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App Spotlight: Radiotime 82

by Robert Werlinger Mon, 21 Dec 2009 10:54 am EST

Handset makers building FM tuners into phones is a barbaric and uncivilized practice, as Radiotime demonstrates by giving access to the online feeds of hundreds of thousands of terrestrial radio station feeds, talk radio, podcasts, and more. 

There's a lot to like about Radiotime, and one of my favorite things is the fact that it's location aware, meaning that dialing into local radio is actually easier than using a standard FM tuner since the program automatically finds your location and displays a list of accessible radio stations.


The user interface is another part of the program that really shines, and navigation is a breeze.  It's easy to go back to the top level of the menu structure by tapping the top banner, and the "now playing" notification follows you around while navigating through the application in the form of a small pop-up banner.  The program also provides limited transport controls, with pause being the only option, in the dashboard.  

There is also an online component that allows you to manage favorites (similar to mediafly) and listen to internet radio through your browser.  You can create an account on the device immediately after launching the program, giving you the ability to add favorites on the device, and access ones you've added online

The one thing that was disappointment was the limited Podcast supportCurrently, there are 5 preset podcasts, with no way to add others.  I would really like to see the ability add podcasts integrated into the app, as I think it would vastly increase the utility of the program.

Best of all, the application is ad supported, and not in an obnoxious way.  This is a very solid program the price of having to look at small banner ads sometimes. If you're reading this on your Pre or Pixi, you can find the program here.



I found this app by mistake last weekend when I was out of town for some R&R. After playing X number of games of Y-Dice and WordWhirl, I took a look at the app catalogue and surprise! Moments later I was listening to the radio station I program! Cool. The company I work for owns stations in a number of markets and I love the ability to monitor them while on the train. I was hoping someone would make a Pre-happy app. Thanks.

I think the _only_ way to find it is by mistake...

A search for RadioTime, (or Radio; radio time, etc) yields no results in the app catalog. (for RadioTime, that is. all the others show up)

But, it is there, it will show up if you scroll through recent apps, or go the Explorer route...

Explore -->Music -->Radio/Broadcast

I'd love to try it, but due to the app limit, I'd have to delete something, and there's nothing I want to delete... ;-(

All I want for Christmas is a fix for the app limit, and too many cards.... ;-)

That link is just bringing me to the main Palm developer page...

You have to go to the link from your Pre or Pixi. If you try to go to it from a desktop browser you'll only end up at the Palm developer page. If you got to it from a Pre or Pixi, it will load up the app in the on device app catalog, and you can download it.

This is one of the ways that Palm is allowing developers to host applications that aren't officially in the app catalog yet.

what link would i use to see the other apps being hosted?

Many thanks!

Does anyone know how it picks the stations it displays? There is a local sports talk station I listen to and its not listed but its competitor is.

some stations especially those owned by clearchannel will not allow some of their stations to be broadcast on apps like these

can't find it

I really like this app a lot...using this more at work than I do Pandora since I can get local radio stations that stream. There are advertisements but they are not detracting...I'll take it since the app is free!

The app is pretty darn useful, but it's hampered by the Pre's limited availability of codecs. I would like to see one of two things happen and then this app would be freaking fantastic:

a) WebOS gets more codecs, especially WMA
b) The app provides a service that transcodes non-mp3 streams into mp3.

If either of these happen, then many more of my local stations will be playable by me. As it stands, very few are available due to the codec limitations of WebOS

update: Hold the phone (*) it appears to play stations that don't stream in mp3! The specific station that I'm listening to, streams in flash and wma. Radiotime seems to transcode it into something playable on my Pre. Sweet!

(*) no pun intended

Not sure I understand what you mean by your tips below. Can you explain a little so I can try to listen on my Pre a favorite station that won't seem to play? Tnx!

"update: Hold the phone (*) it appears to play stations that don't stream in mp3! The specific station that I'm listening to, streams in flash and wma. Radiotime seems to transcode it into something playable on my Pre."

What I wrote was an observation, not a set of tips. The observation is that the radiotime app or service is doing some sort of translation from streams that the Pre doesn't support to streams that the Pre does support. The radio station that I want to listen to streams via flash or WMA formats only. Neither of those are supported on the Pre. Yet this station is playing on my Pre right now.

That does not mean that the app transcodes all formats into Pre compatible formats. So if your station isn't available, it probably isn't supported by Radiotime.

Just a guess.

Doesn't work for GSM Pre... as usual :(

The way to add extra Podcasts etc is to set them up as 'Presets'. You do this from their Webpage, after you have signed into your account.
As already said, once the Pre has more codecs added this app will be really useful.

.... If you're reading this on your Pre or Pixi, you can find the program here. ....
pa, you us-amarican seem to think, the world is yours!?
On european pres, this link goes to a dead end.

Notably absent, of course, are the Clear Channel stations. They're on their own competing platform "I Heart Radio" that isn't available for WebOS.

I absolutely love this app. I can not listen to my favorite sports station in Cleveland, OH. Hopefully it will continue to add stations and expand. Now all we need is the IheartRadio app.

