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App Review: Car Traffic Control 6

by Sharon L Copeland Tue, 19 Jun 2012 4:51 pm EDT


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Road trips are always fun and a great way for families together. But getting to your destination isn’t always a pleasure. You always have a tiny backseat driver trying to distract you while you manuver through minivans, RV's and motorbikes. Wish the shoe was on the other foot?  We may have the solution for you. So while you are busy trying to not entice road rage or an accident, give your kids a game so they can see what it’s like to control a car in traffic: Car Traffic Control.

I have to say there’s a lot to like about the game. The graphics and animations are fun and playful - it looks like a game straight out of minds of the imagineers at Disney. The object of the game is simple: Touch the car and draw a line towards the exit point using your finger. You can also use your finger to manually guide the car too, but we find drawing the lines much quicker because (surprise!) you have more than one car to guide. Take notes of the entry and exit points, things in Car Traffic Control can get chaotic fast.

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Of course with a game of this nature you have to be extremely cautious, what with trees, benches, and buildings to avoid. And, of course, other cars - a collision ends the game right there. In Car Traffic Control you can at least rewind and start over; and don’t we wish we had do overs like that in real life?

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There are ways of making the life line of game last longer, other than having a good attention span and situational awarenes. There is an energy shield you can apply to your car to prevent a collision and subsequent point loss. The tutorials are clear as rain and great for keeping tiny fingers busy. If you want to add some treats to your arsenal, head on over to the store, and for all the points you accumulate you can buy rewind point and more energy shields. If you hit the “C” 'like it' pack, it directs you to Facebook where you get a quick thousand points to keep playing for hours. Imagine hours with the kids out of your hair whilst on your way to your summer vacation.

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Alas, there are a few hail stones in the mix. After downloading and opening the app you will get an ominous black screen. Fear not my friends, it takes a few seconds for the app to catch up and get the game going, though you're free to tap impatiently at the screen whil you wait. It's not the first PDK app we've seen do this, and we're hopeful the developer is addressing the issue. Aside that, Car Traffic Control is just plain fun for kids and adults alike. Its colorful and enjoyable and isn’t that awesome! Its free and available for most webOS smartphones and the TouchPad in the App Catalg now.



Its definitely a nifty game! i'm wondering how to buy credits though? I want to unlock the other levels, but without the ability to purchase that, its difficult :(

Not bad for a free app. Very similar to to aeroplanes one that's also available for touchpad. I hope apps like this keep rolling in, it's great for the platform to still be getting new apps.

The waiting at the black screen can be reduced with tapping ones (that is enough). Then it takes another second to load. This seems to be a bug.

I only waited 5 secounds

Wow! a new game

I'm finding it hard to play on my pre2... the borders of the screen are hard to control. Will try on the TP.