Rock Steady
Madonna - [No Idea]
Soundtrack - Moulin Rogue
[No Idea] - [No Idea] (purple/black disc)
Soundtrack - Chicago

Pandora and Apollo both are not in Australian HP catalog :(

Not available outside of US, can't use it.

Thanks a bunch for reviewing our app, it means a lot. Anything to spread the word and get more people to download and/or review is greatly appreciated. Also thank you to everyone who has downloaded Apollo thus far, and thank you to those who have donated.

To Sharon Copeland: could you edit the article so that our names are correct if it's not too much trouble? Jake Morrison and Taylor Kimmett. Thanks.

Cheers everyone, and don't forget to post a review in the app catalog if you have anything to say about the app, good or bad :)

-Taylor Kimmett

So sorry for my lateness in correcting...I have been running around like a chicken. :) It is done my did and awesome job on the app and I think everyone agrees it is a job well done... Rock On :)

Will do, and no worries, sir. It's amazing. Great work!

Sounds like a great app. Too bad we don't have it in the UK store...

If you do not live in the USA, this app is useless. That's probably why it isn't there for you. Pandora servers do not work outside of the USA.

If and when Pandora is enabled in other countries (I imagine the UK is at the top of the list) then we will add those countries so the app is distributed there.

Great job! I downloaded the app this morning around 8:30 and have constantly streamed music since.

for some reason does not work on my touchpad. it say that there is no network connection. downloaded and deleted like three times and the same.

LOVE the app! Please bring it to the Pre3 too!

If you have apptucker box installed then it will work on the Pre3!!

Apollo on Pre3 (Portrait) by judman13, on Flickr

Apollo on Pre3 (Landscape) by judman13, on Flickr

Nope. We're using the same API functions that Pandora made for the Palm Pre app.

Apollo is my most relied upon and appreciated app. Thanks guys.