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App Submission Bug is now fixed; Music Player (Remix) update pushed through 18

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Wed, 06 Jul 2011 8:14 pm EDT

webOS App Developers and consumers everywhere should be rejoicing over this one: The app update bug that has plagued us for the last month on legacy devices running webOS 2.x has finally been fixed, and those apps that experienced the issue, like Music Player (Remix) are now popping back up in the Palm Pre and Pixi devices everywhere. Previously, any meta-updates that a developer did with their products would cause the apps to break on any older devices running 2.x (the earliest device that this does not effect is the Verizon or GSM Pre 2).

So, if you've been missing a few of your favorite apps, or if you're a developer that's been waiting to update your products to continue supporting legacy device owners, now's your chance to get back in and check them out. As you can see by the screenshot above, which shows an update from Music Player (Remix) appearing in a Sprint 2.1 app catalog, the bug is fixed, and the apps are back.

Source: PreCentral Forums; Thanks, Mark!


Best news I've heard all day!

Aside from Spotify!

so when are they going to show MPR in the 2.0.1 catalog?

That's another bug that HP needs to fix. One at a time...slow and steady. :)

No quarterly posting of the Comscore results? Is HP not allowing that? I've been looking forward to see the results of "Think Beyond".

Wait, so do developers have to update their 2.1 apps again if they want it to show up for metadoctored devices?

Also, this isn't really supporting "legacy" devices for most people, only the people in Europe who have 2.1 on their Pre Plusses. I don't count metadoctored devices as officially being supported.

I'm not sure I understand. My metadoctored sprint franken pre2 now has access to all 2.x apps that had been previously removed. This despite the fact that my pre2 is not a sprint phone.

Perhaps this is not "officially" supported, but it's definately supported. They fixed a bug that caused certain apps to not be available.

There are still some apps I can't see on my Sprint Pre 2, for example 3D camera. Do the devs have to update again?

Except it does not show up for the touchpad anymore.....another bug

Always the same thing with HP: do something good, balance with something bad. Fix something, break something. One step forward, two steps back.

I marked the app as being "not compatible" prior to the TouchPad release. HP posted the app in the TouchPad catalog anyway. When I issued the meta-data update (mentioned in this article), it finally took the app out of the TouchPad catalog.

Mojo emulation on the TouchPad has some serious issues which are affecting Music Player (Remix). I didn't want TouchPad owners to purchase the app and have a less-than-optimal experience.

Well, this might not be the best place to post this, but anyone who's tracked my comments knows I've been pretty critical of HP and Palm and the direction they've been taking webOS, so it might surprise you to know that I ordered the TouchPad (Bang! Pop! Zheeeee! - the fireworks are back!)

Why do I tell you? 'Cause I used the excellent Pros & Cons app to help me make up my mind. I've used it to make a couple critical decisions now, and I highly recommend it. Check it out.

I also installed the 3.0 SDK. Expect great thinks in the (hopefully) not too distant future...

Edit: Errr, "great things", not "great thinks", but come to think of it, that works too... :)

Was hoping that the Wifi Media Sync would show up for my Metadoctored Pre+ on Sprint.

Sadly, it does not, and sending the link to the device from the HP Catalog page takes me to a page saying it's not compatible with the device (on the device).


Ask the developer to submit a meta-data update. Without the update, the app will still be invisible to meta-doctored devices.

Other than Music Player Remix, what apps are now available again by this update? Just doctored recently and MPR was the only one I had noticed (yet) that was missing from my phone, but I'd like to download the rest.

@Navinag The app was never supposed to show up with the touchpad...the fact that it showed up was the bug, not that it disappeared.

I can't find the 3D camera app, and rposa can't find the Wifi Media Sync app (and neither can I).

That's why I asked above if developers need to push another update for their apps to be visible to metadoctored devices. If that's the case, why does HP continue to inconvenience developers? Enyo developers get the royal treatment, while Mojo developers keep getting mud kicked in their faces.

i've a verizon pre2 here, and I was on the verge of not being able to use my app crate codes for mpr fixed in the nick of time. (I wonder if my tweet to palm the day before the change mattered!! Hmm..)
(its a frankenpre2 if any were curious why)

sigh...still doesn't work for the 'upgraded' AT&T Pre+

Your meta-doctor is spoofing the OS version as "1.4.5", so you won't be able to see any 2.x apps. That's an issue with the meta-doctor, not the issue discussed in this article.