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App Review: Dots Lines Squares 7

by Sharon L Copeland Thu, 28 Jun 2012 10:27 pm EDT

App Review dots lines and squares

Sometimes you just need a quick classic game to fill some idle time in your day. In the old days you'd grab a piece of paper and set up the four lines for tic-tac-toe, or if you were feeling particularly ambitious you might lay out a grid of dots for a game of dots-and-lines. Thanks to the magic of tablets, you can make a quick game tic-tac-toe happen, or if you're in that particularly ambitious mood you can turn to Dots Lines Squares for the paper classic.

If you're not familiar dots-and-lines, here's a quick primer: players take turns drawing lines connecting dots on the grid. The goal of these lines is to eventually form a box, when you form a box you get a point for that box and get to draw another line. In the end, whoever's closed in the most boxes is declared the winner. For such a simple game it can get surprisingly strategic. Draw a line in the wrong place and the wrong time and your opponent can fill in a series of boxes in one fell swoop.

Introducing Dots Lines Squares which takes connect the dots to another level entirely. Based on the simple premise that it’s a two person game, you don’t have to play all on your onesies.  When you start the game, you are met with a beautiful back drop of graphite dots moving against an ebony backdrop with pops of orange.

Dots Lines Squares offers you two play modes: on your own, where you can practice building boxes, or you can pair up with an in-person friend to draw lines and keep score. We'd like for Dots Lines Squares to offer a leaderboard so you can keep tabs on how you're doing against your opponent (amazingly well, we're sure).

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Our main gripe with Dots Lines Squares is that there's no obvious instruction on how to make your lines. We initially wanted to drag from dot-to-dot, but it turns out all you have to do is tap between your dots to make a line appear. The lines are color-coded blue or green to differentiate between the players, though the color of the line isn't nearly as important as the color that appears inside that box when the fourth line is drawn.

Dots Lines Squares may not have a bunch of bells and whistles, heck, it doesn't even have a computerized opponent to digitially kick your butt. What it does have is a simple concept that'll provide the kind of entertainment you need to get through those lulls in life. And at $0.99 it's not much for a bit of entertainment.



Not that I am worried about it, but it comes up at $0.99 in the App Catalog with the links above.

Whoops, you are correct.


Already an App for that, and its free: Box-In

thanks pal for saving me 1$...

1st of all webOS has so limited apps and now when something starts to look good, why add 0.99$ to it. Makes no sense

Do you think we make killer money. I need to get back some money lost with all the time i spend on all 50 of my apps that i make for webos only. even with that many apps in the appcat i make no more then 300 a month. and what is .99 cents. is it that big of a deal, really. why should we keep making apps for webos ???. I really love webos and it killed me to see it go down. Opensource it still a long ways off and we don't know what that will do for webos. we can speculate about possibilities for now but time will tell. as a div with more apps ready to go, its getting harder all the time to justify time lost with family and friends and still make apps and do the updates users ask for..... .99 cents my goodness, really. If no one buys apps you will see more div's move on. Look how many really BIG div's that have gone. No money to make so they moved on to other platforms. Be thankful us little guys still make apps that you can buy for 99 cents.....

Hey, warlord9159, thanks for making the point - I agree, 99c is not much for a bit of fun, heck, a few games of this with a biro and a notepad, you'd have spent 99c already!

In future though, stop calling yourself a 'div' unless you are one, I think you mean 'dev' - eloper! In the UK, a 'div' is an idiot, maybe you are for writing apps for WebOS, but I think all of us with Pre3's,2's,pluses,minuses and touchpads are very greatful that you continue to support the platform.

When OpenSource & Community go live (i.e. can be downloaded and used by mere mortals just like homebrew), even better, if we can install WebOS on android hardware, I'm sure you will sell more Apps.