Finally LOCAL SPORTS RADIO....COME ON SPRING...Baseball talk

Prolly see the open podcast count on a paid version of this app TBA.


Where is this app? I can't find it in the catalog or on Preware.

In the App Catalog -->Explore -->Music -->Radio/Broadcast

that makes no sense. I check the app catalog daily and have never seen this app. i even did a search for radio time and don't see this app. only see it when i go through the process you said.

Aaaah, thanks!

where is this link taking me? is there more apps i can download before they come out?

When I view on my Pre and try to select the link in the story I get a "too many cards" error message. Even though I only have 2 cards open.

I get this frequently on my phone. Sometimes when I have no cards open at all and am trying to launch an app.

as always: us only! Getting more pissed by the day!

as for me: Palm has 10 more days to get Europe back in on the app catalog, otherwise my Pre is the first thing to go in the new year!

i'm patient... But not that patient!

What i like about this app is that you can go to and register and have the app syncs with their website

Spectacular. At least in the Boston area -- NEARLY all of the stations I listen to are available -- seems that all other CBS-radio stations are available here (WBZ and WBCN-streaming) except the 98.5 the sports hub. Not sure why that would be. I had previously dowloaded a few of the other radio apps but (at the time) they didn't seem to have the variety this one does. Kudos to Radiotime.

Edit - I was able to find the 98.5 Sports Hub station via the web portal. Not sure why it didn't appear in my "local" station list alongside its sister stations. Anyway, I added it to my Favorite stations and it is now playable from my Pre. FYI to those of you looking for particular stations and unable to find them.

This is NOT working on my Pre here in Germany!

I hate this f***ing App Catalog. Why got this app not rolled out for other countries?

I really hate this and I'm really thinking of switching to Android powered phones!

Every time I try to download this, it tells me that the download is canceled and app catalog unavailable. Anyone else?

The same thing happened to me over the weekend, I tried to download Tweed (free version) and I got the same error

yes I am. It seems I get it a lot. I was able to restart my phone and then go back in and it than downloaded. I don't know what may of been holding it up. :/ Thanks for the help.

I am getting the same thing. I rebooted bu to no avail. I still cant download an app. I continue to get "app catalog unavailable". What is going on?

I declare this application to be a daily commuter's best friend.

Heh, I can't even find it on the App Catalog (US user here).

And when clicking on the link while on the Pre, it downloads and says "No handler fo [file location]"

WTF? For what it's worth, the filename (as shown on the Pre's browser) is fileUamBck. Do I need to install a tweak to be able to download this from the browser? I wouldn't think so, since the link is pointing to Palm's server.

In the App Catalog -->Explore -->Music -->Radio/Broadcast

Thank you, my good sir! I wonder why it didn't come up when I searched for "Radio" and "Radio Time".

now this is an app... We need more apps of this quality!

I have been able to play ClearChannel stations and stations that normally stream wma despite what others have said. However its tricky and inconsistent. It seems you have to search the show name instead of the station name. Also this is how its worked for me, I search the show name a few minutes before it starts or the show or it will not play. It must transcode the wma streams like someone mentioned

Shows aren't limited to just being on Clear Channel Stations.

This is one of the coolest apps for the Pre yet! I'm a huge talk radio fan and that was one of the concerns I had with the Pre, that I wouldn't be able to listen to my favorite radio shows. I have managed so far with Shoutcast apps and podcasts, but this app opens up all sorts of new doors. I'm able to easily browse via genre, find the shows that are currently on, and listen to whichever one that I want. This is much easier than manually searching the internet to try and find mp3 streams that my Pre will accept.

Hopefully, iHeartRadio for the Pre won't be too far away. Since there are still a few stations that I can't listen to because that app is missing from the Pre. Oh well. I'm really excited about the possibilities of this app and it will be really nice for long road trips.

one of the best apps available for WebOS, period.

THANK YOU!!! THINK YOU!!! every day i get on the bus and i can listen to the morning radio. this works like i charm. i've been waiting for this since i got the Pre in July.

Strange list of stations. has 102.9 the buzz in nashville but does not have their sister station that broadcast out of the same building 102.5 the party.

like that you can back out and select another station while the music continues to play.

Seems to use up plenty of battery. i had it playing and pluged in for over an hour and i only went up 1%

so the phone does not charge when using this. Battery is staying at a steady 60%..... that kind of sucks.....

My initial experience with Bubbles, which is also an ad supported app, is that the banner ads that run at the bottom were a major draw on the battery.

They seem to have improved it with subsequent versions, so maybe Radiotime will lessen the impact on battery over time too.

Best application to date.

When i try to play my favorite stream it says that its not available with my device... I couldve cried.... is this gonna be fixed????

There's nothing to "fix" except getting the stream provider to either license their stream (for Clear Channel stations) or provide an mp3 or aac based stream that the Pre/Pixi can handle. If they are streaming in WMA, it's not going to work on WebOS.

Found it.. Tried it.. LOVE it! This app is my new best friend when riding the Metra commuter train. Huge props to the developer!

Installed fine, many stations play fine except the one station I really wanted it to play (Chicago's WXRT). Keeps telling me "Unable To Play Stream". Nice app though, maybe more stations will work as the updates are released.

I recently moved from Chicago to Sioux Falls so I can now listen to Chicago radio in my car!!

I noticed that The Loop also gives that time out error when trying to listen.

Ditto with the Loop for me as well. Moved to St Louis 10 years ago, missing some good radio!

Using the aacPlus links at I am able to stream WXRT and WLUP but not the mp3 links. I've sent a message to RadioTime to include other format links that might work better with the Pre. The Mobile Stream Center has a great list of stations, but its just a website and not a finger-friendly app. But its an option to get content that RadioTime isn't providing right now.

WLUP works. Station stream was just down earlier today.

I don't see that app and the link doesn't work for me - maybe b/c it makes my browser tweak kick-in.

As mentioned above, if you are trying to locate the app in the Catalog the easiest way to find it is to click "Explore", then "Music", and then "Radio/Broadcasts". You should see it listed near the top of the list at that point.

App works freakin great. :D
Now I got a backup radio just in case the car one gets jacked or breaks lol

The first app I am truly excited about! WWOZ New Orleans, as a Katrina person it is great to hear the Best R&b, Blues, New orleans music station in the World!!!!!!!!

Does Not get the stations i want last i checked so good idea but not useful to me.

I wanted KNBR 680 sports radio in San Francisco, and Green 960. couldn't get either.

Petition Palm to add a WMA plugin and both of those can be supported. Or petition the stations to put out a mp3 stream.

For Green 960, almost every show on that station is available in RadioTime on other stations. Since you can search for a show or just go to Talk->Progressive, you can listen to all of those shows. Some even have Podcasts available right there in the listings in case you miss an hour.

Just because a local station isn't necessarily available, doesn't mean that the shows carried on those stations aren't available.

I doubt the station is ever changing. i asked knbr about it way back in 2002. Still works the same plus. wish the phones just added the codecs if that's the issue.

if they had mp3 preradio would work to get these stations. I'd like to listen to it but it's not something i'm spending time on. It either works or it doesn't.

If you go to the Radiotime website and login (free account), you can search for KNBR and add it to your "Presets". It will then appear on the device when you login.

i may try it and see if it works but i think it's a streaming format compatibility issue.

On the other hand i should still be able to put in "knbr" and it should come up. Should be that simple. it works on the website. But i'll try it.

Edit: Tried it "Error: Station is currently unavailable or not supported by this device."

Only stations that are supported by the Pre/Pixi/WebOS will show up in the search results in the app for the sake of simplicity.

It works in Ireland.

This is very a cool app!

Just got it.. AWESOME!

Seaking of, a friend has an iphone. He just got an app scanner 911. Anyone here know if it is possible for the pre to use it? It is awesome. Only $.99

After it asked me to "set up an account", wanting my Email address, zip code, yet another password, etc, I deleted it. Just not interested enough

Could have tried it without registering by selecting the button that says, "Remind Me Later." Registration is necessary because of cloud Presets. You can add/delete presets either from the app or from the website and they automatically sync. But, again, registration is not required. It's just needed for cloud Presets.

thanks, I didn't realize that. I just tried it, and yes, it appears to be a well written application.

It would be nice to be able to type in a URL, add your own stations.

This is great I can now listen to the live feed of 'Bubba the Love Sponge' out of Tampa (102.5 The Bone) which is 5 hours. Sirius only replays 4 hrs. Now all we need is a Sirius App. I tried to get his feed before but it is in flash. Love this App!

I love this app, one of the best and it is FREE

Domingan - I AGREE!!!! Scanner App 911 is awesome!!!! I tried to email the developer to see if they were developing for webOs....but he never emailed me back..... I would gladly pay more than .99 for a police scanner app.

But speaking of RadioTime??? Yes....definitely one of the better quality apps I've seen since launch day.

My New favorite app! awesome I can finally listen to 89X out of Detroit and many many ALt rock stations

Score!! An FM player is one thing that is dissapointingly missing on allot of MP3 players and cell phones other than Sony and Samsung. This brings that into the picture. Not as good as just adding an FM tuner, but I'm fairly happy with this work around.

great app. lots of choices,my girlfriend and both downloaded..thanks a lot

I'm very happy with this app. I can finally listen to my favorite (and 2nd favorite) AM sports station on the way to work and home, which I haven't been able to do since I rejoined the ranks of the public transportation commuters in 2006.

Big thumbs up!

This app is truly amazing, one of the best apps to date (better than iphone pay version, TuneIn Radio). It sounds great with my Motorola S9-HD bluetooth headphones!

sweet, local radio and a police scanner too!? haha nice!
too bad i dont get 101.5 DSC...
very cool though thanks!

Ohhhh live Dan Patrick! This is the app that I have been waiting for since Kinoma! Very well done.